Keto Upgrade / Sugar Swap Bakeshop Review

This is a different sort of review video. First, it's a review of product from another YouTube channel. Second, I speak about the economics of starting a keto pastry shop or other service. And third, I praise Alycia on her approaching infant.

Due to the fact that Alycia will be working from house for a while, she will not be able to ship items out of the state of New York up until she's back in her bakery. I'll still consist of a link to her bakeshop listed below along with links to the recipes of each of the products I examine here.

0:00 Intro
1:30 White bread
4:44 Mini Italian herb rolls
7:11 Burger bun
8:46 Pastry shop economics

Sugar Swap Bakeshop:

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Alycia's bread recipe:.
Alycia's Italian rolls and hamburger buns:.

Severe Keto Amazon Shop (where you can find the tools and active ingredients I use):.

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Keto Upgrade / Sugar Swap Bakeshop Review

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  1. Thanks for doing this review. When I’ve made egg white bread in the past I found it was hard to swallow like it dried my mouth out. Not sure how to explain it exactly but maybe you know what I’m taking about. I will definitely try hers.

    1. I do find that if I don’t chew any egg white bread enough, the feeling can be like swallowing a vitamin that’s too big.

    2. other ppl call it “choke-y”. Indigo Nili has that all worked out of her bread also 🙂
      Steve is right; I try to warn ppl “this is not gooey starch, it is all protein & You need to mindfully chew it”.
      As long as I put lots of sauce, gravy, butter or mayo…. No issues 🙂

  2. Great review! Well done Alycia. Hope all is well with your pregnancy and birth. What an exciting time for you! ❤️🥰❤️

  3. She has some of the best recipes. Whenever I’m looking for a low carb sweet item, I go to her site. Her ben and jerry’s cherry garcia ice cream is fantastic, and I just made the pumpkin roll this week. Thanks for reviewing her bread/bun recipe Steve! I love how so many of the keto content creators come together as a community with the sole purpose of helping others live a healthy lifestyle.

  4. I’ve been a subscriber to Alycia’s channel since day one and just love her recipes and instruction. Thank you for this video Steve. This is awesome

  5. Mmm Steve’s mayo always the best! I’m only 1 state away and I don’t get to the Buffalo area very often but if I do I’ll try and swing by. Congrats on the baby hope everything goes well!

  6. Hi Steve thank you for the taste test and the information she is such a cutie I bet she’s so excited to have her baby! Wished I lived close enough to frequent her bake shop as it is I guess I will have to try to find the time to try to make her awesome hamburger buns!

  7. I am very happy, thanks to Indigo Nili’s & Alycia’s brilliance, endurance & generosity, to have such a tasty, aromatically & visually bread like delivery mechanism (as Steve says 😂).
    KUDOS Steve for giving Alycia props!!

  8. I love that you are promoting Alycia’s bakery. She is one of my top go to for recipes. I have tried her bread, now I will have to try the buns. Every time she posts about the bakery items, I wish I lived closer. Such a fantastic collaboration.

  9. Wow – those numbers are eye-opening! I’ll start buying from her store as soon as she is ready to sell. We have to support keto bakeries!

  10. Alycia is THE BEST at what she does! SO excited for her success, and her little baby bun coming soon! Thanks for giving an honest, impartial review, even though she is a friend and peer. 
    I appreciate both of you guys, and what you do for the KETO community. FYI: I think the reason the bread browned so much when toasted is due to the Allulose in the recipe. That ingredient is known for browning things quickly. Thanks for the excellent video, as always, Steve!

  11. Thanks for this video, in particular for the revelation surrounding the true cost of immediate gratification when buying through Amazon. I stopped being a Prime Member a year ago, after months of 2 day shipping stretching out to 3-5 days depending on the vendor, how Amazon trucks were running , etc. I’m finding that to simply make a purchase over 25-30.00 may stretch delivery out for a day or two, but it puts my “I want it yesterday” reaction back in its place.
    Thanks to Alisha for the recipes. I hope she finds a way to cut those costs back. She deserves it!:)

  12. I make her bread recipe every week. Never tried to make buns yet. But you have convinced me! However I love Alicia and would buy from her to help her and give me a break from cooking! You are so great! Love to you!

  13. I love Alycia, so thank you for featuring her and her products. I recently made and “apple” bread/cake from her recipe and it was very tasty.

  14. It’s the allouse in the bread … I LOVE her whipped shortbread cookies … they went over AWESOME at Christmas last year with non-low carb/keto persons…. Awesome video!!!!

  15. Wow…I had no idea about the costs. Thanks for passing this along. I suggest you have a follow-up interview with Alycia in a year to see how she’s doing with the new bakery (and baby). And I will be making those Italian buns for sure! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and the family. What a blessing you are to all of us Keto folks.

  16. Thanks for reviewing Alycia Steve! I enjoy her channel and intend to try the rolls especially. I totally understand the cost factor with these items and as an artist who occasionally has to ship work, I get the fact that shipping makes these products prohibitively expensive.

  17. I actually made Alycia’s bread recipe yesterday! Proofing was a little iffy using a warm oven, but it turned out really well. All the egg white breads I’ve tried have the same issue of sticking to my teeth- could be the allulose which allows the crust to brown. Anyway, I’ll continue making it. Thanks for your review. All her recipes are so good, and she is so generous to share with us.

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