Grocery Store Keto Review – 3 Most Requested Products (Aldi, Trader Joe’s, Kroger) 2023

Viewers are constantly asking me to try and/or evaluation various items. In this video, I review the 3 most commonly requested items over the last couple of months (leaving out bread and cereal): the Savoritz cheddar crackers from Aldi, Kroger's Carb Master milk, and the jicama wraps from Trader Joe's.

KEEP IN MIND: There was no influence on my blood sugar from doing this review.

0:00 Introduction
0:59 Savoritz cheddar crackers
2:22 Carbohydrate Master milk
4:33 Jicama covers
7:02 Summary

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Grocery Store Keto Review – 3 Most Requested Products (Aldi, Trader Joe's, Kroger)

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    1. Thank you! That’s good to know. I had a Trader Joe’s one just now. They are a bit flimsy. Maybe frying them would be better.

  1. Hey Steve. Thanks for the review. Don’t worry about not being on track. Everyone knows that life happens sometimes. No biggie. We are here for you. Have a great day!

  2. Did I miss the cost of the wraps? I could hear you chew them, so I wonder how they would bake in an enchilada type dish. They seem to be sturdy and would survive

    1. The cost on the wraps is $5. I can tell you that jicama doesn’t fry up well (due to the high moisture content) and if you dehydrate it, it shrinks by about 75% (probably also due to the high moisture content).

    2. I’ve never had luck with cooking jicama to any decent texture. I’ve heard it to be a good replacement for apples. However it never seems to get “done”.

  3. They have those jicama tortillas at HEB as well. I used to make chicken Street tacos with them all the time. ❤️

  4. So interesting, thank you! I’ve seen the crackers and the CarbMaster milk and wondered about them but hadn’t gotten so far as to reading the ingredients list yet. Don’t know if I would have even thought to do that, but it definitely needs to be a habit! Acesulfame potassium gave me headaches years ago, but it’s good to have your review of the milk in case I want to try it again sometime.

  5. Again, thank you Steve with reviews!! Our own guinea pig,lol. Love all you do. Be blessed.

  6. Thank you, Steve. Love your honesty and real life comments and reviews! Keep them coming.

  7. Thank you so much for this speedbump today! I had not heard of the jicama wraps but will probably make a stop today at Trader Joe’s to pick some up. Really appreciate all you do for the keto community.
    Also, I just got an air fryer for Mother’s Day so I can try out those wings from a few weeks back. Can’t wait!

  8. Thanks for my morning serving of serious keto! Changing it up once in a while is probably a good thing, ser what works. Jicama wraps sound good but the nearest trader Joe’s is 2 hours 1 way for me. Oh well. Thanks for posting.

  9. Thanks Steve. We haven’t been able to find the wraps here, but I’ll check again at Trader Joe’s, maybe they are back in stock. Your podcasts are very informative. Keep it up.

  10. Whole Foods has a product called Not Milk which is the most like real milk I’ve ever had and is low carb as well.

  11. Ideas for the jicama wraps: Hip to Keto has a recipe for rangoons using them (they called them wontons but they are reallly rangoon) and Step away from the Carbs has a recipe for using them as spring rolls (but small). I just bought a package yesterday on a trip to the big city for an ortho appt where I got cortisone shots in my knees after a fall down the stairs several months ago when I wrenched both of them, Hope it works out as well as yours. I guess it takes a little while to kick in.

  12. The everything seasoned ones are great with spinach artichoke dip. I think I’m going to start making my own with your cracker recipe because they are expensive.

  13. Thank you Steve! I actually like the crackers in the everything but the bagel flavor. I agree they are pricey. This week, I bought some ETBB seasoning to make my own…with your recipe of course 😉

  14. Thank you Steve for giving us the awareness of new products and your honost opinion of them. I use to love milk ( too much), and usually only have almond milk around in case of recipe. That milk sounds good ( could be a trigger for me).. The jicima wraps sound good and crunchy. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s around. Wonder if I can order online?
    I love your shirt. Just recently received my t shirt and sweatshirt. Great quality! Love your show and have a great day!

  15. “Flavor Boredom” crackers 😆. I love the crunch sound of the jicama wrap. That sounds inviting. Can you do an experiment on them with drying/frying/baking? I look forward to your review of the many different tortillas.

    1. The issue I’ve found with frying up jicama is that they have too much moisture and not enough starch. They basically just get soggy with oil.

    2. @Serious Keto Oh that makes sense of course. I’ve not really done much with jicama except eat it like a carrot. I am curious to see how versatile it is. Thanks for all the effort you put into your videos, I really appreciate your knowledge.

  16. That’s pretty sweet that they can get the Carbmaster milk down to 3 total carbs, even Fairlife is still double that per cup. Unfortunately, I can’t get my hands on any of these products here north of the border, but I still enjoy watching these videos so I can add to my US shopping list next time I’m coming to visit. I’m planning to do a huge haul one of these days soon and I have my sights set on Costco as my first stop to get my hands on those Hilo Life tortilla chips.

  17. I’d love jicama. We have a lot of it here in our stores because we are high Hispanic community. I love it with ranch and I used to love it with peanut butter but I’m not doing that much either. I would rather save mine no sugar added peanut butter for cooking with Mel’s peanut butter bread that is virtually zero carbs. Thank you for showcasing these Steve

  18. Thanks for the reviews! I have had both flavors of the Aldi crackers and they are fine with a dip or cheese, but the ones made with your recipe are not as hard to chew and like you said we can control exactly what is in them. I have never seen the jicama wraps but would try them if I run into them. I have never been a milk drinker since my grandparents sold their farm, and store bought milk was so awful in comparison to the fresh from their cows I stopped drinking it. I am fine using just HWC in my coffee and almond or coconut milk in recipes.

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