Simple Keto Meal Plan For The Week – Burn Fat and Lose Weight 2022

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If you wish to burn fat and drop weight, this is for you! When creating these meal prepares my primary goal is to make them simple to follow, clear instructions/steps, and nutrition so you know precisely what you're eating. When I initially began creating meal strategies, I discovered most people overlooked actions or they were unclear so I try to provide you whatever you need to make this meal plan without scratching your head or 2nd thinking yourself. Likewise with this meal plan, I chose to provide 2 variations of the strategy. You might follow the low calorie meal strategy, the higher calorie meal plan or even mix and match the meals to make your own variation of both meal plans. I truly hope you guys discover this video valuable! Thanks for all the assistance!

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Simple Keto Meal Plan For The Week – Burn Fat and Lose Weight

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  1. This is my first time watching your videos and I think you did very well with this video! The layout of it is good and you explain everything well. I love the thoroughness of the meal plan. You did a very good job and seemed like you worked hard on this video. Thank you for you helpfulness! 👍🏾

  2. Absolutely love this video i’m starting back on keto I noticed that when I first tried it it was very difficult because I didn’t prepare myself prior to but I think meal prep’s will definitely help me on my keto journey

  3. I loved this video. You gave me incentive to get started on Keto. Great job! The food looked great.

  4. Loved it!!! Been doing this for almost 3 weeks and I’ve lost 13 lbs! Feeling great! Please upload more SIMPLE weighloss recipes! 😃👍hubby bought your hardcopy and I refer to it often! 👍👍

    1. i know this was a year ago but great job!! im hoping to do the same. im looking to lose 20-25 pounds so i hope this will help me like it did to you

  5. Great video! I actually have a tip for you. When weighing out foods, like the sour cream and other items it’s easier to put the container of lsour cream on the scale and use the tare weight in between. When you lift an item off of the scale it shows a negative amount. I learned that years ago in college when I saw people trying to measure out honey which is almost impossible. But if you put the entire container of Honey on the scale you can use a spoon to lift the exact amount you need out.

  6. You can cut a lot of excess carbs by shredding your own cheese. Pre Shredded cheese has starch to keep them separate. That was one place that caused me to go over my macros.

    1. 🤔…….ok. Let me go thru my shredded cheese I have now and I will get block cheese next time I go shopping.
      I am just starting my dieting this month and have lost 11.2 lbs.
      It’s a modified low calorie and salt diet.
      But I am not starving myself.
      I am still tweaking it.
      But it’s working.
      Down from officially 183.2 to 172.0!

  7. New here! Hi! I was trying to find a simplified way to stick to keto through meal prep and I happened across this video. I’m so glad I did! You are awesome! Everything was very detailed and simplistically explained. I eat all the foods you prepped so this will be a great blueprint for me to start off with! Thank you so much for this! I’m battling a few illnesses in my body and I really need a change of diet. Keto has continually been the direction my health needs seem to point me in but it is so confusing starting out. You’ve changed that! You just don’t understand how much hope and inspiration you’ve given me that I can really do this! …oh and I loooove that cutting board!

  8. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! This was the most simple yet comprehensive Keto meal prep video I’ve seen. It was easy to understand the ingredients were not far-fetched or out of budget. Thank you for taking the time. I will invest in a meal prep plan.

  9. DO NOT PREP FOOD HUNGRY! I just ate my WHOLE week worth of bacon immediately after cooking it. I burnt my mouth and that still didn’t stop me.

  10. A wonderful video. Easy to follow. Thank you for making this. I’ve written out my grocery list to try it this week

  11. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this!!! I’ve watched so many videos and yet this one really clicked especially for a disabled veteran with multiple TBIs and in a budget

  12. I appreciate your dedication to helping others like me that need the organization and genuine help with meal prep. Thank You! PS: I bought your download for this particular meal prep! Thanks again!

  13. Those meals look easy and tasty. Thanks for this prep; from a VERY busy mother and school teacher who can really use these.

  14. Love this! Really easy to follow and visually appealing. Super helpful to have the on-screen nutrition stats and your comments of about how much of each food item you are putting in the meal prep containers. Thank you so much for posting! Agreed that the cutting board is awesome and that you are inspiring others on how possible this is to do pretty quickly and efficiently. Simple and satisfying. 

    I love that you showed how you rinse all your fresh ingredients and that you chop your own produce and that it can be done in a short period of time by one person- way to go!

    If interested in constructive feedback, I agree with some of the other viewers about grating your own cheese (due to the added cellulose and natamycin, among other preservative type ingredients and colorings such as annatto, yeast extract, etc). Of course, not everyone is as particular and so I think that shredded cheese is definitely a cleaner, faster way to go for meal prep. (Costco has awesome bulk cheese or any other wholesale club near you; you will see the ingredients are strictly raw or pasteurized milk and microbial enzymes, cultures, salt, and rennet as limited ingredients. Ideally also at Aldi, Trader Joes, and Costco you can find sheep milk or goat milk cheese, as well as grass fed cheese from cows, which are going to have better nutritional profiles than the processed shredded cheese).

    Thanks again for posting this informative and inspiring video along to public viewers. I look forward to watching more meal prep videos for sure and appreciate that for those of us who can’t really afford to pay for the hardcopy, that you still post the info so we can learn from you and improve our health. <3 Will def give the credit to you when I get comments on the meal prep ideas I get from your channel, sharing your channel with others! I hope and believe that your generosity in sharing these videos will come back to you through word of mouth. People talk- (Especially me LOL)

  15. Brilliant thank you 😊 great info, wish I’d found you yesterday before I went food shopping, actually looking forward to next week so I can try some of these recipes 👍👍👍

  16. I really appreciate how clean this video is. You bought quality food, your thought process is extremely organized and efficient, the way you meticulously cleaned and cut your veggies, the foil pans, the lists you posted on the screen. Even your hands are really clean! LOL Just perfect! I would eat from your kitchen, and I don’t say that often!

  17. I really need to start meal prepping ALL my meals like this!! It does help me drop weight faster. Can’t wait to start on Friday!

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