Deep Cleaning the Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker – Where the Gunk Hides

Due to the fact that of the design of the Ninja Creami ice cream maker, ice cream can enter some unanticipated and tough to clean places. I thought we had actually been doing a decent task cleaning our Creami, up until I began smelling something kinda cool in the kitchen.

In this video, I show how the Creami actually works, take you through the locations where ice cream can get and demonstrate how to give your Creami a deep cleansing. When you understand how to deep clean your Creami, you can include a couple of brief actions to your routine cleansing to keep it great and neat.

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Deep Cleaning the Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker – Where the Gunk Hides

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  1. Thanks, Steve. I thought I was doing a good job of cleaning my Creami, but there are definitely some areas I didn’t even know existed!

    1. And I don’t recall seeing anything in the manual about how to properly clean the Creami, so I think that a couple of these areas could be easy to overlook.

    2. @Serious Keto No mention of the gasket removal in my instructions (And to be honest I was afraid I might ruin it by removing it repeatedly) but after seeing you do it, so did I, and EEEEW that smell!
      I like the way you used just water to rinse the auger— Awesomeness—and again, no mention in their instructions)
      Safe and happy travels!

  2. Thank you, Steve. Not being able to do a thorough cleaning has always been my main concern with my Creami. This video is going to help!

    1. Indeed! I once read an article titled, “The Sexiest Man Alive Washes The Dishes”. An article to bring women (and men) back to reality, that your husband is not Brad Pitt, but he’s sexy cause he does the dishes. Can’t remember if the article was in a local newspaper or just where I read it?

  3. Very timely video! I bought a Ninja Creami recently and have been using it a lot. I never thought to give it a deep clean like this, but I will start now. Thank you! 🙂

  4. I do remove the seals after every spin and i have wanted to do the water to clean the auger but didn’t know if it would work. Thanks for this video.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I bought a creamie last year and I’ve been wondering how to do this …especially cleaning the crank shaft.

  6. As usual, most helpful sir. I remember two things from your original review of this machine: how loud it is and the need to clean the auger / drill press shaft. From an OCD person, these tips are appreciated.

  7. I’ve settled with making my own stevia whipped cream, and I can live with that. Cleaning all those kitchen aid type machines gets old pretty fast. 🙂

  8. Great information! The only thing I also have to do occasionally is use a toothpick if any crud is stuck at the plastic circular crease when the blade arm is retracted. Definitely needs a cleaning cycle that can pause when the arm is extended!

  9. I found your channel years ago when you posted a cleaning video of your Dash single waffle maker. Still following even tho I’m not Keto. I just enjoy your videos!😊

  10. I just ordered the Creami Deluxe and waiting for delivery. This video was right in time and awesome. I will be making a lot of Keto Chow ice cream as well as regular. Ice cream has always been my diet downfall but now I will be able to really enjoy it on my Keto journey.

    1. Last night, my grandson wanted the birthday cake flavor of Keto Chow for ice cream. I find it terribly sweet, so we sprinkled on on some Flavor God pumpkin pie seasoning and we both though that was pretty wonderful. I hope you enjoy playing around with different flavors as much as we have.

  11. Omg i loved the part where you were searching for the bad smell 😂…that just happened to me last night when went to make my Creami ice cream. Very timely video😊

  12. Thanks! Another tip I have is to plan ahead and make several pints at once, use 2 pint containers for 1 recipe so it is only half full. Then when all of my pints are frozen I process all at once. Then I only have to clean once. This means that I DO not process my ice cream anymore when there are leftovers. If we don’t eat all in one container at a sitting I just freeze again. Then when I want it again I just pull it out, let it soften for 3-5 minutes and it is perfect.I could not live without this machine. I adore it.

  13. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for this video! It never occurred to me to clean it this way! Fantastic!

  14. Thank you Steve , I returned a creami breeze because it stunk so bad and could not get the odor to go away. I bought another creami. (Not the deluxe) and loving it. I watched your video and went right out to the kitchen and cleaned my creami.
    Thank you for all your videos. I really appreciate your videos.

  15. There are bundles for small and tiny brushes. While watching I thought some of the larger brushes would fit better. I actually just bought 2 sets for myself. One set of white for kitchen and appliance cleaning and one in black for household cleaning. You can pick them up pretty cheap. Thanks for the video. The husband and I are debating getting an ice cream maker , we will keep your recommendation in mind. Thank you so much for the video!!

  16. Of all the machines I’ve ever bought I think this one is a miracle. It turns flavored protein powder and any form of milk like plant or Fairlife into a Hagen das type ice cream. I adore it. Also I have the Breeze which is easier to use and clean. Thanks for your channel! Well. Worth the $200.

  17. Thank you so much for this video! I never thought to remove the gasket or put water in it and run it. I have been struggling to clean it and this will make it so much easier.

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