Top 5 Keto Snacks in 2022 | Day of Eating Low Carb

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Top 5 in 2022 | Day of Eating Low Carb
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Top 5 in 2022 | Day of Eating Low Carb

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  1. I decided to go keto about not even 2 months almost 2 months and I’ve lost already 30 lb so I’m excited I’m really liking to be a low-carb person it’s going to be my new lifestyle and I was going to ask are you two doing it for your weight or just because all right take care

    1. they have never done Keto for weight loss. Lots of other youtubers who do; Janetgreta, loving it on keto, keto rewind, 2 krazy ketos, and so many others.

  2. instantly got those lmnt packets, mainly to support you guys but honestly its actually a pretty good price to try out lol if you get the 12 pack plus the 8 free samples you get its a buck each so thats not bad compared to others

  3. Have you guys done a video on Ratio Keto Yogurt? I am super addicted.. But it seems like I have plateaued since my addiction started so I’m wondering if this could be causing it.

  4. Megha, good for you standing up for yourself about 2 healthy kidneys or being a crab fisherman & hitting Matt back about his string cheese phases. Too bad Matt didn’t meet you earlier. 🦾

  5. Matt, you’re a great dad 👍

    Megha, you’re a great mom AND I just sent a prayer to the Lord to heal you 🙏

    I have some serious health issues and been researching on holistic healing and keep reading about the healing power of Prolonged Fasting…I’m reading that ‘water only’ fasts (with pure sea salt) of 72 hours begins to heal the body on a cellular level. I get annoyed with people overwhelming me with “health advice” and my apologies if I annoyed you but just really wanted to share that information with you, in hopes that it could be helpful 🙏🌷

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