Doctor Mike Tries KETO for 30 DAYS 2022

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The Ketogenic or has gotten A great deal of media coverage in the last couple of years. I chose to follow up my initial Keto video with one where I in fact try the diet for myself.

I was not amazed that the was hard to stay with because of the limiting nature of it. However, the weight-loss and other advantages were absolutely noticed and relatively at an early stage into the diet.

If you have a concept of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your demands seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series this Sunday so please submit more names of shows/episodes you 'd like for me to see. Love you all!

– Physician Mike Varshavski

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  1. This video should really be called “30 days without Cookies n’ Cream milkshakes” 😂 I think that was the REAL challenge here.

    1. women > eat pizza and ice cream until they are finally over their depression then get fitter and look for a new man, men > start workout and get in shape for the next woman right away
      … thats how it works

    2. @Leah V I don’t know if those are kinds of people as much as situations. Both of those have happened to me plenty.

    3. Broke up 3 days ago, ive had 2 meals since then, i can say its quite effective diet preparation

    1. Is he? Well please someone set us up. Dr Mike I have a doggo too. Him and bear could be besties 😁

  2. Dr. Mike: Thrive Market sent me all of this amazing food!

    Also Dr. Mike: I’m eating cat food

  3. I’ve been on keto for nearly a year, and it’s has worked very well for me. I’m diabetic and my blood sugar levels are amazing! I have no bad cholesterol and I’ve lost some weight. Will definitely continue 🥰

  4. My mom has been on the keto diet going on 3 years now, she has lost over 100 lbs and her diabetes has reversed back to prediabetic range. Team keto all the way!

    1. @mesiroy1234 nope! If done right will lower cholesterol and prevent heart attack. It’s not high fat and meat like many think if done properly

    2. @Valerie Brathwaite that’s nonsense. If he’s eating animal products he’s skyrocketing his cholesterol. That’s a fact.

  5. Two years ago, I lost 60 pounds on keto. Like you, I got the keto flu on day 4 and it lasted 5 days. I kept the weight off until covid social distancing started and I ate and drank too much out of boredom. I’m back on the wagon and doing great with it. One thing I learned though: alcohol hits me a LOT harder on keto, so I indulge rarely and set a 3 drink limit when I do.

  6. Pork rinds fill in that snackiness really well (so long as you can eat pork). Plus, they make an awesome bread crumb, can be turned into a flour and then into a type of flat bread, and can even be used like toast to dip egg yolk with.

  7. Here is my personal experience:
    I’ve been in Keto for 2 years and I do a mandatory break for 2 days at least once a month. My moto is “diet shoudn’t be a religion and carbs are not evil if you consume them in small quantity or for short periods of time.” There’re actually urine test you can use when you have doubt about breaking your ketosis.

    It’s useful because you can see how far you can go with the carbs you eat during the day before breaking ketosis. It’s pretty important because everybody has a different threshold. Mine for example is 40g of carb and my girlfriend is a good 55g. Once you know your limit, you can navigate right below it daily and stay in keto while enjoying sugary food daily (homemade though, like cookies, cakes, etc… even some type of bread).

    Also I don’t know why you stressed the fat importance so much, in this video while it’s important to eat fat (to avoid constipation), you don’t have to eat huge amount of it to stay in keto. Your body will just use your own fat as a source as well ( it doesn’t put your body in a restriction state, ). Eating a lot of protein from meat or eggs, is actually much more important than fat. You also have to eat a lot of salade and cruciferous vegatables in general, but also tomatoes as long as you don’t over do it to get all your vitamines.

    This is a way healthier way of doing Keto, than just focusing on fat itself. If you eat a small quantity of fat during the day, you can eat more protein instead and your Ketosis will be fine! And of course you can eat pretty much any cheese outhere, which is awesome! If you want to get in Ketosis really fast when you start, just do a water fast, for 24 to 36 hours, you will get in ketosis right at the end of your fast… or the day after if you are a member of the unlucky few. :p

    Also alcool doesn’t always kick you out of keto,. It depends on how much glucide it has inside. For exemple I need to drink 2 bottles of Chardonay in a day to break my keto (don’t ask me how I know that 0_0). It depends on the type of wine of course, since some are super sweet. But my point is that you will probably get sick from the wine or vodka (especially the vodka *_*) before you break your ketosis. That’s my experience anyway… XD You won’t lose any weight for the next 3 days, because your liver will be focused on taking care of the alcool, so in this case you want your food intake during those next 3 days to be very light on fat, and focus your keto diet more on vegetables and lower fat protein (eggs, chicken meat).

    To conclude on this, I will say that the Keto diet for me became my main diet, but I don’t workship it like it’s the end all, be all for my entire life. I enjoy breaking it regularly to keep enjoying the regular “junk” food and it even acts as a way to balance my weight. It’s amazing because I went from getting sick twice a year to never getting sick thanks to it (I think -_-). Obviously my body got really nice as well. ^^ Also I actually never have any craving, except the day after I break my keto. I just feel much more in control of what I want in keto (food wise), which makes sense since sugar is basically a drug for your brain once you are out of ketosis. So yeah, Keto as a baseline is great. My final touch is to combine it with a 48 hours fasting once per month, right after my keto break. It’s a nice way to ease back into it. Sure it wasn’t the easiest at the beginning, but now it’s part of a none painful and fun routine!

