Keto Honey Review – Three Different Brands 2022

In this video Terry (my non-keto spouse) and I check out 3 different brands of keto honey substitutes: All-U-Lose, Wholesome Yum, and Nature's Hollow. In addition, I evaluate my glucose action and let you understand if there was any effect. None of these are inexpensive, but are any worth your money?

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Keto Honey Review – Three Different Brands

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  1. You both are sooo cute… love to see the love ❤️ and not apologizing for it!!

    Thanks for the video… awesome & Blessings 🌞

  2. Again need to thank you, and Terri for doing all the work for us! I thought you might get a kick out of the fact that my husband wants to try the peaches and cream KetoChow. He’s of the opinion that he’s not going to just blindly go along with your choices the way I do! Muhaaha

  3. THANK YOU STEVE! Sorry for the yelling. I had no idea there are Keto honeys. I was never much of a fan of real honey but once in a while… a little taste of it was nice. They are expensive but I will not drink them like soda either. Thanks Steve. Terry’s reviews are helpful. Non Keto tastebuds are different. I don’t remember what normal food tastes like so I cant compare but Terry can.

  4. Great review as always. Thank you both! This is going to open a lot of recipe doors; I can’t wait to see what you come up with!
    Caution dog owners: Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs even in small doses.

  5. Wish we could easily get allulose over here really interested in its caramalisation properties, seems that it hasn’t been approved yet, so we can only import through ebay/amazon, which is expensive. Hate how 95% of low/zero cal syrups are way way to runny. Like horrible glue, it’s the only one with honey consistency, honey is extremely thick. But slime is an issue.

  6. I’ve been following you since you began. Although I’m not keto, I enjoy watching you and your family. I love all the research, analysis, and organizational skills. I’m exactly the same way. It’s fun to watch someone be as geeky 🤓 as me. I’m glad you kept going when you were thinking of quitting. I look forward to your upcoming honey videos!

  7. Thank you! Was actually looking at some brands yesterday and as usual, you did the heavy lifting for us. I just used your link to order.

  8. I use the Wholesome Yum brand. If you eat it off the spoon you do get a slight aftertaste, but when used in a recipe you only get the honey taste. We have dogs and cats and I refuse to have Xylitol in the house – accidents can too easily happen.

  9. I totally love following a former, recovering “foodie”. In my mind, it gives you instant credibility! You have never let me down with product reviews and recipes. Love the following up with the blood tests. My husband has type 2 diabetes, has lost 50 lbs and as long as he sticks to the plan, is off nearly all medications. I’m working on weight loss and getting off my high blood pressure medication. I love 💕 how I feel on Keto, the foods are delicious and satisfying AND I find that my former “go to favorites” no longer taste that great anymore. Thanks for all you do. You are a great couple!!!

  10. Little piece of advice for those hard to read labels, take a picture of it and blow it up on your phone.

    I have only found the natures hollow ‘honey’ where I am in Canada. It is supposed to be refrigerated after opening and it has clumps of crystallized sweetener. For $8 for that tiny container Id expect better product. Taste wise its okay IMO but Im not a fan of xylitol either.

  11. Thank you Steve & Terry for this review! I’m not big on eating honey off a spoon however as you stated there are many recipes that are now an option. I’m looking forward to your future recipes with this substitute.

  12. Thank you Steve and Terri. I’ve fell off the keto train a few months ago and having such a difficult time getting back on. I am convinced it’s sugar that’s causing me not to start keto again and I can’t remember what I done in the beginning to satisfy my sugar cravings, I think I am gonna have to go back and find some videos on how to start keto all over again.

    1. I used a LOT of fat, initially. Kept me satiated, and the sugar cravings subsided in a week or so.

  13. You two are adorable!! If we all had this kind of relationship after the kids left, the world would be a better place. I love Teri’s no nonsense approach. She doesn’t treat it like a wine tasting, but we love Steve’s attention to detail. Blessings you two!

  14. Hey Steve! I’m new to your channel and I love it. I’m now binge watching while working, lol. You’re so entertaining and funny and your shirts make me laugh. You are so methodical in your tests and recipes. I love that you’re in your own kitchen with “real” tools and appliances we all use. Thanks for putting out great content. I just joined as a channel member and I’ve never done that on YouTube before if that means anything. Peace!

  15. You two are adorable! I love that you both do reviews. Your different perspectives really helps in understanding the products and what I might like or not like about them. Thank you!!!

  16. Thank you for the review, I have an unopened wholesome yum honey in my cupboard and I’m glad to hear you liked it. I have used the wholesome yum pancake syrup on both my family and a Puerto Rican friend of my sons without them knowing and everybody loved it on their pancakes.

  17. It would be great to have a honey option for cooking and putting in tea and every day usage

  18. We do not have dogs, but I had made a decision on principle not to buy ingredients like xylitol that could accidentally kill pets. (Even though it’s in most of our toothpaste products, including the one I need to use.)

    Then, a friend gave me Nature’s Hollow Mountain Berry jam and I was pretty impressed. At the holidays, I took advantage of a 50% off “TRY ME” coupon code and ordered their sampler jam package of 6 flavors, the honey, the ketchup and the bbq sauce.
    My favorites in this order:
    The jams
    The honey
    Mediocre to me:
    The ketchup, the bbq

    This honey….it was a dark horse win for me. I really didn’t even need a honey substitute. No aftertaste at all. I love that I now have a quick liquid, neutral sweetener like this. It’s become kind of that go-to squirt into an entree, a dressing, a mayo-based salad like cole slaw where I want a quick hit of sweetness. Even for marinara sauce where the sauce tastes a tad too acidic.

    Regarding honey texture and appearance….I never noticed the issues mentioned in the video. I have no issues with mouth-feel, appearance, cooling, etc. I actually like that it’s thick, that means I can squeeze it into something and not worry about making that something runny. That’s especially great when making bbq sauce or a meat glaze, because a lot of the ingredients (like vinegar) are very runny. I am grateful to have something that doesn’t spike my blood sugar and adds an option to my pantry.

    For those interested in the jams by this company (a review, Steve?) The apricot jam, I would buy, even ahead of many regular sugar brands. I believe all of the jams are just 2-3 net carbs per T. I don’t eat a lot of jam, but I have found that the flavor is good enough that one T is more than enough for me on keto toast. No weird tastes. I use the apricot for glazing meats, desserts and on keto toast. I gave the sampler box of 6 as gifts and one low-carb/keto couple has reordered multiple times. The strawberry and raspberry do not have impressive coloration, but the taste is nice and I know it’s at least one of my friends’ favorite. Others love the Mountain Berry & The Peach. My favorite is strongly in camp apricot….a flavor not easy to get on keto.

  19. Hi Steve… I recently adapted an old Weight Watcher recipe called Honey Pecan Chicken using the Nature’s Hollow honey and your breading recipe to substitute for corn flakes. The honey wasn’t as sweet as regular honey so I added some swerve. It came out almost identical to the original recipe. I too am not thrilled that it has the xylitol, however it doesn’t seem to affect my stomach and Believe it or not I am allergic to Allulose. More products seem to be using allulose for sweetener these days. I agree it tastes great in baked goods, but I feel like I’m going to pass out within 30 seconds after eating it. Keep up the reviews… Very informative and appreciated.

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