Keto and Co Flatbread and Pizza Mix Review with Glucose Testing 2023

In this video, I run the Keto and Co Flatbread and Pizza Mix through its rates, trying it as a flatbread, and English muffin replacement, and as a pizza. I also utilize a Dexcom G6 constant glucose screen to test my glucose reaction.

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Flatbread and Pizza Mix on Amazon:

0:00 Intro & nutritional information
1:47 Making & baking
4:04 Taste screening and glucose screening
6:13 Eggs Benedict test
7:01 Pizza crust test
9:05 Summary

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Keto and Co Flatbread and Pizza Mix Review with Glucose Testing

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  1. I have been making the cloud bread by sugarfreemom in the silicone mesh bun pan. My absolute favorite “bottom layer” 😂
    I’m with Colton, always add Parmesan cheese 👍🏼

  2. Is nice to see that you sit at the table and eat together as a family, I have the impression that in the US this tradition has been lost in the recent years

  3. Wendy, from loving it on keto, just improved her egg white English muffin. You’ll have to check that out.

  4. I had a flatbread last night it was really good. Extra thin crust. I need to find another base though, this one bumped up my glucose.
    Olive oil & garlic, mozzarella, lemon-infused ricotta,
    smoked trout & red bell peppers, garnished with
    fresh chives.

  5. This was super helpful, especially since it’s so expensive and that’s always such a big risk to take. Thank you, Steve…and Courtney and Colton. And thank you to your family for being the support our military service members need. 🙌💙 Please thank Connor for his service. I know what he’s doing right now isn’t easy! 🇺🇲

  6. Thanks for your taste testing the products. I am always buying on Amazon & the prices on Keto products can be outrageous. Great review; I will not be paying $17 for flatbread, pizza crust or English muffins. What a ripoff 😮

    1. It seems most brands are in the $10-$12 range for mixes (still expensive, in my opinion). I’m not sure why this is priced so much higher…

  7. You are one of the rare that do glucose testing to “keto’ products. It is very important. Once i
    started doing that weight started flying off. I will always support you and go through your links
    for ordering products you support. Thanks again.

  8. Thanks Steve! It is so helpful to see the products in a video. And to have you and your families reactions! Especially because keto products are pricey 😊❤

  9. I love your videos Steve! No one has a channel like yours. The blood testing on the foods you try are so helpful and it doesn’t hurt that you have a great personality! Extra points for your adorable grandson! 😀
    Thank you for all your hard work putting these videos together. Much appreciated!

  10. I got 2 packages given to me, I was concerned about the corn fiber. Thank you for doing the glucose test. Also I think I would like a good English muffin type keto bread. Thank you

  11. I agree with you $17 is too high for my budget and my needs. Thank you for giving it a try and review. Love your channel.

  12. Received one of these packs a few years ago with a “Keto Delivered” box with a recipe card to make bagels. Added water, cheese, and cream cheese in addition to the normal additions on the package. Was good enough I bought another mix, don’t think it was nearly as expensive as it is now though. Still have the recipe card but I dont think I’m in the market for 20$ bagels haha.

  13. I’ve had semi-decent results for an English muffin with pea protein powder, made it in a pan too, although it was better as microwave bread. I haven’t tried it with yeast and xanthan gum though, but using brown butter instead of oil gave it a nice flavor. I think mixing in yogurt or sour cream might give it the tang of an English muffin.

    1. I agree on the yogurt or sour cream. I’ll be experimenting with some English muffin ideas in the near future.

  14. Since I heard the ingredients I knew exactly what it was going to be as I already went through those breads years ago in my early keto baking.
    Wow how big is your Colton.
    I’m very glad how your family is so comfortable with the camera and enjoying the show. They might not be keto but for sure by now they know the importance of a low carb nutrition. ❤

  15. Thank you for another great review! This is incredibly helpful ❤ I have been curious about corn fiber. I regards to the pricing on Amazon, the seller pays the shipping which averages $8 for a mix and additionally Amazon fees will be around $2.50 – $3. As a small business owner I have become painfully aware of the high costs of doing business on Amazon. I didn’t look further into it to see if it is offered but perhaps a 4 pack would be considerably less pricey per package?

  16. I *love* how all of you speak with/to Colton as a tiny human. Yes, you soften your tone just a bit however there is zero “baby talk”, dumbing down, or patronizing. You truly are encouraging a self thinker who is respectful and feels loved and valued by those around him ❤

  17. Wow, at $17 I just can’t. Luckily, I’m pretty happy with the Chicken crusts most of the time. I’m also THE pickiest Pizza crust person I know, so I’ve learned to manage expectations on Keto crusts.
    Heck, even real pizza crust, unless we were doing a ‘splurge pizza’, probably was getting pulled off & tossed. Bad habit of mine, going ss far back as I can remember.

    I’d imagine you’re similarly picky, having the pizza making background you have.
    At least Colton loved it!😊

    The Benedict, though. Those looked really good.

  18. IMPORTANT NOTE: I was at the grocery store and saw this mix for $9.99. While still kind of expensive, it is far more in line with what I expect for keto prices vs the price on Amazon.

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