Podcast #106 – Channel Upgrades, Bigger than Sioux Falls, LinkedIn Experience

Think about this video as an audio podcast (lots of me talking) with some video (mainly of me talking). I'll be discussing keto associated subjects that remain in the news, talking about frequently asked concerns from my audiences, and often speaking about some non-keto things (however probably cooking related).

In this episode, I settle my ideas from the last podcast on ads/promos, I offer a couple of channel updates that you most likely won't observe, I sneak peek an approaching interview, I share a cool experience with a previous co-works, and I tell you what's going on with my knees

0:00 Abrupt ending
2:30 This remark … Wow.
5:12 Channel "upgrades".
8:00 Approaching interview.
8:59 Sioux Falls.
9:57 LinkedIn & GE.
12:17 Knees update.

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Podcast #106 – Channel Upgrades, Bigger than Sioux Falls, LinkedIn Experience

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  1. Yayyyy!!!! You and Nili are the 2 channels I watch the Most, no wait…also Loving It On Keto (Wendy). Can’t wait till Monday!!!!

  2. Congratulations on the ad and the channel upgrades. PK Sleep and Beauty has worked wonders on my sleep. I’ve been wanting to get a crepe pan after I saw Indigo’s recipe not long ago… and then I saw your souvlaki recipe today. I’m getting a crepe pan tomorrow. And I’ll have to be sure to put plenty of that ‘heart attack waiting to happen’ butter on the pan when I make keto pancakes….

  3. Great news on your knees and reconnecting with a friend. What a fun opportunity to make a commercial for a product that has helped you so much. Your honesty and integrity give your endorsement a lot of weight. I am certainly looking forward to your interview with Indigo Nili, she is a gem for sure. You both do fantastic recipe experiments that we all benefit from. Have a great weekend!

  4. I’m excited for your interview with Indigo Nili, too!!! You helped me find her by mentioning her on one of your other videos, and I have been pretty much following her since. Her egg white bread experiments have helped me greatly. I’m so thankful for the new orthopedic doctor you’ve seen and the help you’re getting. Praying it helps your knees and quality of life immensely!

  5. My husband has been a diabetic for 50 years. I have been doing keto and IF for over a year and have been following your channel. Your recipes are wonderful and so helpful for diabetics and keto followers. Your friend will benefit greatly from your channel. Thanks for all you do!

  6. Very excited to here the interview with Nili… absolutely love her Bread or Pro-Fo breads…
    Thanks Steve 😊

  7. You are blessed with a good “narrator” voice & delivery. I know you’ve heard that a million times so that’s one more time😀Smooth as butter!

  8. Sounds like someone beamed in from the 70’s with the “margarine” statement! That was when butter, and bacon were successfully demonized by the “science” available at the time. It never made sense to me, as my Grandfather always ate a BIG country breakfast, and was very healthy until he passed in his 90’s. I had my knees replaced in 08 (at the same time,) and am happy you found a Dr. who isn’t in a hurry to do surgery! Even the surgery has been fine tuned to be less invasive with drastically reduced healing time. Appreciate your channel, and everything you share!

  9. Really looking forward to next Monday and your interview with Indigo Nili. I’m so impressed with her channel. Like you, she has a very thoughtful and intelligent approach.

  10. Great news on the knees! Surgery should always be the last option. Looking forward to seeing you and Indigo Nili chat. Love her bread recipes!!

  11. Hopefully the margarine commenter sticks around and learns, and see the others in the ” awakening” of improved health.

  12. I sometimes watch 2 krazy ketos and quite often I watch Ken Berry but the two people who’s podcasts/videos I will not miss are you and Indigo Nilli. I am 75 yrs old, no longer have a husbamd and never had children – so do not have much in common with either of you but you two make more sense to me than anyone else. I am more than excited for the interview and cannot wait until next Monday, thanks for giving me something to look forward to

  13. i am looking forward to your conversation with Nili, she is also amazing just like you, should be a lot of fun and informative, well done Steve❤️

  14. I laughed so hard at “healthy fats like margarine and canola oil”! Be careful with that cortisone as it can break down tissues if you use it too much. I had both knees replaced in 2017, wish I could have waited longer as I was 57 but they tried everything – pretty sure the platelet thing wasn’t around yet. So I sincerely hope what you are doing helps as knee replacement is no walk in the park!

  15. I’m really looking forward to our chat! 🤩 It’s those margarine comments that really give perspective on how far we still have to go with health in this country(and world!) I just had to answer a question from an extended family member who was concerned that ketosis was a dangerous state to be in (referring to ketoacidosis) 🤦‍♀️ I had thought we’d moved beyond that a long time ago! 😅

    1. I got a comment from a person once stating that being in ketosis is one step away from death because your body is shutting down. LOL.

    2. Amen!
      Ps… I look forward to you both in an interview. I really enjoyed the one with “Black Tie”
      psss… I paddle my kayak backwards a lot! Easy and helpful on my arms. My husband calls it my ‘stupid human trick’ 😂 (I’m sure it’s only because he can’t do it💁🏻‍♀️)

  16. Steve, That is awesome about your coworker finding you, all the best for his son. As well, that’s great to get such positive and honest info on your knees. Sled pulling backward is also wonderful for knees, and lower back. Once you are ready to increase the intensity or just want a change, this is something you can do in your back yard on the grass.
    U can take one a kids winter sled, attach a rope and put something fairly heavy on it. (A big bag of dog food for example) Put the rope around you and walk it back wards. Gradually increase the weight as you feel the need. Walking backward the length of your yard repeatedly, or in large circles. It’s a great exercise! (You can make this really intense with heavy weight but at that point will need the fitness equipment made for this.)

  17. I’ve just started the Low Carb lifestyle I just don’t know if I could go full bore Keto, but I do need to get this weight off as I do have extremely bad knees, I’m actually seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon myself tomorrow. So I really hope that I can get this weight off so I don’t need surgery. Thanks for all your help

  18. Kudos to you and your friend, Ryan. Prayers for his son; also so happy your knees are doing better! Mine are too since I started taking collagen. I am going to re-watch to see what you said again about walking backwards. My Best Wishes to you and your family. Stay safe. ~ Sher

  19. i really like Indigo Nili, looking forward to the interview.. as for the knees, i got full replacements on both knees, was well needed but if u can keep the bones in ur knees that is better, wishing u well on that.. Thx Steve for always being informative & helpful

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