Homemade Sichuan Chili Crisp – Without Highly Processed Oils 2023

Chili crisp is a wonderful dressing that can go on practically whatever (consisting of ice cream). It is wonderful on practically any protein or vegetable, and particularly yummy with eggs. Regrettably, not just is chili crisp relatively costly in stores, most business brand names include canola and/or soybean oil – both of which are extremely processed and inflammatory for many individuals.

dish with macros:

Products utilized in this video:
Hand mandoline slicer:
Cut evidence glove:
Sichuan peppercorns:
Korean chili flakes:
Squashed red pepper:
Roasted sesame seeds:

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2:18 Dish
5:56 Taste test

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Homemade Sichuan Chili Crisp – Without Highly Processed Oils

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  1. Awesome!! Have been hunting for a well vetted and cleaner chili crisp. Excited to give this a try (shallots, and all ;)). Thanks for doing the legwork and sharing with us!

  2. Thank you for this recipe Steve and Courtney! We love chili crisp at our house. We’ll definitely be making this one. It will be nice to have one without the seed oils.
    My son likes to put it on steaks before vacuum sealing and placing in a sous vide, and we save the broth that’s created to add to a spicy soup.
    Any suggestions on substitutions for the Korean chili flakes? I have a bunch of garden peppers that I’m dehydrating right now- jalapeño, guajillo, poblano, pasilla, cayenne, and mirasol to name a few.

  3. Chili crisp is new to me, but these are all flavours I love, so I’ll definitely be trying it. Thanks to both of you!

  4. I really appreciate that your easy recipe link is in the description. And it links to an easily printable recipe. The ease and clearness when I have to print the recipe NOW is fantastic. Thanks!

  5. Pre-keto, Clem & Courtney making Sour Cream sherbet…😊 Courtney liked whisking way back then too. 😉❤

  6. In Chengdu we call this red oil or Chili oil, it’s quite good with dumplings. I am glad to see this recipe. Now I can make my own without wondering what the ingredients are 😁

  7. I LOVE this! I know what I’m giving out as stocking stuffer gifts. This will become more coveted that Jack Allen’s Pimiento Cheese jars!!! THANK YOU ~

  8. Omg—of course I had to instantly find your old channel & that was awesome! So glad you mentioned it—I subscribed, even though there won’t be more videos. 😀 Always great to see Courtney as your co-host, past & present. 🧡

  9. On my list of “Recipes To Try” after your mentioning it in another video. Checked out at local stores and it’s $9.49 / 7 oz. (LOL at least it contains non-gmo canola oil). Thanks for your efforts in bringing us new things to try!

    Spices on a Budget Tip: Check out Badia brand spices. Your store may have them in the International / Hispanic section rather than in “Spices”. They’re a hidden gem! Less expensive and good quality. They do have Star Anise. Have fun exploring!

  10. I’m making this!
    I’ve made chili oil before. It’s super easy and is delicious,
    Can’t wait to give this a try.

  11. I’m now a Chili Crisp fan thanks to you, Steve. I had this long ago while visiting Malaysia in the early 1990s. It was homemade and I never knew you could purchase it as a condiment. After watching TikTok Fried Egg Hacks, I bought some Wing Fung Hong Chili Crisp from Amazon. It has a garlicky flavor, a lot of crunch, and just the right amount of heat. I’m not too happy about the soybean oil content so I can’t wait to make your recipe.

  12. I would make this TODAY but I’m lacking 9 ingredients!😢 I tried one of the unhealthy versions once at my brother’s and it was delicious, and I suspect Steve’s will taste even better!
    Love your D&DK videos from way back! It’s so fun to see those. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the AMZ links to products. Creating a long list…😮

  13. I’ve never tried chili crisp before but it’s a new staple in my house. Once those flavors bloomed, holy moley it became so fragrant and tasty! This recipe made two 8-ounce jars, perfect for sharing one with my son-in-law who loooves all things spicy and/or Asian. Thanks again, Steve! And Courtney ❤

  14. I’m so happy you decided to try making your own Chili Crisp! The recipe I use is similar but has chopped peanuts in it. If you aren’t opposed to peanuts, you should try adding it to your next batch. Believe me, you won’t stop at making it this one time. This stuff is addictive. I’ve tried three different recipes so far, and they have all been fantastic. And so much cheaper than buying it in the store. Avocado oil is my oil of choice as well. Definitely try it in the scrambled eggs. It’s wonderful!

  15. Ive been making my version of chili crisp for a while. My grown kids love it. Avocado oil, home grown cayenne and chipotle chili flakes, Szechuan pepper, soy sauce (tiny bit), anise, cumin seeds: all warmed together and steeped for 1hr. Then i add deep fried garlic and shallot (from the asian grocery) and sesame seeds. I dont make it very often because i eat the crispy bits with a spoon.

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