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I just recently shot a vegetarian vlog and during my week of being veggie I bumped into this dish. I had lots of coconut flour too to use up. You folks identified this paneer paratha in my vlog therefore here I am to reveal you how to make this super versatile flat bread which is a naan and also a paratha and likewise an uttapam. So delight in the dish.

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  1. Thanks for making Keto fun and delicious. All my bad medical numbers have turned around and I’ve dropped 70 pounds. Rock on!

    1. @face He added paneer it is like a homemade creamcheese and fresh coriander and ground cumin. black pepper salt and chopped onion. Hope it helps.

    2. @face paneer is an Indian cottage cheese that is quite high fat, low carb, and available in any Indian stores and some costcos, Safeway, and Krogers. Pretty sure Whole Foods carries it too. Also it’s 😋 when curried like he’s doing.

  2. I have been trying to reconcile my love of Indian food with the keto diet, and now I’m learning how thanks to your channel!

  3. If you opened a Headbanger’s Kitchen restaurant, I would eat there for sure. All your recipes are mouth-wateringly good!!

  4. OMG. I just made these. The plain naan was substantial enough the fold around a spoonful of chicken vindaloo.
    However I didn’t have any paneer for the Utta so I washed some cottage cheese in a sieve, the little curds were the perfect shape. I used finely chopped spring onions coz that’s what I had and put the cumin in it. It was insane. It reminded me of an English cheese and onion pie. I was literally shaking my head, speechless, like Sahil when it was time to taste. Unbelievable!!

  5. All I can say is Yay!
    So delicious! So much fun!
    Between you and Megha and Matt, my low carb food prep is fun, easy, and delicious!

  6. Ok, so I watched this video this morning and couldn’t stop thinking about this bread all day… I made a double batch. I made some plain, some with olives tomatoes onions and bacon bits…as well as some stuffed with cheddar cheese….they so amazing…thank you so much for all your hard work…I am so addicted to your recipes….thank you from Canada 🇨🇦

    1. I have started keto diet about 1 month ago and I have lost 8 pounds and I was doing exercise and dieting but it didn’t work I made paneer roti first times and it did break but I still enjoyed it 😌😌😌

  7. I made one with cream cheese filling and it was WONDERFUL! Thanks you I prefer these over the keto bread to be honest. I can see myself using these as buns for sandwiches so soft and good thank you.

  8. I have missed Indian food while doing keto and this is great that you show us how to make these amazing recipes. I did try keto connects version of the garlic naan like you mentioned and absolutely loved it. Definitely trying out your variations too. 👍

  9. Just made this (1st time ever making Naan bread). I added some garlic to mine. I think I may have added a bit too much water because the dough was a bit gummy… but I rolled it out super thin to a crepe-like thinness, cooked it in coconut oil and a couple of them (the thinner ones) had crispy edges that were just divine! Also liked that the finished “bread” rolls/folds nicely and doesn’t crack. Ate it with some Malai Kofta that I made and it was delicious!!! Thank you so much for this great recipe! Will work on tweaking it next time I make it.

  10. sahil thanks for the recipe-it was amazing-filled the gap of nan paratha bread-tried it the first time and I slightly overcooked it and it was so soft and didnt break at all-

    it was even better than the roti parathas etc-i cooked mines in lurpack butter-

  11. Saw this yesterday, tried these today: awesome. Time saving, easy to make, great texture and tastes and looks like the real thing. Amazing recipe. Thank you very much!

  12. Being doctor myself, I was little worried to start keto diet, but somehow wanted to reduce my weight at any cost as I am a diabetic. Your recipe are just next level as you try to maintain the nutrition without compromising on taste and flavor. Great work. God bless.

    1. @Kelley Kalomiris I’m not diabetic but have started the keto way of living, and I don’t use the word diet, because that’s not what keto should be. As a scientist by training, I have subscribed to the idea that the body should run on fat as its primary fuel source, as it did for our early ancestors. To me, and most who have thoroughly researched ketosis, it’s about correcting the hormonal, physiological imbalances in the body by correcting the fuel. Why would anyone, diabetic or otherwise, normalise insulin production, androgen production, etc. and then revert to the wrong fuel?
      I feel like I did when 24 (I am 44), am sleeping through the night, my hair has stopped falling out, and I’m using a lot less moisturiser! All in addition to my weight normalising.
      The secondary point is that all grains are inflammatory for humans, so I also support the idea of keto being the only true anti-inflammatory “regime”. There are of course varying levels of carb intake on keto, I have personally found the lowest carb (no more than net 30g a day) to be my happy place, as I crave nothing, and am never hungry (on two substantial meals a day).
      I also find the comment “diabetics … it’s a must” quite funny, sorry. The rest of us should wait until our blood sugar and insulin production is excessive in order to take action? Hmmm. I feel that diabetes is our body reaching the end of its tether with our incorrect idea of what it needs. Which is the diet that you presumably think everyone else should be eating. So no, to me the diabetes proves the point.

    2. @Amita Sharma that makes sense in theory, do you have any research articles pointing to that, that fat is the macro that we should be running on?
      For the diabetics, I was more so referring to them not being able to consume a lot of carbs, as they convert to sugar, I’m definitely open to learning more about these concepts that you provide as well.

  13. Awesome recipe. Some observations:
    Website says 8g Psyllium (= 2 TEAspoons), Video says 2 TABLEspoons. I’ve tried both with NOW brand psyllium. 2TB, the look and texture was very much like naan. 2TSP (8g), the batch was thinner and more like soft taco shells. Both types were delicious.

    Ghee neutralizes the coconut flavor and makes crispier edges more than nonstick spray (I like either).

    I only use about a 1/2 cup to 3/4 of warm water. A full cup is way too much.

    Part of what is so great about this recipe is that is so flexible; it doesn’t require exact measurements for good results. And there’s room for experimentation. Thank you!

    1. TheWushuliu how much coconut flour did you use? I followed the video and mine came out gooey not sure where I went wrong. It definitely was not bread like or taco like.

    2. @Nicole W Hi Nicole. 1/2 cup coconut flour per the video. Are you using 1 cup of water? If so, try 1/2 cup of water instead.

  14. This recipe is DELICIOUS! I have made it before and we all enjoyed it- so tonight I actually made it into personal pizzas! They were AWESOME! Thanks for all your great recipes- I really LOVE them and they have really helped me to branch out with my Keto and low carb cooking here in the US!

  15. Tried these. They fluff when you are frying them and taste almost like bread. Really Good and very filling. Thanks!

  16. Thank you! This has become on of our go-to recipes. I’ve lost 40 lbs since September and the husband has lost 35. You make cooking fun and flavorful again.
    I just finished making enchiladas with these. So freaking awesome! Rocking it keto style 😁

  17. Works great as a lower calorie, and dairy free, alternative to fathead dough as a sandwich wrap too! Went well with some left over beef brisket and BBQ sauce, and with some tuna salad.
    I’m trying to cut down on dairy, so will be doing this more in place of fathead dough or chaffles for some things.

  18. I just tried it and it taste AMAZING! For the filling I used feta cheese with pinch of onion and garlic powder and some oregano leaves.Thank you so much for sharing your recipe with us.

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