Healthy Day of Eating With Kids… Keto Meals

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Healthy Day of Eating With Kids…
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Healthy Day of Eating With Kids…

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  1. I haven’t seen you guys in a long time. Love your kid pics!!! My wife and I met you guys at Dr. Berg’s first event. Keto is our life too.

  2. They are growing so fast wow last time I seen a video was just after Felix was born. Nice to see your vids again. Cheers.

  3. So good to see y’all 😍 Your boys are just too cute! Megha and Matt, I hope you both feel 100% soon. Have a blessed week 💜 🙏 ✌️ 🌞 💐 🎶

  4. I love life, family keto combination. You guys are showing us how you love a healthy keto life 🧡

  5. Post WHATEVER you like Megha! We love you and wish you a full recovery soon 🙏 Matt, you’re doing an excellent job!

  6. I love you guys and your vlogs. <3 I think you're both great parents! Been following you for four years and I continue to learn more and more from you. Keep up the great work! Megha, looking good and the boys make me smile. Gonna try that creamer!

  7. I look forward to watching your videos, no matter what the content! You guys are real and down to earth. 👍❤

  8. Yeah…kids always bring home something! But so glad you all are doing well otherwise!! ❤️kids are so cute!! I don’t mind if guys talk about other things!

  9. Felix has an incredible personality. What a ham he is. He looks like he’s thinking, “If I do this, mom and dad will talk really silly” Love your family interaction. Hope your all well soon.

  10. Love watching you guys just for being you- don’t really care if you post keto related content or not just find you both down to earth and lovely people.

  11. I live for the personal stuff, lol. Seriously, the keto community provides a lot of support to not only how we feed our gut but also emotional, psychological, intellectual nourishment. I love suggestions on what to watch on various streaming sites, but in the end I decide what is right for me ♡

  12. Honestly, you could talk about the weather, and I’d still tune in. There’s always some good info to gain. A snack bar for the kids, how to manage Keto when sick, etc. I could not care less about Kardashians, but you’re channel is really good. Don’t worry.

  13. Oh man, whenever Felix smiles you can’t help but smile with him. So contagious, what an adorably sweet little boy 🙂

  14. I started watching you in 2019 because my son (16)wanted to do keto to loose weight before a knee surgery (🏈) you were super helpful he no longer has a keto diet. So in conclusion I came for keto but stayed for your babies 💕 I love all your posts

  15. It’s so great to see your sweet family again! I also don’t mind all the other updates and discussions on your videos besides keto. Take care and thank you for all the effort you do for the viewer’s like me , even though Megha has been ill. Say thank you to Meghan’s mom too! ❤️ Matt you’re a good man, the proof is in your wonderful family! Sorry for my comment not being all about Keto, but you are my keto go to guys!!

  16. Please continue to make “personal videos” on this channel. It’s part of what makes going Keto more real and authentic (at least for me). Makes for a stronger bond with you and your subscribers. As if you needed me to tell you that. Ha! Anyway, I really appreciate what you both do. It’s very encouraging. And honest.

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