Most Damaging thing for Health in Modern Times – Lecture 176 2023

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( Retired) Assistant Prof. Sheikh Zayed Institute Lahore

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was an Assistant Teacher Urology at Sheikh Zayed Healthcare Facility and Kidney Transplant Center, Lahore. In 2003, he was detected with Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension and was recommended oral medications, exercise & diet control. In 2016, he was placed on insulin due to increase in urea creatinine and retinopathy. The deteriorating health led Dr. Khalid on a quest to find answers. He began intensively studying Type 2 Diabetes, its' prevention and cure. He spoke with medical professionals but none had the ability to offer responses to his concerns. Then lastly, he stumbled upon a YouTube video of Dr. Jason Fung, that video showed to be a life altering minute in Dr. Khalid's life. Dr. Jason Fung is a Canadian nephrologist who declared 100% cure and turnaround of Diabetes through periodic fasting and some way of life changes.

A medical professional himself, Dr. Khalid thoroughly studied Jason Fung's theories. Now, since 2018, he is on a ketogenic diet plan and doing intermittent fasting with walk and exercise. He is off the medications now and his creatinine levels are likewise back to typical.

Dr. Khalid is no longer practicing Urology and has actually rather made it his objective to educate people on social networks about what he has found out & practiced so that they are likewise able to treat 80-90% of all diseases triggered by Insulin Resistance.

Dr. Khalid is beginning weekly lectures on Facebook & Youtube on curing Kidney Issues,
Diabetes and High Blood Pressure through Ketogenic Diet plan and intermittent fasting.

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Most Damaging thing for Health in Modern Times – Lecture 176

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  1. Aoa sir
    Agr cholecystectomy Hogi hai tw kaisae healthy diet lien? I mean keto.
    Female patient, pre.diabetic, age 57, no significant medical history. Can u give a diet chart.

  2. وَعَلَيْكُم السَّلَام وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ‎۔

    بہت اچھی باتیں بتاتے ہیں آپ ڈاکٹر صاحب۔ جزاك اللهُ‎

  3. Sir Allah apko in sb k liye buhat jazae khaier aata Kare iss Ramzan k sadge Allah buhat aata Kare apko hamare khandan m buhat ko buhat faida hoa he

  4. Salaam’alekum sir aap ki videos ka besabri se intezar karte hai . Ki aaj kuch new pata chalja e Allah aap ku saheth aur lambi zandagi aata kare ameen.we love you Sir

  5. Salam Dr sab, wonderful informations, i like too much when you say at the last ” Acha g Allah hafiz.” thank a lot.

    1. @Nadeem Khan Salam bhai, main ne dr. sab ke andaz ki tareef ki ha. Bohot piyara andaz he. Allah hum sub musalmano ki hifazat farmae ameen sum ameen.

  6. Thank u Dr sahab aj kal kon kis k liye itna reasrach karta he waqai apke har bat (Gold ) pe lkhne k kbil he. JazaKAllah

  7. Assalamualaikum Dr .
    Mera wait 80 hey . Plz kuch Kam krne k liye effect n speedy remedy n diet btai. Or mujhe ek Saal se periods b time per nhi horehe. 4 months kbhi 2 month kbhi 3 months or kbhito 6 months tk b nhi hote . BHT late hojatehein . Plz koi Hal btade . Mein apko BHT duai dugi

  8. Very informative content…. Highly appreciated your efforts contents and researches Sir 💕💕💕💕💕

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