Protein Snack Shop – 3 New Keto Cheesecake Flavors Reviewed

This is our second evaluation of keto cheesecakes from Protein Snack Shop, this time with Terry joining me rather of Courtney. How do these flavors accumulate to our other review?

While I didn't do an onscreen glucose test, I can inform you that my constant glucose screen was totally stable after eating one and a half cheesecakes.

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Protein Snack Shop – 3 New Keto Cheesecake Flavors Reviewed

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  1. I love cheesecake, but cheesecake is one of those things that is super easy to make keto. I doubt I would spend a lot on these specialty keto cheesecake items when I can easily make keto cheesecake at home. I would be more likely to spring for some keto chow mixes that I can put in my cheesecake … and also use for a hundred other things too.

    1. @Jason Murray I agree. I actually make a peanut butter sort of no bake cheesecake completely keto almost 0 carbs and crustless although I did try to do a crust with s’mores keto chow and it turned out pretty good

  2. The product looked amazing. went to order a couple pieces to see if I liked it and they said minimum was a $50 purchase. I am not trying to load up on something that is still kinda carbie. So with their shipping policy I will not be able to order,

    1. I can’t blame you. They have VERY good insulated packaging, but it’s kind of wasteful unless you’re making a sizable purchase.

    2. @Serious Keto plus cheese cake is one of those items that I love and probably could over indulge myself!

  3. I enjoy the orange and key lime the most. Nice to have a few in the fridge. I have reused the ice packs multiple times too.

  4. Thanks for the product review! Looks promising. You two seem to be enjoying an empty nest 😁

  5. I love cheesecake, but would definitely over indulge on those evenings I can’t seem to control myself. I remember someone saying, “moderate or eliminate”. Yeah, I hate to admit it, but good cheesecake would fall in the “eliminate” category for me. Good to know there are tasty cheesecakes out there when needed/wanted. Thanks for sharing!

  6. For those who are interested, I wound up eating one and a half cheesecakes during and immediately after this review. My blood glucose, measured with a Dexcom G6 CGM, was perfectly stable (1-2 points of movement over 2 hours).

    1. I’ve never tried these. I’ve made keto cheesecake recipes and not been very happy with the results, so I’ve written off cheesecake. I may give these a try. Thanks.

  7. I love Terri’s mannerisms.
    Also her decisiveness. She knows what she likes. And doesn’t like.
    I’d be real interested to know how cheesy these taste, as I make my own cheesecakes. Is the texture quite dense?

  8. I’m a big cheesecake fan, but their policy of minimum $50 order puts them out of my price range. But I enjoyed the review and both of your perspectives anyway. 🙂

    1. I think this really has to do with the way they ship (which is fantastic). That said, the amount of packaging they used to send me these 3 felt pretty wasteful. It makes much more sense if you’re ordering a dozen cheesecake bars…

  9. I love this brand. Their customer service is fantastic. The post office lost the package for 11 days and the cheesecakes were awful. I ordered from them before that and it only took 3 days and the product was awesome! I keep mine in he freezer cause they defrost so fast. Will definitely order from them again. If I make my own cheesecake, I’m afraid I will eat too much. This is perfect.

  10. Do you have a must try favorite recipe? I like when Terri there, she’s so sweet. It’s great getting a non keto person opinion as my family is not keto too.

  11. I love it that Terri is getting involved with helping us live this lifestyle. God bless you both, and your family! (P.S. It doesn’t surprise me that you two sometimes have slightly different reactions to products. Tastes very greatly, due to genetic reasons. I have a friend who has to use 4 packets of Sweet n’Low to taste sweetness, while I can only use half a pack.)

  12. Terry is so lucky that she doesn’t have to count carbs. If I even look at something with carbs I gained 5 pounds

  13. Oh my gosh that’s crazy lol I am obsessed with strawberries. I grow them and they taste better than anything you would get in the store. When I go out to pick them I literally can’t even make them get in the house. They get in my belly

  14. I like Terry’s comment “I don’t count carbs, I eat them”. I know what she was saying, but it was cute the way it came out.

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