Keto For Beginners – Ep 1 – How to start the Keto diet | Keto Basics with Headbanger’s Kitchen 2022

Welcome to my brand new series called '' where I tell you how to start the plan and provide you a meal strategy to get you started. So use this FREE Keto meal strategy and start your journey today!

It's important to bear in mind that I'm NOT a physician, nutritional expert or dietitian. I'm just a musician/Youtuber who has done Keto so please do not take any of this as medical advise. If you have pre-existing conditions please consult your physician or a qualified professional before doing anything. This is merely a resource for people who need it. So please treat this as a disclaimer prior to proceeding.

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00:00 Intro.
02:11 How to get prepared.
03:20 Standard standards.
05:35 What can you drink on Keto.
07:00 Meal # 1 – Breakfast.
12:09 Meal # 2 – Lunch.
18:10 Meal # 3 – Snack.
20:15 Meal # 4 – Supper.
25:20 Last words and information.

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– Ep 1 – How to start the | with Headbanger's Kitchen

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    1. So true, I started on keto a couple of years ago and was not able to keep it up. Discovering his beginners plan makes everything easy and I’m starting on it today, with the shopping list

    2. I slipped off the wagon during lockdown and started to puck up one infection after another. I’ve just come out of hospital after getting hit with the worst cast of malaria I’ve ever known, plus a chest infection, head cold and a fungal infection that broke out on three parts of my body. I sure hope I’ve learned my lesson.

    1. Thank u so much I just saw ur video I will follow and ur book u said is worldwide? I need it , thanks for ur teaching God bless u , wow u are even a music star ,

  1. Recently being diagnosed with diabetes; this regime looks exactly like the help I need to get started with a keto diet. 1st week looks affordable and delicious! I look forward to the upcoming weekly episodes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing step-by-step instructions. I will get your book as soon as I am able to. Thanks again! 😊

  2. This is by far the most diverse man ive ever come to know …Indian ..heavy metal musician…and healthy diet guru

  3. Thank you so much! I can hardly believe you did all of this for us who want to start keto. You make it possible

  4. I made the stir fry today , love it, really looking forward to doing Keto. I’ve met several who have lost weight on this, but it will really help having meal plans already, you make it so easy. I’m gonna get your cook book also. Thanks for sharing. ❤️👍👍😊


  6. Thank you for helping us start Keto lifestyle. The recipes were very tasty and I love the simplicity of your plans for the first several week. This took the stress out wondering what to cook. Plus it is giving us a chance to be successful with well rehearsed recipes.

  7. This was so encouraging thank you for sharing. I’m going to start Keto this week using your beginners guide. I’ve been nervous starting because I don’t want to spend so much money on food and have it go bad before I’ve eaten it all because I’m trying to do a bunch of different recipes. Keeping a simple meal plan, eating the same thing to cut down on grocery costs will take a lot of the stress out of starting. Bless <3

  8. Just found your video when looking for inspiration to start Keto. I’ve watched a few and you are by far the best – informative, funny and not least great looking food! Feel totally motivated now to try your 4 week menu plan and am going to order your book. Thank you for posting this content and hope you and your family have stayed well and safe 🙏🏻

  9. Your amazing and fun to watch and learn from. My mother lost 27 pounds so far. I’m just amazed at how you made it simple and fun. Thank you my moms health is getting better. I’m starting the keto too.

  10. Good morning Sahil! 😃
    Posting my results after completing 7 days on episode 1.
    Start date: 12 August 2020
    Starting weight: 81.6kg
    Weight on 19 August: 78.5kg. Total loss of 3.1kg! Thank you so much for your guidance! I tried Keto almost 3 years ago and failed dismally. Thanks to you I am definitely succeeding! Started episode 2 today. Horns up!

    1. @Urshi Harris hi there.. late to the game, but as a short woman just starting, did you eat both chicken thighs or one? Looks like a lot of food (not a bad thing if it works.. 🙂

    2. @Age and Inspire Hi, eat 1 portion of protein. If you eat more you will gain weight as that fat should be higher than the protein. Hope this helps. Good luck 🤞🏼

    3. We use these recipes for one week repeatidly?? Plz rep i want to loose weight with keto…

    4. @Mehwish Mahi it’s easier to stick to the basics for a few weeks until you know exactly how to eat. Once you are comfortable you can swop meats and vegetables. Stay away from corn, peas & sweet potato. Stick to green veggies. Download the an app to help you track your fat intake (Carb Manager) drink at least 2 litres water per day and do some sort of activity at least 3 times a week for 30 Minutes. You can do Keto for a few months to lose the initial weight, or do it as a lifestyle. Good luck 🤞🏼

    5. I have PCOS also… so, its very difficult for me to losse weight surely i understand ur advise but can i repeat recipes untill i understand keto nd keto is effective in PCOS??

  11. I can’t thank you enough for having these videos. You made starting the Keto diet so easy. You told me what to eat and how to make it. People like me really need support like this. Every day I got to eat delicious food it was hard to say I was on a diet when the food was so good. I’m on week 5 and I’ve lost about 8 lbs a week and that is without exorcising or calculating my food intake. Simply by eating what you told me to eat. Really. . .thank you for this.

  12. Thank you so much for making these videos. I’ve been searching for a meal plan that’s quick and easy but tasty, I almost gave up but then I found you. I’ll be starting tomorrow 😊

  13. Dude, i have been doing Keto for 3 weeks now, doing it by my self and actually really wrong but this man get me on track, 20 pounds in 23 days and counting!!!

  14. Done with week 1 on to week 2 today
    Sw 234
    Cw 226.8 lbs. 1st wt this a.m was 226.6
    Gw 155-160 range
    Thank you so much!!!
    Some days got hard. Last night I did have Keto icecream hope I didn’t get kicked out of ketosis. I’ll still keep pushing 💪💯

  15. I watched this video and started on keto a week ago. I have lost approximately 3.5 kgs in a week which is insane. Thanks Sahil! Great recipes you got there!

  16. This is my 1st week and I will admit that this is the best plan for me. This journey has been hard and following this plan made it easy. Im down 8lbs in 4 days. Thank you so much.

  17. Ok I love the way you explain yourself
    And that you’re willing to walk with us baby steps to understand this diet. Definitely coming back for more advise and follow your instructions

  18. I’m going to tell y’all that I have made the dinner dish so many times. I absolutely love the beef, broccoli with the cream cheese. It’s addicting and to die for. No way can I portion control with this recipe! I highly recommend making it. You will love it ❤️♥️

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