Pragmatic Keto Episode 2: Keto Products and Prices 2022

In this series, I'll supply video actions to typical concerns, issues and grievances that I get in the remarks to my videos. I'm a pragmatist. I believe that the "ideal" way to do something is the manner in which "works".

In this 2nd episode, I talk about keto products – how I feel about them, my thoughts on the high rates, and why I will continue to do reviews of them.

0:00 Introduction
1:15 Doing reviews
5:50 Keto rates
8:44 Client service
10:06 Glucose and ketone testing

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Pragmatic Keto Episode 2: Keto Products and Prices

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  1. I ❤️ these pragmatic episodes.

    If someone thinks they’re doing keto the “right” way and they’re happy with it, more power to them. It’s a case of ‘you do you and I’ll do me.’ I won’t try to push my ideas on anyone, and I sure as heck won’t waste time arguing about it.

    In clean versus dirty keto, prefer more of a dirty keto diet because it works for me and it opens up a whole lot if new recipe possibilities and flavors. It also makes it a whole lot easier to cook for my family.

  2. Amazon prime (FBA or fulfillment by Amazon) costs around 15% although Amazon recently announced they were raising the fee by about 5% so it can be around 20 now. Good use of “B roll” and stock video!

  3. I love Dr. Westman too. Went through his Adapt You’re Life course last month. Very helpful 💞

  4. Dr. Westman strikes me as pragmatic also. I may not do keto the way he would prescribe, but I think he’d give me credit for finding a way I can sustain this way of life.

    1. @Serious Keto I have met Eric Westman, and what you see is what you get. He also plays a pretty mean piano!

  5. Great video Steve, I appreciate your approach to keto products and your reviews. Love Dr. Westman as well, I took his end your cholesterol confusion class, learned a lot.

    1. Did you mean carbohydrate confusion? Does he have a cholesterol confusion class? Thanks.

  6. Your honesty and the trust that you have built here on this channel will always keep me coming back. Absolutely love and respect your channel!

  7. Thank you for all you do. There have been some products that you can get at WalMart, etc, that I’ve considered bringing in to our store and after your review of that product, I’ve been able to say yay or nay to it. I trust your judgement, so can estimate if the product will do well or not. So, Thank you for all you do, Steve. You’re awesome.

  8. I chuckled at the guinea pig reference…but you are right…we wait on the sidelines until you give the all clear (or not!). Glad you are out there reviewing for us Steve!

  9. I truly appreciate the honesty and the upfront way that you approach the products and the keto lifestyle, thanks for being there for us.

  10. Thank you Steve for the things
    you do that actually help me. I
    must say I do not buy any Keto
    packaged products. I simply
    can’t afford any of them. I do
    enjoy your channel and the things
    you have helped me with while
    trying to make different recipes.
    Thank You

  11. Great episode. One of the many reasons I subscribe to you – you provide information and do not judge folks that choose to use packaged products.

  12. Thanks Steve. I really appreciate your honesty and the help you provide. I would say that I have had great customer service from Perfect Keto. They really try to please their customers. Take care and have a great day!

  13. Really enjoy and appreciate your content Steve. Thank you, Serious Keto is so helpful to me.

  14. I haven’t ever bought a processed keto convenience food other than some keto chow to make sure I get enough nutrients sometimes. Thanks bunches for staying real, Serious…whoops Steven, lol. 😍

  15. Thank you, Steve, for your common sense way of approaching things. You’re so right that we need to let each person (Keto or otherwise) choose what is right for them. We are all individuals. Keep up the great work on your videos.

  16. Lovers gonna love.
    I rather cooking however with your products reviews I find invaluable products like low carb black soy beans. Game changer for me.
    You’re correct in every word.

  17. Good morning Steve! You’re a good person which is why I follow your channel. I really appreciate your openness & honesty!

    Thanks and lots of love from Texas.

  18. I’m really happy to see that your subscriber numbers have gone up so much in just the last few months, and it’s because of videos like these! I’m grateful for your honesty and the hard work you put in for the keto-community. Thank you, Steve!

  19. I absolutely loved this episode. I may need to share it with my family, I tend to be the person that is very clean I would say about 90% of the time and sometimes I allow myself the pre-packaged food or something that may have a little bit of sketch in it and every time a family member thinks they got me by saying well this doesn’t seem like it has clean ingredients. My response usually is well it does not but I’m pretty sure that it will not undo the past 3 years of commitment, also you may want to try getting on keto yourself, it seems like you are pretty aware of the labels and how bad some ingredients can be for you. Usually ends the conversation right there but seems like they don’t get the pragmatic side that if I want something sweet with with everyone else I will reach for a perfect keto nola bar or something else pre-packaged that I brought along so I can participate and yes I will not cook a keto cake to bring to a party so I have an option for 1 slice.

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