Starting KETO (7 Ketogenic Veggies You Can Eat) 2022 2022

Here are 7 you can eat as much of as you desire when you're very first beginning KETO (and one bonus offer!). All have some carbs, but in particular the carbohydrates are low, and so locked up in the fiber and surrounded by vitamins and minerals that they are effectively .

If you don't like several of the veggies on this list then you will enjoy to know that brand-new research study is showing that you can retrain Your Taste buds! It's not far too late to discover to enjoy these veggies.

Another great way to consume these veggies, even when you don't like them, is to saute them in butter or lard, salt, pepper and spice them up to taste; that will make them easier to eat.

Depending upon DNA, gut plants and goals, NOT EVERYONE will have the ability to eat as much of these veggies as they desire. However in general, these veggies, when consumed raw or very lightly cooked and eaten with a huge part of fatty meat, will keep the majority of people in .

Some people's DNA, since of living/reproducing for millennia in Northern climates will not be able to consume too many veggies without the carb count slowing their weight reduction, and possibly even causing inflammation. If your ancestors invested most of their time on this planet above 45 degrees Latitude, then it is most likely you won't be able to eat as much veg as you want without stalling …

Salt your veggies with my Fav Salt:

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Starting KETO ( You Can Eat) 2022

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  1. Ken, Thank you so much. I have learned so much from you. I am down 45 lbs because of keto. A1C has gone from 10.5 to 4.5.

    1. My mom’s A1C was 5.5 and her doctor said that it was low and took her off her diabetes medication…You may want to explore that…A1C being low can be harmful too.

    2. P. Lee Spears what tips can you give someone new to Keto lifestyle? I have to get my A1c down

  2. Excellent Sir. You can absolutely retrain your pallette. From chicken nuggets and fries myself to all those delicious crucifers and beans. Just takes time and dedication.

    1. You can still do nuggets. All you need is chicken ,of course, eggs, almond flour, or chicharrón (pork skins).
      Edit: fry in ghee on the pan or you can do avocado oil for a more neutral flavour.

    2. @KenDBerryMD one suggestion please make videos by adding minimal graphics , I mean at least show spelling and pictures of fruits and vegetables as people from different places may call it with other name but picture will help them identify it

    3. Funny story, I hated Brussels sprouts. Then at Dollywood we went to lunch in their onsite buffet and they had them and I tried theirs. They were halved and cooked in hot bacon fat with chunks of bacon broken up with them. Changed my whole perspective. They suck steamed, but toss them in some kind of fat and throw in some seasoning depending on the fat you use and they are edible. Asparagus is good grilled, I grill until they’re soft. I like zucchini too but he didn’t mention it and it was a staple for me when we were low carbing

    1. I thought, for sure, that he would say avocados…🤷‍♂️
      edit: Just found out that it’s technically a fruit

  3. I have something to confuse. I’ve been on the keto diet for 5 weeks. I’ve lost 19 lbs so far. I started at 319. I have watched a ton of videos on keto stuff. I have passed over your videos so many times and never stopped by. I’m here to tell you I have been missing out. I really enjoyed this video. Your personality is great. You seem like a awesome guy. You definitely got a new sub from me and can’t wait to watch some more of your videos. Take care.

    1. Backwoods Raised …I was 307 lbs had a grastric sleeve surgery 2.5 yrs ago down over 100 lbs today I try to eat low fat high protein ..lot of chicken turkey burgers egg Omlets with low fat cream cheese and greated cheese …no high futruce corn suryp for ketsup…cut out all hight future corn syrup that stuff is poison

    2. Only “need” to lose about 20-30 lbs to reach high school,weight of 95 lbs. Following Dr. Gundry diet so no cucumbers but everything else on this list is big on our diet (yes, I’ve already retrained the palettes of family members). Paleo is not a problem. Obtain grass-fed beef, range free chicken, and wild caught seafood without Issue. My gut microbiome appears to have re-established itself with help of diet and proper supplements carefully researched.

    3. I have been doing a mix of Keto and just clean eating. I was diagnosed with diabetes last month at the age of 40, it was a scare! I have gone from 258 to 240.8 as of yesterday. I am soooo close to the 230’s and I am so motivated to continue this journey! It is videos like this that help me be successful in this journey to a healthier me!

    4. Good luck! I’m 71+ and just starting. I hope to lose about 50 pounds! I’m going to wish both of us luck!

  4. Thank you so much for this video! I’m 36 and just recently found out I’ve got psoriasis. I’ve watched your other videos on psoriasis and you’ve convinced me of lifestyle changes I need to make to help me. I’m not a smoker or drinker but unhealthy eating is my downfall. Since watching your other videos I feel like I’ve hit my “rock bottom” in terms of health and I HAVE TO make a change. Thanks again.

    1. when you are “rock bottom”, there nowhere to go, but up !……get on it !…..some days are hard…..then they become easier….then, weight starts coming off !!!!! woohoo !

  5. So glad to hear this! I love veggies, especially all those on your list! My mom was a good cook and always encouraged us as kids to eat our veggies! We never snubbed our noses at any vegetable, and grew as many as we could.

  6. Great video. I enjoy all your information you give us. I was the same with olives. Once I got all the sugar out of my diet and eating healthy olives tasted great. I found good olives with pits or seed have a better test. Just sharing what I found. Thanks Matt.

