Dr. Eric Berg – ‘Practical Keto’ 2022

Dr. is a chiropractic physician who specialises in weight-loss through nutritional and natural methods. His personal practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients consist of senior authorities in the U.S. federal government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical physicians, high-level executives of popular corporations, researchers, engineers, professors, and other customers from all strolls of life.

Dr. Berg is the author of the very best selling books 'The 7 Principles of Fat Loss' and 'The Healthy Keto Strategy' in which he explains particular strategies on doing the healthy version of the in addition to periodic fasting. He has conducted over 4800 workshops on health-related subjects and trained over 2500 physicians global in his techniques.

Dr. Berg has actually been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, on the advisory panel for the Health Science Institute, and has actually worked as a previous part-time adjunct teacher at Howard University. He has appeared on many radio and television shows, including ABC, CBS, and as a monthly host on Channel 8's Sports Talk. He has likewise had his own radio health show on WOL in 2005.

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Dr. – 'Practical Keto'

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  1. A few MD’s and others have expressed contempt for Dr. Berg because he is a chiropractor and not a MD, but I listen to him for information on nutrition and metabolic health. He views are aligned with respected health professionals like Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Eric Westman. Dr. Berg is also easy to watch and listen to. Those who trash him are prejudiced and/or jealous of his success.

    1. @Adam 1984 fruits are good for you, but a lot of them are high in sugar so the fruits you can eat on a keto diet are berries because they’re high in fibre and low in sugar

    2. I can not understand contempt for a chiropractor. Who else are you going to go to if your back or your hip goes out? I had an uncle that had hip problems, and his doctor wanted to put I’m in the hospital in traction! (This was years ago, but still…medical advice).

    3. @Adam 1984 Fruits, like other foods, are assessed for keto suitability, by taking into account net carbs. Which is the sugar content separated from the fibre. Many fruits fail that test. For keto. Fine if you’re not concerned with the aims and physiology of keto, not fine for those on it. Try entering a state of ketosis with apples, oranges, pears in your diet. Try it!! The other thing the body is very good at is taking a mile if you give it an inch. This is the entire logic behind the carbs having to be so drastically low on a strict keto diet.
      Just as too much protein can bump you out of ketosis, so more obviously will the excess sugars. Many berries are keto friendly. Fibre can be found in practically all the veg that form a huge component of the keto “diet”.
      Prebiotics can be found in artichokes, chicory root, onions, garlic, and my personal favourite, asparagus, among other keto-friendly sources.
      Another thought – and I know you’re not saying this – but just because something exists in nature in an unprocessed form, does not mean that it was consumed by us ancestrally, and therefore that we have adapted to consume it in significant amounts without it causing inflammation.
      Before us, and alongside us, was animal life; it makes sense that certain fruits are better suited to the digestive systems or overall health and immunity needs of other creatures. We typically grazed on low hanging fruit such as berries (and seeds), as well as hunting for meat. This also goes a long way to explaining the popularity of the paleo diet. We have not adapted to eating grains which we cultivated relatively late in our evolution, which is why they are inflammatory. I mean, you could have made a similar case for fibre and sugar in grains, which again, would have been wrong for keto. Keto is primarily an anti-inflammatory way of fuelling the body, as well as the correct way of fuelling it.

      You could follow a moderate keto and introduce small amounts of other fruits once you are in ketosis, but you’d have to be a slave to monitoring the total carb intake then, and I can’t see why anyone would want to do that, particularly given that when you are actually in ketosis, you really don’t feel like eating an apple. Trust me. As someone below says, you can then sense what is sweet in the wrong way or the wrong amount.
      Coming back to the bacon, if you can get nitrate-free, good quality bacon from a source you know and trust, then yes, or even just the best independent brand posh bacon (nitrate-free), yes. It is not inflammatory, because it is in our make-up to eat meat, and is an excellent source of …wait for it … potassium. It also contains a fair amount of oleic acid (in common with olive oil and other heart-protecting monounsaturated fats). I think some of your gut reaction to bacon not being healthy is due to the processing involved, which is why you have to be picky when buying it.

