Not So Serious Keto Interview #1 – Dennis from Black Tie Kitchen

In this month-to-month series, I will be speaking with other YouTube keto content creators – some more popular than others, but all are fantastic factors to the keto neighborhood.

This month, I'm interviewing Dennis from Black Tie Cooking Area. I recognize I've had him on a couple of co-podcasts, however this is the first official "interview". Plus, as I mention in the video, I figured he 'd be a lot more forgiving as I work out any bugs in the process.

Black Tie Cooking area YouTube channel:

0:00 Intro
1:09 The beards
2:18 BTK backstory
5:30 Filming challenges
7:49 Biggest screwups
10:44 Keto mixed drinks
14:16 Coffee
19:04 Why Dennis began keto
21:24 Dogmatic keto
25:46 Keto is a private thing
29:01 Typical audience questions
33:14 Kitchen chemistry
34:58 The reach of YouTube
38:56 Keto interviews

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Not So Serious #1 – Dennis from

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  1. The life wisdom you share is so very appreciated & inspiring. I am better for “knowing you”.🤗

  2. Great advice, Steve, about letting people “come around” rather than trying to convince people. Many people act like I’m trying to sell them on a new-age fad diet. So? Now I just go along my way with what I eat and know. My entry point was reversing diabetes.

  3. I am sooooo glad you two have taken the Keto journey in the public way. I’d be a bit lost without your help, sage advice, AND HUMOR!!!

  4. My two favorite channels! I remember like a year ago , asking Dennis how to start a youtube channel . He said just do it! I couldnt believe the amount of time thats was consumed with this work. I knew it wasnt for me when I got a less desireable comment!The New Jersey roots came to the surface, I was like ” I will hunt you down!” lol ok game over !

  5. Thank you guys for all the effort you go to to help those of us that are struggling. You are 🌟🙋🏻‍♀️🇬🇧👍🏻🎖

  6. I think my most favorite videos of Dennis @BlackTieKitchen was Mr. Potato Head 😂😂😂 That was great! ❤️ You are very entertaining Dennis 🤗

  7. Love this chat. One of my favourite videos from both of you. There is a place for the long form chat. Continue to call out the keto police nuts for what they are.

  8. Steve and Dennis these videos are great! So much better than reviews of “keto” foods, in fact I like that y’all mentioned that there is no keto food, only a keto metabolic state. I think a discussion of how keto can be a gateway to intermediate fasting would be great…we can all probably use some help learning how to fast, it feels so good if only I could get myself to do it more.

  9. I was Keto for 2 years before my wife said… hmmm, this must work. I had lost about 65 pounds by that point.
    She is down 25 or so since the first of the year.
    DONT PREACH AT PEOPLE LIKE A CROSS FITTER!! There is nothing more annoying. Two people that annoy the crap out of others; crossfit junkies and Tesla owners.
    Be as good as you can, others will start to notice. Then explain it to them logically.

  10. I love how Dennis doesn’t try to pretend he’s without kitchen fails. In fact, he usually repeats his fails in slow-motion, for added self deprecation! 😂❤️🍀

  11. I enjoy these interviews because they flow into so many topics. Blacktie videos are def not only fun to watch, but solid dishes too. Alysia at ketoupgrade has a unique and very delicious bread recipe. I think she’d make a great interview with her background AND now that she is venturing out to open her own bakery! You handled yourself well in the presence of his coffee drinking, Steve! 😆

  12. I love Dennis! I remember watching him for the first time. I was so intrigued and entertained that I just couldn’t get enough. So uniquely wonderful. Thank you both for what you do. Couldn’t do it w/o you.

  13. Final post 😂😂😂😂 Love you both ❤️❤️ I laughed out loud about being a baker 😂😂😂😂😂 Some of the knowledge is helpful, but a bunch can burn you 😂😂😂 I still have hope in making a pumpkin drop cookie from your proud cake recipe. The thing I keep in mind when adapting a recipe is for anything moist you add to a recipe, you must add an equal part dry. It is like chemistry. Couldn’t agree more with you on that point. I used to create such wonderful wedding cakes, but I guarantee I couldn’t make it low carb. Now that they have the keto cake mixes, I might get closer, but who orders Keto Wedding Cakes hahahaha!?!? My cakes were far too expensive to create back then, but Keto would be outrageous 🤪 Love to you both ❤️❤️ You both have helped me sooooo very much on this journey. I am grateful for everything you do 🙏👍

  14. Im so glad you two collaborate!! You seem to compliment each other in many ways! I love the beard!

  15. 42 minutes hard pass. Not 😂 had to break it up into 2 viewing sessions though. Y’all look like you’re having fun for sure. I think Dennis will get to 100k as well. Seems to happen exponentially from my viewpoint. Thanks for posting.

  16. I appreciate Dennis’ comment about Keto being a tool, and that one’s purpose in going keto isn’t necessarily the same as another’s . Also, not all bodies react in the same manner to certain foods and/or ingredients. I appreciate all the research, time, effort, and talent you both put into your recipes and your videos. All workplaces come with people that are irritating; YouTube content creators just have lots of those irritating people leaving comments! Unfortunately, the more successful creators end up with more irritating people to deal with!😏

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