  7. I just watched your video on 11 sugary veggies. Thank you. My mom used to make asparagus soup from scratch. It was so tasty. I never paid attention to how she made it.

  8. Bless you sir for all ofyour videos! I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Your talks as I call them have brought so much clarity! Ready to fight and reverse this. Thank you!

  9. Dr. Berry, thank God I discovered you. You are sooo funny too. Great sense of humor! Thank you for all these very good videos on how to live life at its healtiest peak. You are truly a gift to all of us. I am diabetic and just started IF two weeks ago. I’ll let you know my progress as the days, weeks and months pass by. g

  10. You are smart and funny . You seem to really care what happens to people . I am shocked . Most doctors seem to just want the money and for the people to hurry and get out of their sight . I wish God made more people like you .

  11. Thank you Dr. Have been binging on your videos. Please do some videos on what you like to cook. What you eat in a day. Stuff like that. My husband and I are trying to lower our blood sugars and it is so frustrating to hear “nutritionists” tell me to eat oatmeal. It makes me feel like garbage. So I started to ignore them and eat what my body was telling me to like eggs and veggies and steak. I was scolded and mocked. The ignorance being taught in medical school is harming people. Thank you for helping people.❤️

  12. 2/28/21. I just started watching your channel and this golden oldie popped up this morning. Today is my first day of ketovore and one of my questions was about celery so I’m glad to hear that it can still be my bedtime snack.
    Keep up the great work Dr Berry and I’ll learn and adapt with you

  13. I’m extremely sensitive to oxalates, I’ve found that a more carnivore way of eating has helped me immensely. I do eat some coconut flour and low oxalate veggies occasionally to keep gut flora happy.

  14. 1. Asparagus
    2. Cabbage
    3. Broccoli
    4. Kale
    5. Celery
    6. Cucumbers
    7. Brussels sprouts
    Bonus: olives

  15. He’s right! I’ve lost 8 lbs in 4 weeks.
    I’m not jumping right with the high Cholesterol Fats because I’m going to wait on my next primary care blood test results. Keto is opposite of what we’ve been led to believe. Traditional carbs are OUT of the ball game. Blood pressure is down! This is amazing. Great video!

    1. We’ve all been duped for decades. I remember hearing nutritionists saying you should never fast or let yourself get hungry, because doing so makes your body “hold on” to fat so you can’t lose weight. What a bunch of nonsense!

    2. @Elizabeth White Thanks. Yes, I’d heard about Ansel Keys. He also conducted the weird, “Minnesota Starvation Study,” and had the WW2 “K-ration” named after him. It looks like he was honest in his earlier days, and was later corrupted (or coerced) into switching to the dark side.

      My mom was a Physician’s Assistant and worked in a government funded cholesterol study in the late 1970’s – mid-1980’s. The entire purpose of the study was to observe patients with heart trouble and monitor improvements/setbacks in their health conditions based on cholesterol in their diets. They were supposed to eat oatmeal, but no egg yolks! There were a couple doctors working there, several PA’s, nurses, and other employees. And there were probably hundreds of similar cholesterol research programs going on at that time. Probably cost hundreds of millions of tax dollars, all chasing a fake cause of heart disease!

      Yes, it is all a crime against humanity. But government has full immunity, so no one will ever pay for their crimes.

    3. @Wide Hotep Her name is Zoe Harcombe and her work is excellent. She is constantly reviewing and explaining new studies and claims. She has a small paywall up now, in order to access everything, but I can’t think of anyone who should be paid a small amount for all of her hard work more than her. Every Monday she sends out a new article about the latest headline claims, she’s a great statistician and brilliant at explaining what it all means.

  16. Thank you so much for this video! I’m in the process of making some needed changes to my diet and also my husband’s. He’s not a fan of Brussels Sprouts but he’s never had them made with bacon grease and I’m planning to make some this week and I think he will at least try them 😁

  17. Thank you Dr. Ken for all the great info! At 63 I’m totally changing my diet to keto. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!

    1. @Maria Rose Eating (snacks) is important the secret is to latch onto a snack that fits in with your plan but thats not something you would normally desire and you can have as many of as you like pretty much…With me I always had a few boiled eggs in the fridge or celery/carrot sticks which I would have with cottage cheese….Not something I would usually eat but they would fill a gap and more importantly fool my brain into thinking I had just had something I wasn’t allowed lol

    2. @Maria Rose Please try fasting as well as Keto. It’s not as hard as you may think. I remember I had to refrain from eating before a medical procedure. I always remember that I felt really well before and after. It stuck in my mind. When I looked into fasting I was amazed at the benefits it has. It will make you feel great. When I first started I watched loads of videos on youtube on how good fasting is for you and they encouraged me not to be tempted to cheat. So please give it it go. II wish you all the good health that is sure to come your way.

    3. I needed to respond after seeing your handle… and I feel the same way about being sick and tired

  18. God I love cabbage. It even tastes sweet to me. One of my favorite keto meals is to steam smoked sausage and a ton of cabbage in a sugar-free chicken or beef broth. And now I know exactly what I’m having for lunch. I can’t wait!!

  19. 2 weeks ago I was 330 with blood sugar at 134. Started Keto for first time. Today I’m 108 w sugar of 85 to 95. Thank you for all your tips!

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