  2. I’m just going to say this: people don’t realise that this HERO is saving lives everyday! Thank you Dr. Eric Berg!

    1. @televisionarchives: you are much mistaken. I have researched nutrition and diet for 30 years. Dr. Berg is right on the mark always. My disclaimer: I love fruit too much to do real Keto but I keep carbs down to 80g – 100g and it keeps me at my ideal weight effortlessly. No meds. 60 yo.

  3. I weighed 415 and stopped weighing myself. I am sure I weighed more than that. I was unable to walk. I had tried all sorts of pills and diets. I turned to keto because my mom started it and lost a few pounds. I weigh 217 now. I’ve stopped drinking soda and all the ingredients for hidden sugar. I love how I feel now. And I am still going. I still have health problems. I can walk now and have gone on all sorts of adventures.

  4. My daughter has epilepsy and read about Keto Nat, she has started and her jerks have gotten a lot better, her brain is calmer and she is able to sleep at night now. It has made a huge change to her quality of life. It was never about losing weight but that would also be nice. Her health is so much better. She isn’t able to buy it as it is costly but you can’t put a price on health. I will be helping her.

    1. Research the use of magnesium, calcium, Vitamin B6, and multi-vitamin/mineral supplements to help with epilepsy.

    2. @M K it’s certainly cheaper if you are also doing a lot of fasting. I think the expenses come with a lack of a meal plan though. Some people don’t want to plan to strictly and this buy a ton of food to hedge their bets, plus a lot of the commercial keto foods. I’m just getting started trying to add keto to IF and it’s honestly daunting creating a meal plan for myself so I do get it.

    3. @Thread Bear If your doing it long term it “is” about adding not removing. I do nutritional yeast, avocado oil, coconut oil, all kinds of nuts, seeds, wald Salmon form Aldi, natural spices, and grass fed meats. That does cost more.

    4. The free daily information Dr. Berg gives is so valuable, make sure to pay attention to any issues in the body and keep adjusting as needed.

    5. My daughter was on keto for epilepsy. It was working great (she’s tube-fed). She had to have a major back surgery, to install Harrington rods. Unfortunately, the keto diet quit working. Thank GOD it’s working for your daughter.🙏🏻🙏🏻. I may someday consider trying it again in the future. Because of her condition, she has to be hospitalized to start her on it.😢. I’m doing keto to lose weight for myself and it’s working……😍😍

  5. Absolutely amazing presentation!!!
    Thank you very much Dr. Berg for all the information you put out there for us to help others and for others to help themselves if they take the time to watch, listen, learn and apply.

  6. The Ketogenic diet is a fabulous tool, for not only losing weight, but for boosting mental clarity. Great video!

    1. Yes Holly! I went on the diet for 4 months and noticed that I was remembering numbers better. I recently went off temporarily and WOW! what a difference! My concentration is awful as well as my memory. I never realized it was so bad. Will be going back on it ASAP!

    2. @John Wick John, I also need to gain weight but more importantly protect my brain. I went on keto for 4 months and I lost about 3 lbs in the beginning but stayed steady after that. I was eating A LOT, 2-3 meals and snacking, (like taking spoonful’s of olive oil or coconut oil and eating a lot of fat bombs and butter on dark chocolate!). But, I have had 3 abdominal surgeries and definitely have difficulties absorbing my nutrients, thus I need to gain weight. The fact that my weight was steady was very impressive to me. My boyfriend went on it also and he lost over 30 lbs., although he needed to lose weight. I started to bloat a lot so I went off of it. I am going back on because I had wonderful mental clarity. Good news is that I kept a record of what I ate in MyFitnessPal and I will tweak my diet to try to understand what made me bloat at the end.

    3. @Oparebea Akosua Follow Dr. Berg. Watch his body type video first. I lost 50ish pounds and kept 40 off for years. He focuses on long term health, not weight loss. I am in a healthy weight, more importantly I know how to handle health needs with foods. No more brain fog.

    1. A lot of people must not need to work. Most of us have long days, long commutes, and work more than 5 days per week. It’s very hard to get exactly 8 hours of good sleep each night.

  7. Big fan of Dr. Berg. I have been on Leto for 1 month. I definitely feel the change. No fatigue, no craving, more energy and good mood. Will keep up with the good work.

