Keto Chow August Box – Featuring Apple Fritter Bread 2022

In addition to unboxing the Keto Chow Surprise My Chow box, I also surprise Terry by forecasting what her preferred dish would be, then making it.

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0:00 Intro.
1:35 Box contents.
4:02 Apple fritter bread.
9:25 Taste test.

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Keto Chow August Box – Featuring Apple Fritter Bread

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  1. I miss the little pack-in gifts too, I absolutely adore the enamel mug they ended the last box on under the old system and I definitely feel a little special knowing I’ve got some one of a kind Keto Chow merch. However, I do think it makes sense for them to retire the gifts especially with how hard they’re trying to keep prices down. I’m hoping in the future they can reintroduce some more fun non-chow items into the store and offer them separately.

  2. Hi Terri! Happy to see your smiling face this morning! Oh… and hey there Steve!
    Oh… and I don’t much care for the assorted surprise package. I really cannot eat the sweeter fruit based flavors… too triggering for me even after a year on keto. I pretty much stick to chocolate, irish cream and mocha.

  3. Nice to see Terry back. Terry, I hope you and Courtney had a great time on your trip. Odd the way the glaze turned out watery.

  4. 💜🥰🤩🤗
    Steve, I love that you inserted a little recipe in here, but mostly I love that you made Terri a surprise loaf❣

  5. Not sure about the grapefruit flavor (not my favorite) but otherwise it looked good. Hmmm…might have to get the surprise box this time! I love mocha, chocolate pb. I also love mango lassis! One of my favorites. I am sure the real thing at an Indian restaurant is very high in sugar and carbs. Mangoes are high in both.

  6. I love that Terry does this with you! She’s pretty great! I can’t wait to give that apple fritter loaf a try.

  7. You two are so cute. Recipe sounds yummy. I will have to go see if I have a packet of apple pie. Thanks!!

  8. In addition to my previous comment, nearly every single keto cake recipe I have done is nowhere near had long enough in the oven.
    I think sometimes the community is fixated on making things just like normal cake etc, but most times i have to add 50% cooking time with foil covering to prevent burn, otherwise uncooked and sunken middle, so it’s definitely not an oven difference problem

  9. Thanks for showing the box and the bread! My subscription is at the end of the months so this gives me a heads up in case I need to change the box type. Usually if I am doing a glaze I chill the bread or cake first, and that seems to help the glaze harden more quickly. If bread is still too warm it will keep it melty. It looks delicious!

  10. I never got the surprise box when the little gifts were included but they always sounded like fun. I’d pay a bit more for that “Wow! Look at that!” unexpected delight.

  11. 🤣”That’s my line…” Great job! I agree about the Keto Chow gifties. I’d love to hear about Terri’s trip.

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