Podcast #108 – Giveaways & Scammers, Unhappy YouTubers, Empty Nesting

Consider this video as an audio podcast (lots of me talking) with some video (mainly of me talking). I'll be talking about keto associated topics that remain in the news, talking about often asked concerns from my viewers, and in some cases talking about some non-keto things (but most likely cooking associated).

In this episode, I provide a few crucial Perfect Keto updates and discuss my commercial for them, I go over the pros and cons of doing giveaways, I share an intriguing survey of YouTube content creators, and I gush about the advantages of being an empty nester.

Perfect Keto Mac & Cheese release sale information:
Discount Dates: Monday, 6/13 – Friday, 6/17
– 15% off 1 item sitewide
– 20% off 2 items sitewide
– 25% off 3 products sitewide
– 30% off 4+ items sitewide

Find out more about the Levels CGM program:

0:00 Perfect Keto industrial and customer service
2:47 Mac & Cheese on sale
4:03 Being a "sellout".
4:44 Partners disappearing.
6:08 Giveaways.
8:34 Imposters/ Fraudsters.
10:37 Compliments.
11:20 Unhappy YouTubers.
14:13 Empty nesting.
17:53 More channel updates.

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Podcast #108 – Giveaways & Scammers, Unhappy YouTubers, Empty Nesting

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  1. Since following the Keto life my A1C went from 9.8 so 5.6. I am so happy about that. Now I need to look into getting some more items besides meat and KC.

  2. I’m loving the Sleep and Beauty Collagen. I have found customer service for Perfect Keto is almost as good as Keto Chow’s. I just wish they had a number I could call. They are quick enough responding to text messages.

    1. What would make them better is if, in addition to offering a refund, they would provide a mailing label so people could send me their Perfect Keto products. LOL.

      Actually, I had one viewer send me her turmeric Beauty + Sleep because she didn’t like the flavor (and yes, Perfect Keto refunded her purchase).

  3. My parents asked us if there was anything that reminded us of them because they wanted to be sure they gave those items to us. The few things that we mentioned they’d already given away because they thought we wouldn’t be interested in them. My dad went to Goodwill for weeks trying to find those things. 😂

    1. We, on the other hand, tend to be packrats. Hardly a single toy or stuffed animal from my kids’ childhoods have been disposed of. Now Colton is playing with all of it. 🙂

    2. @Serious Keto I’m a packrat too but when the perfect use of a saved item pays off – it just reinforces that we are smart to have saved that thing!! 😉 LOVE that!
      LOVE the memories & reuse of toys & things.
      I feel our disposable society has done away with our generational shared history 🙁 Nice work Steve & Terri!

  4. I really like the Perfect Keto Vanilla MCT powder in my Keto Chow. I don’t use it everyday, but it really adds another layer of flavor to the shakes.

    1. I need see how their MCT powder compares to the collagen (which also has 5g of MCT, I believe) in terms of flavor stacking (Keto Chow, Beauty+Sleep collagen, coffee, etc.).

  5. I saw your ad on Perfect Keto and thought that was pretty cool . Seeing you and Terry made me feel like saying ‘ I knew them back when…’ Enjoying your podcasts as usual.

  6. Steve, always good stuff! Not sure why some folks are calling you a “sell out” by promoting very few products you actually enjoy and use. Again, YOUR channel, YOUR content. Their issue, their tissue. Keto on, my friend!

  7. 1. Steve, you are NOT a sellout. How rude! lol I’m hoping you had a good chuckle over that!
    2. I love the beauty + sleep collagen. It works for me.
    3. Scumbags be damned! As a scriber, I feel it’s my responsibility to pay attention to your instructions on how to know I’m a winner and how to respond to you.
    4. Being an empty-nester ROCKS!!

  8. Wow, that Levels giveaway is HUGE. The others sound fun, too… I’m really looking forward to that Keto Chow flavor. But the Levels is, well, *next* level.

    Lol, about the “sell out” thing, too. That’s jealous people, plain & simple. Don’t let them get to you.

    BTW- we need Colton cameos when he visits. 😍
    Glad you’re enjoying your relationship & the peaceful home time. Relationship goals!♡

  9. I literally shake on the beauty and sleep. I thought it was just a bad day and tried it again and same thing. Thanks steve I’ll contact them

  10. Great podcast Steve! I understand the ability to get more things done as an empty nester. I am recently retired and my wife and I are having more time to get things done, after our grandkids go home.

  11. I’m smiling away as you talk about being an empty nester. Having experienced this (as I commented earlier) and all the emotions, I am so happy for you and Terri rediscovering yourselves and enjoying all the empty housed-ness! And yes, you will be amazed when your next utility bills come! For me, how can 1 son make a 600 dollar difference monthly in all our electrical, water and grocery bills!

  12. I watch all your videos, but your podcasts are my favorite. Keep up with what you’re doing. I’m happy that you’re happy. <3

  13. The bittersweet never really goes away, but you get to have sweet (mostly-lol) new experiences watching them making their own lives💖

  14. Steve,
    Love love your channel. I surely would not listen to those that said you’re a sell out. Give me a break. I love the honesty, just plain people doing stuff like your family. You will get used to having an empty nest!! That because you and Terry, will evolve more together again. !! Blessings

  15. I just got my order from KC, because of your videos, and I am LOVING the flavors. And I make them a day in advance so that the flavors develop more. So good! Congrats to that winner from your last giveaway… She scored big. 😉 So looking forward to YOUR flavor coming soon.
    Always love your content… informative, fun/funny, and so helpful.

  16. Congrats and condolences on finally being an empty nester. I know it’s bittersweet moment in time, but it sounds like something beautiful is coming out of this next stage of your life. Sally forth, and God bless.

  17. Hi Steve. Your integrity is unquestionably solid. Sell out? Ridiculous. I trust your channel. Thank you.

  18. You’re totally not a sellout! You’re too honest about everything to be a sellout. I love that honest! 😁
    Sorry your Amazon thing didn’t work out! ☹️

  19. Steve, there are some people that you could give a $100 bill and they would complain it’s not green enough. Keep up with your great content.

  20. What really made me smile the most from your video today was the happiness on your face as you talked about how much you are enjoying the extra time spent with your wife. Not just that, but that you are both enjoying the simple things like taking walks, running errands, and cleaning together. It says so much about your relationship and I’m very happy that you have that whether doing something special like taking an anniversary trip or doing the day to day tasks that normally make up our lives. 🙂

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