Purple Rice Engineered to Have a Lower Glucose Response – Blanca Isabel Rice Tested 2023

I have actually done multiple tests on resistant starch, including a couple on rice. In this video, I check a variety of rice that apparently causes a lower glucose action while still having the taste and texture of white rice. Could this fit into a low-ish carbohydrate diet plan?

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Purple Rice Engineered to Have a Lower Glucose Response – Blanca Isabel Rice Tested

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  1. That was enlightening ! I have tried the black rice which is also said to be just fine for us, but now I doubt it. I don’t have a glucose monitor so I’m with you, back to cauliflower rice 🤣
    Thank you for the test.

  2. Thank you Steve! It is sad and a little infuriating that entities keep trying to convince us that there are ‘miracle’ carby foods that won’t spike our sugars. Rice is rice and it raises blood sugar. I’m sticking with the cauliflower. PLEASE stand by your determination not to do this to yourself again😁

  3. Thanks Steve for what you have been doing and taking it on the chin. Those who want all these other tests…just go ahead and check it out yourself…let us know your results! Have a great one all!!

  4. When you were talking about the texture I have noticed when I make it at home or what I’ve had in the restaurant has a definite chew to it I found it rather enjoyable. And I agree the taste is not the same at all.

  5. You have more than taken your fair share of carb hits and I thank you Steve. Enjoy your cauliflower from now on! 😊

  6. Hi Steve, thanks for all the hard work.
    Have you ever tried English Steak & Kidney pudding. Its great winter fare and with a beef suet pastery I am sure it could be made into a great keto meal.

  7. Thank you, Steve. Your amazing for trying these out. As much as this will irritate people, I am of the mind, to accept what can be eaten, and stop trying to fill my diet with the old way of eating. I can say keto is so much easier today, than it was 25 years ago. Thank you for all your help, for us.

  8. I would think freezing would have an effect, since at -10c and colder, ice crystals will act as tiny scissors. Thus digestion of the starch would be different.
    Cooling in the fridge, to me doesn’t make sense, unless some sort of chemical reaction occurs.
    The whole resistant starch scenarios that I saw that make sense, only work by being in the freezer 24hrs beforehand, then thawed in the fridge.
    … personal experience …
    The “keto” labelled commercial breads or “keto” tortillas I get at Costco, I freeze them before use, toasted or not afterwards, I don’t get a huge spike if I eat with other meat & fat and only eat 2 slices (like a grilled cheese with lots of butter) or only one tortilla.
    Eaten fresh the spike is higher. Consistently, I can even feel it.
    My only conclusion – freezing below -10c creates ice crystals that changes the starches at a molecular level. Since I only eat one portion a week, it’s more like a (convenient) cheat meal.

  9. I like all hearts of palm for starch substitutions. And I like cauliflower rice . I cannot have grains or gluten and I appreciate your efforts to keep us on the right path with sugars.

  10. Thanks Steve appreciate all you do.. That spike scared me into never eating rice again on holidays, when I plan for keto breaks.

  11. Thank you, Steve. I was about to test this cultivar myself and almost ordered a bag but now I see there is absolutely no point. Honestly, I had huge doubts about the alleged glycemic response but still was quite curious.

  12. Thanks for taking another one for the team, Steve. I agree that we need to accept you can’t turn “bad” foods into healthy foods.

  13. Wow! Steve…you are braver than me. Raised in Louisiana. Lived > 38 years in NM during/after military service. Have always been around some very tasty and now known unhealthy carb and seed-oil loaded foods. I have not eaten (real) rice in about 3 years now, due to realizing the negative blood glucose impact (for me). Rarely eat potatoes either. I still occasionally have cheese quesedillas using the so-called low or no carb store bought tortillas, but even those seem to negatively impact my blood glucose. I think I’m gonna need to find one of your keto or carnivore tortilla recipes if I want to continue eating NM type tortillas. I love cauliflower rice, so I’m good there. All this to say, thanks for all you do to help us decide whether to even test out carb laden foods on ourselves. You and your family absolutely rock! ❤

  14. Hey Steve, I feel your frustration and agree…enough rice testing already!! Take it from me, a Chinese Canadian who loves all the comfort ‘carby’ foods of my childhood, I am very satisfied with (cauliflower) rice stir fries…especially when you throw in eggs, garlic shrimps, etc…Yummers!

  15. I agree that cauliflower makes a delicious rice sub, especially fried rice with soy sauce and egg. It also makes a great mashed potatoes sub. These dishes have almost zero affect on my glucose.

  16. I feel so fortunate that I never cared much for things like rice and pasta. I’m happy with zoodles and sauce. 🙂

  17. Watched the entire video. Just want to thank you again. Sacrificing your body for valuable information. We definitely appreciate it.

  18. Taking one for the team yet again! Thanks for being the guinea pig for all of us, but yes… please stop subjecting yourself to the negative effects of non KETO crapola!! Stay healthy friend! We appreciate you!! <3

  19. I think people just want their rice and eat it too 🙂
    I never eat rice alone- I always eat it with protein and fat, I never get high spikes like this (however it does spike). I only use really high quality rice like organic basmati or jasmine and it is not often (like once a month sushi dinner), but I have found it does work ok in a training program utilizing OMAD. When I do OMAD I eat mostly low carb but when I add a higher carb in there for carb cycling I make sure I eat other things to slow the spike, I also try to time it prior to a workout to be burned off, or directly after to help support building muscle (a spike is required to build muscle).

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