Super Easy 3 Ingredient Keto Enchiladas (plus 3 sauces compared for carbs and price)

As I mention in this video, I 'd be surprised if someone hadn't already done this someplace on YouTube. I try to include a little additional value by comparing three different enchilada sauces, based upon rate, ingredients and carbohydrates. I likewise show how often determining carbohydrates isn't as basic as putting it into a carb calculator app.

The dish on this is so basic, I question I will develop one on my site:
– Wrap cheese sticks in chicken breast pieces
– Top with enchilada sauce
– Bake at 350F (175C) for 30 minutes

Macros per 4 enchiladas (depending upon brand name of sauce).
Fat: 25g-27g.
Protein: 33-34g.
Total Carbs: 6-7g.
Net Carbs: 4-6g.

Time stamps:.
0:00 Introduction.
1:28 Determining carbohydrates and active ingredients.
4:53 Dish starts.
6:41 Sauce carbs, pt 2.
7:18 Plating and tasting.
9:29 Final carb math.

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Super Easy 3 Ingredient Keto Enchiladas (plus 3 sauces compared for carbs and price)

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  1. I could use a quick meal for tonight and I have all those ingredients on hand. Thank you! Looking forward to a tasty dinner!!

  2. nice recipe video, and good to see you back in the kitchen. I’ve always wondered where the carb comes from in deli sliced meats (or frozen shrimp for that matter). It must be dextrose in the packaging?

    1. Sugar is listed in the ingredients. It could be that the chicken is brined. I was actually more surprised at the one carb per mozzarella stick.

  3. Fun fact, you can’t find Enchilada sauce in most Mexican grocery stores as it’s easily made at home with chilies. So instead of paying $2.69 or more, the locals here will pay about .50 cents for a gallon of homemade Enchilada sauce. Much cleaner ingredients too. As a resident of Mexico I discovered this recently. Love your recipes, Steve.

  4. Interesting. I really needed this recipe and I didn’t even realize it. Thanks for doing it with three sauces and talking about each sauce. Looks like dinner tonight and a great and easy option for block party snacks 😊

  5. Maybe I’ve seen this recipe elsewhere, but honestly, it’s your calculations and comparison of the three sauces that kept me watching! I’ve made keto enchilada sauce from scratch before, but it was a a time-consuming process all the way through to the finished dish, and I’ve never made it again for that reason. I like your quick and easy version, and now I know which sauces to go for!

  6. I love the Siete products, even though they are pricey for my health journey they are worth the indulgence of price and they have a good story why they came up with their line of products. Great video!

  7. I make my own enchilada sauce with bone broth, spices and a little bit of tomato paste, great idea with the cheese sticks!

  8. Looks great! I balked at the price of enchilada sauce and found a great recipe which makes enough to can. So easy and the family loves it.

  9. Brilliant idea. I love the simplicity of the chicken “tortilla”. I’ve been using the Keto Connect recipe for years. While delicious, it’s also a lot of work to make the “tortillas” (essentially crepes).

    Your version is way simpler. I’ll be tryin’ it out with some additional cheese (havarti and cheddar) melted on top.

    Thanks again for all the awesome recipes. 🤘

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