Exclusive Deal on the New Perfect Keto Barista Collagen – 24 Hours ONLY

A while back, Perfect Keto let my audiences vote on the next taste of Barista Blend collagen. Extremely, you picked Maple Spice. Now, you not only get first dibs on this collagen (24 hours prior to the general public), you likewise get an unique offer (see below or enjoy the video).


– Buy 2, get 1 complimentary store-wide (through April 23rd).
– Free shipping on orders over $60.
– Free 4 pack of white chocolate macadamia Nola bars with every order (just until 6am Main time on April 18th, and only using the link above).

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Exclusive Deal on the New Perfect Keto Barista Collagen – 24 Hours ONLY

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  1. Sounds amazing! I froth my barista blend with just an inch of coffee in my cup. I also add a little cream. Then I add the rest of my coffee. Excited to try this one.

  2. Started my day out right with a little Steve and Courtney! You two make me laugh so thanks! Will be purchasing shortly. Perfect Keto should hire you!

  3. OK, you sucked me in with this one… I typically use the PK collagen & MCT oil powders – this gives me another option with different flavors!

    1. There are 3 products I use daily from Perfect Keto: their collagens, their MCT oil powders, and their electrolyte capsules. I consider their other stuff “nice to have, but not essential”.

  4. I just ordered and was able to stack another coupon code on top of it. Great timing since I just ran out of collagen. Thanks Perfect Keto and Serious Keto Steve:)

  5. Thanks Steve and Courtney! I’m taking advantage of the sale to try the new flavor in my cocoa.

  6. There seems to be an issue for some folks not getting the “Buy 2, Get 1” discount site-wide.
    Based on my testing, it seems that if you go searching for products using the “shop all” button, instead of just ordering off my initial landing page, discounts don’t apply. I’ve forwarded this info on to Perfect Keto’s e-commerce team. In the mean time, if you are adding a product, do it directly from the page I link to in the description and the discount will apply.

    1. That happened to me the first time I tried to order. The second time it worked. Maybe it is fixed?

  7. ☕ I got mine ordered👍 2 maple spice and a the white chocolate raspberry and the free bars . Day excited to try them.
    My order worked great.

  8. Wonder how many people went back to see if you said “perfect” or “serious” at the beginning? I’m guilty 😅

  9. Steve, thank you! I just ordered; getting the Maple Spice, Salted Caramel MCT powder, & the Mexican Chocolate Beauty+ Sleep.

  10. Okay I ordered! I really needed more salted caramel collagen but they keep selling out. I ordered some chocolate and the white chocolate raspberry barista blend and got the new blend free!

    1. Oh I’m not sure where you communicate ideas at like a messenger or email but I used your keto chow flavor in a recent recipe and it’s amazing. Not a video idea but you might like it for personal recipe.

  11. I got my delivery of the Maple flavor 2 days ago and I tried it this morning. Normally I put collagen in my coffee with Daily Minerals and 4 drops Stevia. Instead I put one scoop of the Maple Barista Blend Collagen this morning, no Stevia, just the Daily Minerals. I normally add the Stevia to cut the weird flavor of the Daily Minerals. I didn’t today and just used the barista blend. I wasn’t sure I would like the maple flavoring with coffee and….I love it. Next sale I will stock up. This time I bought one bag of the Maple flavor, one bag of the Raspberry flavor and got my Mexican Hot Chocolate Beauty + Sleep for FREE. Excellent. So thanks for the help with my sleep and these wonderful barista blends from Perfect Keto. Delicious.

  12. I remember years ago a lady who worked at Bakers Square Restaurant told me they threw away their pies at the end of the day. It must be common practice.

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