  8. This man is wonderful 👏 ❤ Thank you! He educates on what exactly needs to happen for women struggling with menopause. This saves frustration, money, time, feelings, life!!

  9. I’m so glad I found this on YouTube. I actually feel like I can trust him. That’s unusual for me.
    Thank you Dr. Berg.

  10. My wife and I started Keto last September. We said we would do it a month. It is now July and we don’t regret it at all. I no longer on insulin going from 10.2 A1C to 5.4 A1C. I’ve lost 70 lbs 243 to 173. Blood pressure from 160s to 110. My wife gone from 160 to 119 lbs. I really feel healthy for the first time in 15 years.

  11. Dr Berg introduced me to keto. 4 years later I am now 400 lbs, down from 620 lbs. Now I’m KetoVore. Dr Bergs videos were lifechanging.

    1. @Janice Paul NO, it’s not common sense. They don’t teach basic Nutrition let alone advanced Nutrition coming through the school systems. Most doctors will write a prescription before they tell you to lose weight. we live in a “PC” world, and don’t want to offend someone and tell them they are obese, and this is leading to this ailment or condition. It’s not common sense for everyone.

    2. How do you find out if it was harvested with GMO’s and with bran removed?
      Seems like almost all of US foods are contaminated with GMO’s and/or treated in some way to make it even more unhealthy.

  12. His story about eating 45 eggs a day was really 4 to 5 reminded me of a time when I got back from deployment and walked into the house and wondered what the burning smell was. It was my wife cooking her grandmothers recipe for spaghetti sauce. She cooked it for 68 hours. Was supposed to be 6 to 8 hours.

    1. It reminds me of the story of a woman whose husband was willing to pick up a few groceries as long as he could go through the express line. She numbered the items:
      1 butter
      2 2 lbs brown sugar
      3 milk
      4 5 lbs white sugar
      6 lemon
      7 vanilla
      8 icing sugar
      9 baking powder
      10 10 lbs white flour
      when he came home he had a whole car load of groceries including 7 bottles of vanilla, 8 bags of icing sugar, 9 tins of baking powder and 100 pounds of flour in ten pound bags.

    2. We have this saying in Sicily “there are more people here than Biagio’s dogs”, because the story says one day this nobleman Biagio asked his brother to send “7 o 8” dogs (7 or 8 in italian) and the brother sent 708 dogs 😂

      The original saying is ‘cchiù ‘ssai di can’ì Brasi

  13. I tried so many diets the intermittent fasting is when I feel my best. I tried the eating 6 small meals a day mess and ended up gaining weight even on low calorie and I felt like my blood sugar was all over the place. I’m glad to hear some people do better with fasting and I’m definitely one of them

  14. I was just diagnosed Type II three days ago *shocked* The reason I went to the E.R. is I had lost 16 lbs. in less than a month which was concerning because I was not dieting. I was also exhausted, sleepy, and very weak. I was 5’9″ 170 lbs before the weight loss and have been an athlete my entire life (58 yrs old). My risk factor – both parents were type II diabetic. I was scared to death when I started reading the complications from diabetes but watching this doc’s video has given me hope that I can reverse this through diet, exercise, and sleep. I’m on the Keto diet now and hoping to get my energy and strength back soon. Thank you for giving me direction !

    1. Magnus, I would love to hear how you’ve done over the past 3 weeks. Hope your healthy is improving!

  15. Personal experience: I’ve been on and off low carb for a couple of decades. July 20, 2021 I decided to go strict keto, because my blood pressure was scary high, and I don’t like meds.

    I’ve been in ketosis continuously since then. My blood pressure went down some – not to normal but better.

    My weight came down too, of course. Fast at first then fitfully with stalls and plateaus. For example, I was at about 226 to 227 lbs for a few weeks, then this morning I was suddenly down to 223.

    In the past these plateaus would cause me to start letting carbs creep in. The thought process is “this isn’t working anyway, I may as well have one of those chocolates from the candy dish on my coworker’s desk.”

    By keeping my focus on a different goal (blood pressure), I’ve been able to ride through the weight loss stalls. Watching the fitful drops in weight has been a pleasure.

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