Golden Ratio Ground Coffee Review – At Last, Grounds Instead of Bags

I have actually done a number of reviews of Golden Ratio coffee bags. I truly take pleasure in the unique, smooth flavor and extra caffeine. I felt, however, that developing coffee in "tea bags" wasn't giving me the full bang for my buck. Consequently, I 'd cut open the bags and pour the grounds into my French press. Now, Golden Ratio has released their coffee as grounds.

In this video, I evaluate it both hot brewed and cold brewed and provide my impressions.

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Golden Ratio Ground Coffee Review – At Last, Grounds Instead of Bags

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  1. Hey, Steve, thanks for the review! I had never heard of golden coffee before so maybe I’ll try some even at the pricey cost before I retire LOL

    1. Yes. Toddy recommends 3:1 (3 parts water to 1 part coffee concentrate) but I figure the heavy whipping cream will cut the flavor a bit, so I go 2:1. Hopefully that makes sense.

  2. Hey thanks for the review. I only use the coffee in my Keto Chow right now as it is already getting hot here in Arkansas.

  3. I’ve seen this coffee before and the math teacher in me wants to try it but my wallet practically slapped my hand and said no. After this review though I think I’ll take a gamble on it. Thanks for the coupon code.

    1. If it were in that $10-12 range, I could recommend it pretty easily. At $20, it’s a tough putt.

  4. Interesting stuff, I buy from our local roasters but this is intriguing. I am going to ask them about this type of roasting. Always appreciate your reviews, thanks Steve! 🙂

  5. NOTE: at around the 6:00 mark, I mis-speak. The ratio I mixed was 2 parts water to 1 part concentrate. Toddy recommends 3:1, but I figured since I was adding heavy whipping cream, I’d make it a little stronger.

  6. I tried it previously and it was so disappointing, no way I am spending any more money on their products when I can find good coffees for less than half their price. Glad for those of you who like it to see a ground version but it still seems pretty bad that you have to doctor it up so much.

  7. For cold brew we coarse grind the beans and … believe it or not … put them in a (new) knee high stocking lol. Plop it in the pitcher of water and into the fridge for 24 hours.

    1. Course ground makes a lot of difference in the Toddy. Your method sounds pretty effective too. 🙂

  8. I am drinking coffee right now watching your video. I am not a fan of cold coffee, I just go for the basic hot and black. I used to drink it with creamer and sugar a long time ago, but cant stand to drink it that way now. My favorite coffee is Peets Maj Dickinson blend or Star Bucks Sumatra. The prices varies between $7 to $8.50 per bag whole bean, but I don’t live in Wisconsin.

  9. Oh, I was just going to ask about the 1 part concentrate “mis speak” but you caught it already (of course you did ☺️). You have peaked my interest in a fun summer special treat. Thanks for the great review and the coupon code too! I’m going to try this.

  10. I have always been curious about this coffee but never curious enough to buy it without knowing whether I’d like it or not. This review convinced me it’s at least worth a try! On the subject of bitterness, one thing I’ve done in the past is done a 50/50 blend of white coffee and my favorite roast. Definitely cuts down on the bitterness without sacrificing the flavor.

  11. Just tried to order and the bagged coffee says “ for Canadian customers only “. Went ahead with placing the order anyway, and it will not ship to my VA USA address 😢. It’s not going to ruin my day or anything, so please do not take extraordinary measures to find out what is up with that. Maybe it’s Wisconsin’s proximity to Canada 🇨🇦 versus Virginia?!

    1. @Serious Keto thanks, I’m going to try using a different browser. Maybe my VPN is confusing Golden Ratio’s platform. Or something. Thanks for your time Steve!

  12. Even with a code, 20 bucks is a bit much. I prefer whole beans and grind on demand. Thanks for the review.

  13. Please consider doing one of your 30 day experiments with AG1 greens. It’s an interesting product and Indigo Nili just did a great review.

  14. I love seeing your face light up with “coffee love” with each tasting!

    Being a tea lover, I can avoid purchasing this pricey coffee!

  15. I have never heard of this. Sounds good. I use a Nespresso machine and love all their coffees. I also make cold brew withy either Peets, Starbucks or Tim Hortons coffee beans. I like the cold brew with dairy-free milk or a touch of Stevie.

  16. Failed Caffeine addict here. Laying in bed and watching coffee being made instead of making my morning coffee at the moment lol. I think, I’ll really enjoy my morning cup of Joe. Yeah. I just have no motivation to give up coffee ❤️ Thanks for the review. Now that black coffee fuels my ketosis and fasting, finding a good coffee is SO important..

  17. Well you’ve certainly turned your back on the no caffeine experience LOL 😆
    I see you are using the best coffee ☕ maker ever….. the Aero press!! I’m not sure I could use pre-ground coffee though. 🤷‍♂️

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