Low Carb Recipes for Dinner 😋 – Best Easy Keto Recipes 👍 – Low Carb Family Meals 😋😋😋 #keto #shorts 2022

Low Carbohydrate for Dinner – Best Easy Keto – Low Carbohydrate Household Meals #keto #shorts
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for Dinner 😋 – Best Easy Keto Recipes 👍 – Family Meals 😋😋😋 #keto #shorts

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    1. @Tigersleep Chill out bro who said anybody was vegan? I eat plenty of meat just lean meat. Fish, chicken, etc high protein, high carb..I feel great 👍

    2. @Mobin92 she didn’t eat a block of cheese, not even close. A black dimond block of mozzarella is 400 g, she probably used 150g total and another 50 for cream cheese, this is also for dinner and you’re suposed to eat between 500-700 cal for dinner. Also if you don’t get enough calories on keto your body will slow its metabolism and therefore slow your weight loss so fat is important.

    1. Because the texture/taste is different than the cheese mixed in the dough dummy. It has a different effects just being cheese melted on top.

    1. @MrRandomtastic
      AP flour Crushed up wheat
      Rice flour Crushed up rice
      Almond flour Crushed up almonds
      Potato flour Crushed up dried potatoes

      Seeing a pattern?

      Almond flour for Keto diets because of its lack of carbs.

      Different types of flour act differently, mostly due to amount, or lack of, gluten.

  1. Yeah I make this with a pizza its soo good and it’s keto so my parents could eat it

  2. So I’m vegetarian, and though I will never knock someone’s diet, I will never get over the fact that a man once told me I was going to eventually get cancer from eating spinach (and consuming too many veggies in general), while mans was literally putting 3 pads of butter into his coffee. So when I see this kind of stuff I just??? This seems so much less healthy than a spinach salad

    1. @Cindy does it make it worse if this was an in person interaction? I’m a barista, I was the one who made his butter coffee lmao

  3. Please write me a list of ingredients, I’m from Russia and did not understand what the author mixes in the video

    1. @Mumtaz Begum I don’t see how that translates to certain foods make you lose fat. If I understand correctly you’re saying certain foods can help with cravings, which I agree with, but that doesn’t mean you’re not losing fat because of what you just ate. You’re not losing fat because you’re not controlling yourself when you get those cravings.

    2. @Cherrie T Very satiating as well. Fat and protein are keys to eating just one or two meals a day without snacking and not feeling hungry.

    3. @Mobin92 Mayo made with polyunsaturated seed/vegetable oils is damaging to the mitochondria. High omega-6 oils have never been a part of the human diet, appreciably, until the Industrial Age. Run from it.

    4. @Gao Right, but that caloric limit is reached pretty quickly if you eat cheese and stuff, so you will be hungry unless the main part is meat and veggies.

    1. Yeah I don’t understand those weird, overly specific diets… All that really counts are calories. Just because you don’t eat bread it doesnt mean that it’s healthy to eat a block of cheese.

    1. @tarod3 because carbs compose like 50% of our energy surplus, getting rid of such a group would mean to either starve out or eat in a very careful way, so thast why keto is so atractive to people who are so obese, they start to loose weight rapidly because they are not consuming as much of the needed calories, hence they start loose that fat and use it as their energy surplus, of course this means they still have to eat healthy, but it helps.

    2. @Msmlolman polybrige 0 that could not be more wrong. You don’t eat less, you eat bacon.

      Now, cutting out carbs makes your blood sugar stable. This cuts down on snaking a lot.

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