Perfect Keto Labor Day Sale – Buy This, Not That – 40% off! 2022

Due to the fact that I buy my own Perfect Keto products, I stockpile during their huge sales – and Labor Day is one of the three big sales they have each year. In this video, I cover which items I use everyday and order every time, which items I order in some cases, and which products I can not suggest.

Project Dates: Monday, 8/29 – Tuesday, 9/6
– 1 product for 15% off
– 2 products for 20% off
– 3 products for 25% off
– 4 items for 35% off
– 5+ products for 40% off

Discount Code: N/A, discount rate immediately used at checkout

Orders over $115 get a totally free gift (varies day-to-day) and orders of $65 secure free shipping within the US.

Time stamps:
0:00 Introduction
1:21 My "should purchase" products
6:18 In some cases purchase/ on the fence
7:40 Can't suggest
8:45 Sale information

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Perfect Keto Labor Day Sale – Buy This, Not That – 40% off!

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  1. Thanks for the review Steve. Glad for the sale! It was just about time for me to replenish several items, and I value your input. Love your idea of Perfect keto selling the pasta in bulk!!! There are several recipes that I used to love to make that I think I could “ketofy” If I just had some keto pasta. 🤗👍🏻

  2. TY Steve! I agree about wanting the pasta without the sort of bland cheese sauce mix- I have to add real cheese to get any flavor.

  3. Another YES to the big bag/box of pasta!!!
    Thanks for the honest reviews, Steve. We can always count on your integrity, when it comes to product reviews!

  4. Great review, I appreciate the honesty in the feedback in regards to textures, sizes, and flavors. Vendors don’t always like hearing mixed reviews, but honestly these types of reviews encourage me more than discourage me from making a purchase. I get skeptical when “everything is great!”. It also gives them a good opportunity to make progress on future products.

  5. Thank you for your honesty! Many times I’ve purchased expensive products and been very disappointed. The keto bars are an example of that. They taste like chalk to me. Lol. It would be awesome if they would release a box of plain noodles that’s maybe more affordable.

  6. Yes to the big bag of pasta! With respect to the cereal, I use it to make crusts for various cheesecakes either pounded into small crumbles or run through the food processor. The cinnamon cereal works great in key lime cheesecake and the chocolate cereal is wonderful in coffee- or chocolate-flavored cheesecake. I agree you could chip a tooth eating it straight out of the box!

  7. Thank you! I only knew about the Black Friday sale. I needed some things, and I was able to take advantage of this sale thanks to you.

  8. I agree Steve re: keto bars. They do have a strange aftertaste to me. Will have to order some Nola bars. Thanks!

  9. Thank you so much. Love the early post 😀. I finally bought perfect keto just now. On a budget too. I really need to try the beauty + sleep collagen. Done. I struggle with sleep. Yay. Can’t wait. Thanks again.

  10. Thank you for the heads up and honest review. That is really helpful (still starting out with Keto). And I TOTALLY AGREE!!! The beauty plus sleep is a lifesaver! Had trouble sleeping for so long, had to take melatonin. BUT started using the B+S (Mexican chocolate flavor in plain water) about 60 min before bed and I’m out like a light! (no more melatonin!!!) QUESTION: The berry lavender flavor, would you say it’s more berry or lavender?? Thank you!! 🙂

    1. Definitely berry, though it’s pretty mild. That’s why I throw in half a scoop of strawberry collagen or MCT powder.

    2. @Serious Keto Thank you! That is what I needed to know. I was hoping it had more lavender than berry. I’m going to stick with and order Mexican hot chocolate. Thanks again! 🙂

  11. Thanks for your candid and honest reviews! I agree with a big YES to a big bag of pasta only!👍🏼😊

  12. Always like listening to your honest opinion and really appreciate that you buy your own stuff so it truly is an honest opinion without any bias ❤️

  13. Thanks for the heads-up about their sale. I stocked up on 5 bottles of the electrolyte capsules. Thanks for your recommendation for those on their last sale. Sometimes I’ll forget to mix an electrolyte drink, but usually take 2 capsules each morning. 5 bottles should last me about 300 days.

  14. Thanks Steve, I agree, the cereal is bland and super hard like dog food. I use many things from Perfect Keto and I will pick up those that I enjoy, but I will never buy their cereal again. Thanks for the heads up on the mac and cheese. I have not tried that yet. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  15. We really like the dog food consistency cereal lol. We like how dense and filling it is, but we eat it dry as a snack though not really as a bowl of cereal. I absolutely love, love, love the collagen powder. I’m doing BBB&E next month so I’ll sadly be without it for the month but I may have to take advantage of the sale and stock back up for October!

  16. IMPORTANT NOTE: At least for me, when I would add something to my cart, it did so as “subscribe and save”, rather than “buy once”. I had to empty my cart and start over once I saw that. Make sure to double check that you have the right option selected.

    1. Thanks so much I got it to work ordered 6 products getting the cereal free . Thanks for letting me know

    2. Did the same for me, can’t blame them for trying! I ordered a few things to try and got 40% off plus free shipping. Keto is $$$. Thanks for the info.

  17. Great video. Like you, I use the electrolyte capsule and the collagen powder every day. Thanks for your honest opinions.

  18. Thank you Steve, I so appreciate your reviews, they are helpful in how to thoughtfully spend your💰!

  19. Love the idea of encouraging Perfect Keto to release just the pasta! That would be a huge boon to those of us living this way. Thanks, Steve!

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