    Voilà, hope you enjoy the lenghty read. :p
    Love you content! Cheers from France

    1. Ive been in keto before and wanna pick this up again, since we have a lockdown for 3 weeks BUT the gyms are open. I’ve been eating normally for months now.
      Will a water fast of 36 hours really get me back into keto that fast? Last time I got kicked out of keto it took me almost a week to get back into ketosis (although i didnt workout that time, didnt exercise at all)

    2. Thanks for sharing. I really like your philosophy on keto. I’m still learning and fine tuning my food choices, so I need to be a bit more strict with it right now. Once I’m at a happy weight and have established my diet, I don’t want to become militant with myself over what I can and can’t eat. As long as my primary diet is proteins, veggies and healthy fats, and I don’t need to snack on junk all the time, I’ll be happy. For me it’s about weight loss initially, but long term it’s about maintaining a healthy weight, eating “real” food as much as possible, and improving my relationship with food (my whole life I’ve tended to abuse food for comfort)

    3. a friend of mine is going to take me for hid doctoral thesis, because I am one of probably Thousands if not Hundred Thousands – I stay keto up to around 100g of carbs – I can actually make a very healthy form of low carb diet rather than the strict keto diet and still stay in keto. Using ketostix regularly to test if I am keto or not.
      But my keto “limit” has grown over time somehow, the longer i actually stayed keto, the more carbs I could eat. Starting out with 20 and going higher and higher over the years – been keto now for almost 7 years.

    4. This is intresting, as you said, it’s your experience. Though, there are some studies, especially on performance where the subjects have gone on high fat, low carb diets for a couple of weeks and then tried a time-trial either running or cycling. The results from those studies have shown significant decrease in performance, and even carb-loading for a day didn’t seem to make up for it.

      It’s probably due to the decrease in glycogen stores in the muscles, and in high intensity exercise, the main source of energy is aerobic and lactic glycogen-oxidation, which is basically all dependent on carbs. So if you want to train really hard and perform optimal, Keto is hard to recommend (depending on the sport of couse, but most sports have some form of aerobic element, meaning you’ll be tired faster).
      When it comes to the day-to-day activities, and weight loss, Keto can be either good or bad for you. Some studies have shown that a high fat and low carb diet will increase your blood-fats, and the risk of heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases, maybe due to the type of fat that was ingested, which shows that even if you lose weight due to Keto, a bad source of food can increase your risk for heart-faliure or hypertension.

      Just some thoughts from a sport science student XD

  8. I am 21 weeks into keto, and have lost 40 pounds ( 233 down to 193 ) as of today. This is the only thing that has let me drop weight in 20 years.

    1. That is almost exactly the weight I’m at right now 239 and I want to be in the 190s at 6 foot 2 ….

  9. I’ve been practicing Keto and intermittent fasting for 4 years to help with my type 2 and retinopathy in both eyes. It’s given me back so much control over my life. And I’m off meds for both diseases due to the lifestyle woohoo!

    1. @J MannIn the beginning my numbers did go up. After continuing for about a year the numbers normalized. The same impact happened with my blood pressure as well but after keeping it up I was able to get off of BP meds. The transitional period of switching the energy source for your body does do some very weird things but the massive damage sugar had already done to my system was worth the shot of trying something different😊✌🏽.

  10. Something you left out: Drink more liquids on keto! You get a lot of your water intake from food. When you start keto, you not only lose a lot of water, initially, you also tend to eat foods with less water in them. You can counter this with a lot of soups and shakes, but it’s easier to just make a point of sipping water or something throughout the day.

  11. I’ve been on Keto now for about 6 months, lost about 6kg, feeling fantastic, had some issues with being mineral deficient but got that sorted, my mind is super clear now, took about 3 months

  12. This is so cool! First time seeing it and I’m 24 days into keto now. I’m a big momma so goal weight loss is 150 lb. 💜

  13. I love the fact that you tried it! As an overweight person that I have been all my life, Keto is more than just getting the excess weight off or looking good on camera. If done right, Keto (preparing meals in advanced with whole foods) becomes a lifestyle. It’s a lifesaver for many that are sensitive to carbs like pre-diabetics and T2D. Statistics, not just in US, show the increase of diabetics and the worst is when children are in these numbers. Keto is not for everyone but I’m glad it now exists to help so many like myself. Once again, thank you for presenting it 🙂

  14. When you do these 30 day diet challenges, it would be awesome if you were to do a complete before and after blood work up. It would be nice to see what a keto, or even vegan diet does to your blood sugar, testosterone, etc, when there is no agenda, just pure science.

    1. Thankfully there are Youtubers who offer the science. I think it’s possible to do a vegan keto, but you’re relying on mostly veggie oils. At the very least, vegetarian is possible. You’ll be leaning on supplements more, and clean keto promotes going as organic as possible.

    2. @GalaxiaNoir keto is 100% not possible to be done vegan. If you do not want to just drink oil … defuq … But the vegan cusine does not offer foods that you can eat while not taking carbs to you. Therefore it is not possible to eat as many as needed to stay between the carb threshold and stay healthy without actually drinking oil, which would just be ridiculous

  15. I’m trying Keto and Intermittent Fasting. I’m starting my second week and I can definitely agree with waking up hungry or getting cravings. I’ve definitely been a little bad but I’m gonna continue to give it a shot and see how it turns out.

    1. good luck. for me and my wife, keto pretty much controls hunger waay more effective. on keto i dont really have much trouble to not eat for 18 hours.
      tried vegan with whole plant and hungry everytime.

      i guess every person is different tho.

    2. @Muhammad Andi It got at little better as the month went on. I didn’t mind it. I don’t think it’s gonna be a permanent lifestyle change for me though. I might continue to fast though. It’s pretty easy to keep that going for the most part.

  16. my mom had a diabetic scare in july of 2021, her blood sugar was around 470 and she switched to keto instantly with no hesitation. it’s now February 2022 and she’s lost about 50lbs and she can now sometimes have dessert at dinner and is introducing more carbs into her diet. I’m very very proud of her.

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