Healthy Eating with a Family – Keto Diet Day of Eating

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with a Family – Day of Eating
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with a Family – Day of Eating

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  1. Great video! Meghan you need to get well for those two beautiful boys…You will be in my prayers tonight …I see you and you remind me of my little sister alot….God Bless Gloria from Texas

  2. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuideg donde quiera que encantan tus videos.

  3. I was just wondering how you were feeling the other day Megha so I’m glad you’re doing better💌

  4. He looks like a super happy baby boy. There is nothing “girl” about him and he is such a happy baby. I’m concerned about Megha tho, seeing the IV hook-up she was carrying. I certainly hope you are doing better. Even with the long term health issues, you two are raising such happy kids.

  5. Felix is such a happy baby. Huggiesssss. Seeing your family grow has been so cool. I recently bought a galvanized tub for outside so I’m getting ready to fill it with ice water. Until then I’m starting with a cold shower. I am already cold so it’s so hard for me. 😂

  6. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuidef donde quiera que encantan tus videos.

  7. Matt said ‘living the American dream’ almost forlornly like its a bad thing…I believe you guys live a great life. Im sure it’s not easy by any means but can still be great. I used to let many diff forms of entertainment sway/influence me too. I like the Bible Scripture that talks about finally not being ‘tossed to and fro’ when you finally put your faith in Jesus

  8. Our oldest was constantly saying huh, speaking loudly(practically yelling), turning the TV up full blast and misquoting the TV or us. We thought she was purposely ignoring us. Turns out she had fluid build up behind her ear drums and she could only hear like 60% in one ear 40% in the other. They gave her antibiotics but it only helped her a little while the only thing we’ve found to help is the chiropractor. I highly recommend chiropractic! No meds, all natural and our child who has struggled since birth going to the bathroom, within an hour saw results. It blew our mind. Ours showed us how different nerves are connected and he has helped our kids so much. @keto connect and even you and Matt could really enjoy the health benefits of having an adjustment.

  9. i wont lie it looks like yall are beat down and depressed about eating/living the keto lifestyle lol. i enjoy the content.

  10. Inner voice.. I have so many arguments with her. By the way.. when your wife brings you an omelet just say thank you dear.. none of that ewe onions crap. My hubby learned that a long time ago. 44 years married.. trust me it works.

  11. It is always a pleasure to see your videos and I won’t lie, I LOVE to see the kids. Felix is just the best. IMO he reminds me so much of Megha. Speaking of, girl, I hope you are hanging in there. I know this has been a hard season with the illness and hospitalizations while having a young one and a two year old. Those are hard and busy days even in the best of circumstances. Glad your family steps in to help. Sending all my best to you and your family!

  12. You just need to learn how to run correctly and then your knees will stop hurting. It has nothing to do with age. A lot of people run striking their heels first, which is what sends shocks up to your knees, causing them to hurt, but if you look at how professional runners run, their toes hit the ground first, which absorbs the shock and doesn’t send it up to your knees. Good luck with the running! And take care, Megha, rooting for ya!

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