Scotch Eggs – The Ultimate Keto Pub Food (without the pub) 2022

I like Scotch eggs. Unfortunately, the majority of dining establishments and clubs coat them in bread crumbs before frying them, rendering them un-keto. However, utilizing my new favorite keto breading, we can get that crispy exterior without bread crumbs or deep frying.

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Scotch Eggs – The Ultimate Keto Pub Food (without the pub)

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  1. Oh Steve, I love this “Air Fryer” recipe❗❗❗ They’re new to me🧐 This gives me a new direction. More please Thank You

  2. Oh, my goodness! Thank you! I want to eat eggs, but I really don’t like them. Long story revolving around living in the country as a kid and my mom raising chickens. But I love sausage. So, this looks like the answer to my dilemma!

  3. One of our local pubs serves them, but I have never been able to try them (I have to be gluten free). These look so delicious, I will most certainly be making them. Thanks so much for this recipe Steve!

  4. Steve…seriously, rolling out the sausage is genius! Looks delicious and timely as I just received some breakfast sausage from butcher block.

  5. Looks good, a bit more breading for me double dip in egg wash for crunchy on the outside smooth on the inside 😋👍

  6. I’ve never had Scotch eggs. But this looks amazing. And I just bought some breakfast sausage, along with always having hard boiled eggs on hand, not just at Easter.

  7. I’ve made these for years. Very tasty. You can make your own sausage meat using ground pork or chicken. Even ground beef and experiment with various herbs and spices. The air fryer is a great way to cook them or you can fry in bacon fat. Good for lunch boxes or picnics.

  8. This is so amazing. I’ve thought of these since a friend made them a few years ago, but used cheezits for the crust. I can’t wait to try it Keto style! Thank you!

  9. Looking good, I have already printed the recipe and have all the ingredients and even the same air fryer. I have never heard of Scotch Eggs before, but it sounds like trying. Thanks for the breakfast idea.

  10. The absolute perfect breakfast for us! Had my first one in Edinburg many years ago so had to de-carb them.

  11. I believe your becoming one of the most famous keto channels. I simply keep coming back to you. You seem more real then most the other channels. Thank you for all you do for the low carb community.

  12. Omg they look delicious!! I’ve always heard of Scotch Eggs but never had them, I’m so excited that I will be able to make them now!

  13. I have never even heard of that before! What a great recipe! Totally know what’s for dinner!! 🙂 Thanks again Steve!! 🙂

  14. I have never made scotch eggs but I have been so hungry for them that I was going to try to find a recipe that I could make keto. Now I don’t have to cuz you read my mind! Thanks, Steve!

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