Keto Strawberry Jam and Orange Marmalade Showdown – Fox Hill Kitchens, ChocZero and Chia Smash

In this video, Terry (my non- other half) and I try two strawberry jams and 2 keto orange marmalades. Exists a clear winner?

Full disclosure: I did experience an approximately 20 point rise in glucose from this evaluation. 30 points or greater is typically thought about a "spike", which this was not. The Levels Health app that I utilize with my Dexcom G6 classifies this as a "mild increase". It's worth noting also that I had at least 2 tablespoons worth of the 4 jams/marmalades in addition to the biscuits.

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Keto Strawberry Jam and Orange Marmalade Showdown – , ChocZero and

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  1. I love the ChocZero orange marmalade. Mixed with a few other ingredients, makes a great dipping sauce for shrimp or chicken. Great review. Love having Terry in reviews! ❤️🥰❤️

    1. Those biscuits look sooo good! Going to find the recipe. Interesting thoughts on the jams. Thanks to both of you reviewing.

    1. She was called out by a few people for not giving the original creator credit for it and passing it off as her own. Maybe that is why?

    2. No that wasn’t true but we resolved the issue and u can ask the person who started it that that wasn’t true.

    3. ​@Victoria’s Keto KitchenVictoria, have you or anyone you know of done glucose testing with your flour?

      Love your channel!

  2. Choc zero grape and strawberry are at Walmart… Smucker’s has a sugar free orange marmalade. I made the Keto Twins orange chicken and it was good.

  3. Those dream biscuits rock and are so easy to make. This video came at the perfect time because I have 8 biscuits needing some jam/marmalade smeared on top of them. I love Terry!

    1. They truly are wonderful. I used one as my bun for a smash burger I had for breakfast. It held up better than I expected.

  4. Thanks for the info! My family likes the Choc Zero strawberry. I use a tiny amount due to carb count, but it’s very sweet, so I get the flavor I want easily.

  5. Hi Steve and Terry, I have tried all four of those in the past and I agree with you that they are all good depending on how you use them. The Choc Zero was the winner over the Fox Hill orange marmalade in the Keto Twins Orange Chicken hack, but I love the Fox Hill for putting it on toast. Both strawberry versions are delicious.

  6. Orange Marmalade can be very sweet to very bitter. I’m really happy to see Allulose becoming more popular. My father loves Dundee Orange Marmalade so I’m ordering some Fox Hill for him today. Thanks for all the great video.

  7. I recall that, online, both of the commercial marmalades were quite $pendy. To use in recipes, I would simply make a quick chutney type sauce, stewing orange zest and grated seeded cukes (“winter melon”? ) with possibly a spoonful of orange extract and brown sugar style Swerve or allulose. I think the assorted above homemade ingredients would cost similar or less to the jar ones, with much less carbs. Thanks so much for this comparison!

  8. Back on the shelf for me too with the microscopic font. It’s so annoying and frustrating. It makes me feel like they are hiding something in there but it’s ChocZero and I really like them so they might get a pass :). Thanks for this. I was really wanting to get an objective opinion on these specific jams. I wasn’t aware of the Fox Hill brand so I’ll have to look into it more.

    1. This was actually just a printing error. I help work on the packaging and it looked fine until the bottle arrived. We’re working on improving that! Small business woes, lol!

  9. I love the choc zero jams. Too good in fact. I watched that video on High and he said the same as others who love Victoria’s kitchen. Best flour recipe

  10. I’ve used the Choczero orange marmalade with sugar free barbecue sauce and made orange chicken. Worked perfect. Got the idea from The Keto Twins.

  11. I use Smucker’s sugar free jams and Jelly. The flavors are spot on. They are half the price of the ones you reviewed. I will make the biscuits from highfalutin. I appreciate your reviews. Thanks. 😊

  12. Thank you for the taste test! Our goal was to make sweet jams and marmalade that taste great in baked goods and on morning toast!

    1. @Liz Tapelt oh, we did! I’m on the team that made the packaging and we could not believe how tiny the font was! It was a printing error we’re fixing now.

  13. Being sensitive to the dextrin in their products, the choczero jacks up my blood sugar like the real thing. Flavor-wise I love the jams ! I will try the others you have tried here.

  14. I make my own strawberry jam, easy peas, nothing but frozen berries, swerve, one of our acceptable thickeners and some strawberry flavoring. LOVE the placemats! We have the same pumpkins!😁

  15. You said exactly what I was thinking: “If I was in the store & was trying to read a label with print that small, I’d put it back on the shelf.” Very frustrating. Do they not test the labels out before the products are sold?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Great to see Terry again!

  16. Another lovely video with Terry, thanks! You two are so sympathetic and unpretentious. I would really appreciate if you, sometime down the line, could make a video about the bisquits or keto flour 2.0 in general 😊👍

  17. I’m a fan of the traditional English “tawny” (darker, more bittersweet) marmalade, so I wasn’t happy with the keto products I tried. I ended up making my own using a recipe from Sugar Free Londoner, with allulose as the sweetener. Mine is very thick and chunky and has 2.3g of carbs per 15g serving (I thin it down with water before spreading). I’m very happy with it.

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