KETO Diet Menu Plan to Lose Weight In Just 7 Days

Keto Diet Menu to Drop Weight Quick. The has pretty much whatever you require to get the body of your dreams in no time. Amongst the proven health benefits of this diet are weight-loss, mental focus, increased energy, managed blood glucose, stabilized blood pressure, therefore much more.
While this diet plan looks like a dream come true, not everybody can follow it. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure and take medication for your condition, the plan isn't for you.

How does the ketogenic diet plan work? 0:41
Different types of ketogenic diet. 2:11
Foods you ought to base your meals around. 3:15
Foods you must prevent. 3:59
7-day ketogenic meal plan 5:01
Undesirable side effects you may face 10:09
Health benefits of ketogenic diet 10:51


– When you follow the ketogenic diet plan, it becomes easier for your system to get access to your fat shops and burn them off. As an outcome, you slim down extremely fast.
– There are actually a couple of versions you can pick from depending upon your preferences: basic ketogenic diet, cyclical ketogenic diet plan, targeted ketogenic diet, high-protein ketogenic diet.
– You need to base most of your meals around these foods and ingredients: meat, fatty fish, pastured or omega-3 entire eggs, grass-fed butter and cream, unprocessed cheese, nuts and seeds, healthy oils, low-carb vegetables, healthy herbs and spices.
– As for the foods you should avoid under any circumstances, they are: sugary foods, fruits, grains or starches, beans or beans, root veggies and bulbs, products labelled "low-fat" or "diet plan", unhealthy fat, alcohol.
– Use this 7-day ketogenic meal plan as a model to build your own plan. The good news is that you can have coffee, cupcakes, bacon, sausage and other things you probably like as long as you balance everything up.
– The biggest adverse effects is keto flu, the symptoms of which include poor energy and mental function, increased appetite, sleep concerns, queasiness, and gastrointestinal discomfort.
– This diet can decrease the risk of developing heart problem by stabilizing blood sugar level and blood pressure levels in addition to increasing the "excellent cholesterol" in your blood.

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KETO Diet Menu Plan to In Just 7 Days

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  1. Iโ€™m actually on the keto diet right now. Iโ€™ve been doing it for about one year now. Iโ€™m eleven, but I have a digestive disease called Chrones. Being keto has helped me so much. I love your videos btw and I subscribed ๐Ÿ’ž

    (To help you understand I donโ€™t do it to loose weight I just do it to not get sick. I have a perfectly good health records now and I feel a lot better.)

  2. My mom is on the keto diet. So far she has lost about 60 pounds! She says it’s going to be more a life style for her and shes going to stay on it for the rest of her life. Her other friends are also on it but sometimes they have cheat days

  3. By week three you lose your appetite and have complete control over what you choose to eat, (or not eat). It ends up costing less to eat keto as well, because you end up consuming much less. Pecans are the best nuts for keto. Powdered Swerve & monk fruit sweeteners are amazing.

  4. Um tempinho longe deste canal maravilhoso jรก com saudade โœจ๐Ÿ’“โœจ
    A long time away from this wonderful channel already with longing ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ท

  5. I am doing keto with intermittent fasting, and fasting 2 to 3 days a month. I lost 40 pounds doing this with out exercise.

  6. This Keto diet is amazing, I just followed the Rule: no Carbs and nearly no Sugar in my food
    and I only eat in 6 hours a day (intermittent fasting). Now I have lost 10 Kg in 2 weeks I feel energetic and my sleep is much better

    1. @Bella Sky i stumbled on this video because i constantly look at new keto things i haven’t seen. I’m curious how you progressed since 3-4 years ago. I have friends who have tried keto but had difficulties with fasting or when doing OMAD (one meal a day).

    How does the ketogenic diet work? 0:41
    Different types of ketogenic diet. 2:11
    Foods you should base your meals around. 3:15
    Foods you should avoid. 3:59
    7-day ketogenic meal plan 5:01
    Unpleasant side effects you might face 10:09
    Health benefits of ketogenic diet 10:51

  8. You can do this if you are diabetic, have high blood pressure or are breastfeeding.
    I reversed my HBP and lowered my A1c by doing keto.

  9. Alert* 7 days is not enough you will lose weight but its water. You need to be on keto for atleast 2 weeks to see actual fatloss. But its very fast after that.

  10. Hi I’m 16 and was working out harder but was quite slowly losing my weight then I started with the ketogenic diet and in 1 week I had 1.5 kg weight loss. I recommend this diet. To all those who want to be slime faster. Remember not to skip ur exercise

  11. In my 50s now,,,ex gym instructor,back injury and metabolism slowed down,I always had a weight prob and years back went as high as a 50″ waist at my highest though mostly 40″,,,then I mixed Keto,ADF,waterfast,,, I’m 2 years into this now and 3st 4lb lighter,,,sometimes I take a week off but then remember how much better I feel in keto,,,,to lose all my weight I ate 1 meal on one meal day at 4pm that was Tues,Thurs,Sun,,, 2 Meal day I added a meal at mid day Mon,Wed,Fri,, So Fri last meal was until 4pm Sunday,,so included a 48 hour fast once per week,,,that fast I built up over many weeks as even a few hours felt tough,,,I also looked up Snake Diet as he says about salt,no salt mix plus each morning I had a tbsp of apple cider vinegar with half a Lemon,,also one teaspoon of olive oil,,,,wishing everyone health,happiness,,,

  12. Me: I’m going to go on a diet any not eat unhealthy food!!

    My mom: Pizza’s here!!

  13. This is perfect for me because I donโ€™t have any health issues and I donโ€™t eat sweets or drink soda or bread or pasta so this is easy !
    Only been on it a week and already I feel better ! only need to drop 15 lbs

  14. Started keto 4 days ago. Took 2 days to get into ketosis. I’m losing one pound a day ๐Ÿ˜„

    I’m not even heavy. I actually get compliments, but this stubborn lower belly is shrinking every day and I’m loving it ๐Ÿ˜„

    INCREASE SALT on your food, drink extra water, and take a multi and you’ll be perfectly fine.

  15. I struggled with keto too much, I just felt exhausted. We’re supposed to enjoy the food we eat and with the keto diet that’s close to impossible. That’s why I tried the *Agoge diet* and it works great.

    1. Weโ€™re really not supposed to be out to enjoy the food. Food is just to really be used as fuel. Society has made food the main event in each day. Food wasnโ€™t meant to be more than a way to nourish and fuel your body.

    2. What are you? A bot? Saw this exact comment somewhere else too. Not a single word changed. ๐Ÿ™„

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