Keto Cereal Showdown – Wonderworks, Incredibowl, Catalina Crunch and Perfect Keto w/ glucose testing

In this video, Terry and I check out 5 different cereals. We provide the macronutrient details, provide our thoughts on the components, and I do blood glucose screening on all of them. Exists several that we 'd suggest?

0:00 Intro
1:27 Wonderworks chocolate
4:02 Incredibowl chocolate
6:45 Perfect Keto chocolate
9:29 Wonderworks peanut butter
12:46 Catalina Crunch cinnamon toast
14:59 Glucose screening outcomes
16:17 Is there a winner?

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Keto Cereal Showdown – Wonderworks, Incredibowl, Catalina Crunch and Perfect Keto w/ glucose testing

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  1. I love the granola from Kiss my Keto. I combined a bag of salted caramel granola with a package of their snickerdoodle cookie mix prepared according to the package directions, added a handful of Keto chocolate chips and baked in a quarter sheet pan at 325°F for 20 min. Made 16 largish granola bars at 3 and a smidgen net carbs each. They were so good we immediately ordered 3 more boxes of snickerdoodle mix and 3 more bags of granola. Going to try the other varieties of granola, see how they work.

  2. I love the catalina crunch dark chocolate with some strawberries and unsweetened vanilla almond mlk when i’m in the mood for something crunchy and satisfying, I have to say their cereal is not very sweet at all . 🤜🏻🤛🏻

  3. I love the crunch from the Catalina Crunch . I just sweeten it up with a few sprinkles of monk fruit and I use it for my pseudo berry cobbler crust or just carry it in my car if I get the munchies. Chocolate and chocolate mint are my favorite flavs .

  4. “That’s my line.” That’s so funny. Terry is great at reviewing. I’ve been using the Perfect Keto cereal in yogurt. I let it sit a while and it softens up. I like the chocolate. Its pricey but better when on sale. I only like it as a treat. I’ve tried some of the others from Walmart. They are okay in a pinch. The Catalina is okay also. Really I’m like you Steve. I would rather have eggs and bacon with an occasional chaffle or something like that. Thank you both.

  5. Great video Steve! I eat Catalina Crunch and jazz it up a little with pecan halves. There’s a keto granola cereal at Costco that is supposed to be good. I also like Three Wishes cereal. The plain version reminds me of Cheerios. It’s on Amazon and a local store here in VA.

  6. I am on a cereal kick this week, and I have the Perfect Keto flavors on hand (thanks to you and PK’s sales!). I love the chocolate and cinnamon flavors, have not yet tried the honey nut. Not sure if I would try the others that you and Terry reviewed since I love the PK varieties, but thank you as always for your review videos. I see myself going back to eggs and bacon soon, but it is nice to have cereal (that is tasty) on hand when I need that cereal fix.

  7. Thanks for reinforcing my impression that I’m not missing out on anything by passing on the keto cereal.

  8. Captain crunch was my favorite as well. I find cereal is being the most marked up garage food out there but I guess its less bad for kids…for me its a no with all those seed oils. Thanks for the video Steve.

  9. Thank you Steve and Terri. Before keto my favorite breakfast was cereal and oatmeal, cereal I could eat the entire box within a day!! I would be triggered to eat the entire box if they were good at all, who in the world would eat 1/2 cup of cereal, not me!

  10. Thanks for the honest and unbiased review. You are both very good at thoroughly explaining how it tastes and feels. I appreciate your opinion. The glucose tests are very helpful as well. Keep up the great videos and thank you!

  11. This was a great vlog to wake up to! I had a 2 week bender with the Catalina Crunch. I felt like it messed with my blood sugar, but it also had me snacking waaaay too much. I don’t really miss cereal so I’ll stick with bacon and eggs. Thanks for this, Terry and you are so funny together. Love how you play off each other. ❤️❤️

  12. I like to blend the Wonderworks Chocolate and Peanut butter as it nicely approximates Reese’s Puffs. As always, thanks for including the blood glucose results!

  13. This was interesting to watch. Even pre Keto I was never a big cereal person other than making cheese grits

  14. Oh that cooling effect, I get that. I made the easy peanut butter cookies with just peanut butter, sweetener and an egg, used a blend with erithritol and monkfruit and it’s still so pronounced. I love cinnamon toast crunch cereal if I ate sugar cereal and often I like cereal for dinner when I’m lazy or tired so I’d love to have a good substitute

  15. The peanutbutter one is good when you mix the almond milk with the Perfect Keto peanutbutter collagen. I don’t miss cereal. I never ate it much before.

  16. The peanutbutter one is good when you mix the almond milk with the Perfect Keto peanutbutter collagen. I don’t miss cereal. I never ate it much before.

  17. Hey Steve! Thanks for all the effort for this video. Cereal is a trigger for me. I tried all of these (and Magic Spoon) and each of the trigger my cereal receptors in my brain. I can smash of whole box of each of these and that is a BAD BAD idea at least for me. It’s the fiber. You know what I mean.

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