Keto Recipe – Keto Sandwich | LCHF Recipe | Omelette Sandwich

It is a weight reduction recipe. This sandwich is generally a Low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF)/ sandwich. those who are in this ketogenic diet or LCHF diet can enjoy the taste of sandwich in this method …

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Butter -2 to 3 tablespoon
Onion – 1 tablespoon
Carrot -1 tsp( optional grated).
Cabbage – 3 tbsp( carefully chopped).
Capsicum – 1 tbsp (carefully chopped).
Pepper powder – 1 tsp.
Salt to taste.
Eggs – 2.
Cheese slices – 2.

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Net Carbohydrates:8.21 g.
Fat: 53 g.
Calories: 547.
Fibre: 0.74 g.
Protein: 28.69 g.

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Keto Recipe – Keto Sandwich | LCHF Recipe | Omelette Sandwich

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  1. Thanks for the recipe my family loved it…I added the onions spinach bacon crumbles added to mixture and served topped with sour cream and sriracha quick easy and satisfying

    1. Be careful of sriracha it has brown sugar in it, it may spike your insulin even though it says only one gram, a Dr. Mentioned it when going through condiments to be careful of..😇

  2. Bravo…its good for keto diet. And yes,looks like a sandwich. Keto ppl cant have a normal sandwich so this is a KETO SANDWICH.

  3. We’re all just giving you a hard time…. We DO appreciate your time and effort that you put into your videos! THANK YOU!!!

  4. Oh yum. Sandwich omelette with cabbage!!! I’m so going to make this. I’m already dreaming up Asian variations & creamy french variations & spicy Italian variations & indian variations.
    What a fabulous base recipe.
    Thanks for sparking my interest in cooking again.

  5. Found your video, tried it and it is delicious 😋 thank you for posting this recipe. 👍🏼 I greatly appreciate it.

  6. Too easy, too delicious, too inexpensive, yet, wholesome nutrition and not too filling and yet KETO FRIENDLY.! To me it looks like an everyday treat to wake up for.

  7. I’m 4 weeks into my custom keto diet plan and I’ve lost 14 pounds which I must say is pretty incredible, it’s actually amazing watching my body transform into something I am actually proud of rather than something I have always tried to cover up.

    1. Bravo !! I’m doing the same but my weight loss is a little slow as I also have other hormonal issues. But it’s happening !!

  8. This looks fantastic! I just recently tried doing keto, so I can’t wait to add this to my menu. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Add salt after the eggs are cooked, not before, because adding salt before deforms the proteins in the eggs, besides that, very good recipe <3

  10. Looks good, but I would call in an omelet instead of a sandwich. Looks good though, I will try it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Omelette and that’s American cheese which is not real cheese. Yummy and my kids love it but real cheese is where it’s at. TFS

  11. your omelet so good.
    It’s looks so delicious n healthy🤤
    You make this recipe perfectly
    And your presentation is too good
    Thank you for sharing this recipe💕
    See you arround, stay in touch

  12. Yes!! That’s an omelette!! Looks real good 👍 I will make it without salt 🧂 and pepper for my HBP instead Cummins and oregano 🌿!! Yummy 😋 thank you 😊

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