Should You Have Kids? Healthy Day of Eating Vlog

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  1. Theo looks just like Megha and has Matt’s Caucasian complexion and the baby has Matt’s Caucasian complexion and has his own looks with a dash each of Megha and Matt! They are so adorable and grew up fast! Get all the hugs and smooches you can now Megha! They will be going away to college shortly! Time goes by real fast!

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, Matt, about what society is becoming and the specialization with kids. So glad to see your kiddos thriving 💙💚

  3. You’re great parents. I don’t mind so much that you’ve left straight keto; it’s still a wonderful show. I kinda wish that you’d explain – if it’s not too personal – if you guys left keto in any way because of Meghna’s illness. I love the book reviews.

    1. I think she had a bladder injury from childbirth vs an illness.? Or she has had a bladder sensitivity (oxalates) her whole adult life and pregnancy and childbirth made it worse. ?

  4. The baby/toddler years are physically the most demanding . The elementary school ages are the easiest , but you begin all the sports/activities driving so that gets harder. The teen years and into college are the hardest by far. All the activies, emotionally spent,dealing will all the teen angst one minute, but needing to help them through breakups, sport injuries, bullying, all of that is hard for the parents. My youngest son just turned 21 2 days ago and I was so stressed since he was going out to celebrate in his college town with his friends when he already told me he was going to party hard lol.(I got a proof of life text the next day) The good thing is as long as you are there for them and support them, they will still want your input and they all want to come back and visit as adults. I have one that lives a few miles away and 1 who is moving back and they are getting ready to start families and want to be near us so all the kids can grow up together. As long as I survive my youngest getting through college, I will have considered my parenting job as success.

  5. I say just like the children, most channels go through phases pending on where ppls life journey is at. You both are experiencing on of the best and most memorable journeys so enjoy every bit of each stage bc it’s over before you know it. The viewers also evolve with the changes and in the end everything should fall exactly where it should be.

  6. When I had my son, I thought, “this is a really long babysitting gig, when are his parents coming to pick him up!?” And then, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. It is so hard. Single parent here and son born with a syndrome. My career took a big hit. Lots of struggles. And now he is going to college. Straight A’s, captain of cross country teams, numerous awards. No driving tickets or accidents. All without religion!

  7. Hey guys, I’ve missed you! The boys are growing beautifully.
    Yes, toddlers are hard work. They say that when they’re young they wear your body out and when they’re older, they wear your soul out. This is so true, my kids are all grown now, but I felt that each phase had pros and cons. Tough as it may be, enjoy it, they’ll be all grown soon.
    You guys are doing a fantastic job!

  8. Always fun to hear your points of view and see your family grow🙂being a grandma is pretty great 🥰

  9. your kids are adorable and so chilled …the little guy spilling his drink and wants more drink is tooooo funny what a cutie! stay healthy and happy you are both fabulous

  10. I’ve been watching you guys since the apartment & 0 kids. Love how life has changed for you. Keto or not I still look forward to your videos! Parenting is hard and exhausting, but so amazing too. We have 7…ages 21 down to 6 months…all about 3 or 4 years apart. Never a dull moment!!!

  11. My favorite YouTube family. It’s nice to see and hear your voices again. Keep the Keto Connect. Acupuncture worked well for me. I hope it works out for you Matt and hope Megha’s health continues to get stronger. Treasure all the moments together as a family because time does fly. Being a mom to my son is what gives me life. Best gift from god .

  12. Parenting is hard. But it’s awesome because we get to relive the wonder of the world through our kids.
    My sons are grown. Both are good men who share their appreciation that they were taught not punished. You two are giving that gift to your boys. Way to go!

  13. I’m 71 and my opinion of 4 year olds has always been that it was my favorite age…they are mini adults who are incredibly honest. I have 3 children and 7 grandchildren

  14. It’s refreshing to see a happy family and a strong marriage on YouTube. That’s rare these days. Doesn’t matter what the channel name is, people are watching cause yall are real and relatable.

  15. Kids are hard but you can make it harder on yourself by not having clear boundaries. Parenting is definitely worth it and we have to settle example of how to behave appropriately in situations. Agree with you about society dumbing down, it seems everything has to be instant nowadays. Great that you are reading regularly, such a good pastime to have.

  16. Oh I cannot imagine my life without kids! They are a ton of hard work, heartbreak (when bad things happen to them), and unadulterated joy! I am 75 and have 5 grandchildren and you are correct-being a grandparent is the greatest! I will tell you this-when they go to school there be many times when other kids are not nice but I think in the long run, we have to have some hardships in life or we grow up not knowing how to handle the bad times and there will always be bad/hard times for each and every one of us. You are raising two very lovely children. They all go through phases and change on a regular basis. They are usually outgoing when they are 6 and under and then they realize that they are being judged by their peers and become much less spontaneous. Teens were actually my favorite time with my kids. And now they are adults with kids of their own. So enjoy each and every stage-you are great parents! Have fun! Oh and the acupuncture-it worked wonders on my knees when I was in my 30’s but not so much on my restless leg problem. Nothing works all the time and on everybody.

  17. Literally two seconds into the video, and I can’t believe how much both these kids look like both their parents! Amazing.

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