Creatinine, Bun, Kidney function Test | Lecture 367 2023

What is the best Kidney Function test? How to decrease creatinine naturally
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( Retired) Assistant Prof. Sheikh Zayed Institute Lahore

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was an Assistant Professor Urology at Sheikh Zayed Healthcare Facility and Kidney Transplant Center, Lahore. In 2003, he was identified with Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure and was recommended oral medications, exercise & diet plan control. In 2016, he was put on insulin due to increase in urea creatinine and retinopathy. The weakening health led Dr. Khalid on a quest to discover responses. He began intensively studying Type 2 Diabetes, its' avoidance and remedy. He consulted doctors however none were able to offer responses to his questions. Then lastly, he came across a YouTube video of Dr. Jason Fung, that video showed to be a life altering minute in Dr. Khalid's life. Dr. Jason Fung is a Canadian nephrologist who claimed 100% cure and reversal of Diabetes through intermittent fasting and some way of life modifications.

A medical professional himself, Dr. Khalid extensively studied Jason Fung's theories. Now, because 2018, he is on a ketogenic diet plan and doing intermittent fasting with walk and workout. He is off the medications now and his creatinine levels are also back to typical.

Dr. Khalid is no longer practicing Urology and has actually rather made it his mission to educate people on social media about what he has discovered & practiced so that they are likewise able to cure 80-90% of all diseases caused by Insulin Resistance.

Dr. Khalid is starting weekly lectures on Facebook & Youtube on curing Kidney Problems, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure through Ketogenic Diet plan and periodic fasting.

Creatinine, Bun, Kidney function Test | Lecture 367

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  1. الأخ خالد جميل ندعوا الله لك التوفيق والنجاح والسداد في الدارين…….
    كل ما نزلت يكن عندك منه نسخة ولتعميم الفائدة احتفظ معك…..
    ونحن ننتقد موقف من يقفون
    لاسكات وحرمان من معرفة
    حقيقة ما يروجون من ما يدمر
    صحة عامة……

  2. Ma Sha Allah ❤️ Doctor sahab aapki videos bhutt informative hoti haii aur aap yejo kaam kr rahy Allah pak apko iska ajr dega Allah hamesha khush rkhy
    aapny maafia ko reveal kia ha aapko video’s sy mujhe hope mili ha aur aapki sari research valid hai❤

  3. Assalam Walekum rahmtullah barkathhu Sar Aaj aapki tabiyat theek lag rahi hai Allah ka shukr hai Allah aapko sehat and Dosti De jazakallah

  4. Dr Sb a good Video from you, this is your own “topic” no one can give better lecture than you on Kidneys.

  5. Now we are Doctor Listing such amazing lectures which help us to maintain our health and result are excellent . I follow Dr.Khalid Jameel since 2022 , reduce weight 20 Kg , and soon i will share my test reports
    Allah pak aap to deen aur dunya ki tamam khushian ata fer mayee.

  6. Serum creatinine :0.8
    Blood Urea :29
    BUN ( Blood Urea Nitrogen ) : 13
    Estimated GFR :91
    Sir mera test kaisa hai

  7. سر خالدجمیل کا مختصر فارمولہ اور مطلب یہ ہے کہ قدرت کے قریب رہو اور کارخانے سے آنے والی کھانے کی چیزوں اور ملٹی نیشنل کمپنیوں کی ادویات کو معمولی بیماری میں استعمال سے پرہیز رکھو,ان شاءاللہ تعالٰی لمبی اور صحت مند زندگی نصیب ہوگی۔۔۔۔❤❤❤

  8. 😇اپ کی خدمات کے لئے الفاظ کی دنیا “دعائیں کرنے اور شکر گزاری” کے لئے نا کافی ہے۔ 🤲

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