Pragmatic Keto Episode 3: Glucose Testing 2022

In this series, I'll offer video actions to common questions, issues and problems that I get in the remarks to my videos. I'm a pragmatist. I believe that the "ideal" way to do something is the manner in which "works".

In this 3rd episode, I discuss react to a number of the often asked questions and comments I get connected to blood glucose screening and constant glucose monitoring.

0:00 Introduction
0:33 Why do I test if I'm not T2D?
1:21 What should viewers eliminate?
2:35 Why don't I evaluate in every video?
4:02 Item demands
5:19 Blood sugar vs constant glucose
8:55 Irregularity and precision of screens
10:47 mini evaluate
16:08 mini review
19:02 Finger sticks and variation
23:41 Summary

Short article on glucose and metabolic health:

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Pragmatic Keto Episode 3: Glucose Testing

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  1. Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of blood glucose testing vs the two continuous glucose monitors I’ve tested…

    *Blood glucose testing (Keto Mojo)*
    Less expensive
    Doesn’t require prescription
    Can measure both blood glucose AND ketones

    Ongoing cost of test strips
    Requires finger stick
    Manual process

    *Advantages of both CGMs vs blood glucose monitoring:*
    Everything you eat gets measured
    No finger sticks
    Potentially better smart phone integration

    *Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitor:*
    Sensors last 15 days
    Smaller size than Dexcom
    Less waste than Dexcom

    Not Bluetooth (requires manual scans)
    Sensors often read high
    Cannot be calibrated

    *Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor:*
    Can calibrate vs a blood draw

    Sensors only last 10 days
    First day or two may require calibration
    Lots of waste, very large applicator

    1. thanks for this…I wish I could afford a CGM unit….as a type 2 trying to go keto and get a grip on what each food does…my poor fingers are taking a beating….

  2. Love the B-roll. I really appreciate that you share your numbers when it matters. Thank you for all you do and your systematic approach to testing. I’m diabetic but didn’t get this much information from the diabetic counselor!

  3. For me, I have used various brands of glucose meters but found my favorite ones are those that link to the apps I use to track my health info. I ended up going with a cgm since I don’t consistently peak. Sometimes I peak in 30 minutes, other time 3 hrs after eating something. So a cgm really was a better choice for me. Also there are other cgm support software. Each have different features. I use NutriSense since I can use dexcom and calibrate it as often as I like. Since I am looking for response to food, exercise, etc. I am not hung up on it being exact.

  4. Tbh, I haven’t checked my blood sugar in 2 years! I eat all the same stuff though. I do test if I try something new though. My A1c has stayed at 4.8 for almost 2 years, so I guess I’m doing it right 😊

  5. Like the train analogy. I’ve been prediabetic for years but full keto put me in hypoglycemia(runs in family). I’ve been thinking of getting glucose monitor to start tracking. Thanks for the info.

    1. I did not realize you could put in those continuos monitors on your own, hmmm might be a game changer.

  6. I have thinking about trying the MOJO just as I am curious as to my Keto level and glucose. Just to see if some foods cause issues that I don’t know about now.

  7. Yeah, my gripe with the Keto-Mojo was it’s inconsistent glucose measuring. The Accu-Chek Guide I can test, test, test, test and I get way more consistent numbers with it.

  8. As a T2D, I just want to thank you for testing these products, so I generally don’t have to! Yay!!!

  9. Thank you for this video. I got a Keto-Mojo recently. So I was particularly interested in hearing about the differences and seeing your examples of 5 tests in a row.

  10. “Own your own results”, is something Steve has said many times.
    Realize that a person in ketosis for a week and a person in ketosis for 3 years may experience much different result eating the same food. Your body adapts, and does so differently than anyone else.
    Steve: I REALLY appreciate the glucose/ketone testing in your product reviews. I do use them as a guideline but know I may not react the exact same way you do.

  11. Thank you!! Because of your videos I’ve lost the doubt of not being able to understand and monitor my glucose/ketones and let me tell you I appreciate you explaining it
    Also, what are your thoughts on the concept on Lume? I am not asking for a review just a thought

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