ChocZero Holiday 2022 Review – plus a Sneak Peak of New Products

In this video, my non-keto child, Courtney, joins me to do a HUGE review of brand-new and approaching ChocZero items. Could this be the best item line-up we've tried so far?

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0:00 Intro.
0:54 Soluble fiber/ resistant dextrin.
1:57 Chocolate peanut butter sauce.
3:54 Honey.
5:56 3 holiday products.
12:03 Sneak peak candy bar.
14:21 Marshmallows.
16:52 "Rice Crispy Treats".
19:10 The roasting test.

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ChocZero Holiday 2022 Review – plus a Sneak Peak of New Products

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  1. So glad you did the extra with the marshmallows, cause that’s EXACTLY what I wanted to ask. Thanks for posting.

  2. As someone who doesn’t even like the smell of peanut butter and does not like nuts in chocolate, maybe you can put it into their ears to consider making a version of mounds. Lol

    1. @Elizabeth Soenen I tried a recipe once and it was just a mess. I am not a good cook or baker. But thanks for sharing – I will check it out. Nothing wrong with trying again and making another😄 mess.

  3. I did really enjoy the Not Sugar Cookie bark I guess a little bit more than Steve & Courtney. I first order two bags and then additional four bags for Christmas. I also bought a few bags of white chocolate peppermint bark and then reordered another bag. So, I guess I enjoyed the bark. I can’t wait for the marshmallows. Also, the strawberry jam is so good.

    1. We agree, we find it refreshing how thorough they are ! 🙂 You always need someone who’s like that! Honest and to the point!

  4. Oooh, I’m excited about the chocolat/peanut butter sauce and the marshmallows. I love roasted marshmallows and rice krispy treats and thought those were off the menu forever, so this is super cool! Thanks to both of you for the review.

  5. I love Choc Zero, I bought the peanut butter ghost for Halloween! Loved them and now i keep eating so not sure so good! LOL

  6. If you think the honey taste more like Molasses, then it might be good in recipes that requires Molasses in…like in some chocolate chip cookies and etc. It could maybe help with making a brown sugar sweetener from the white sweetner? I know Victoria’s keto kitchen makes her own brown sugar with allouse plus some molasses.

  7. The marshmellow one can be good for nonketo people who will use the real rice crispies yet use keto marshmellow to cut down the sugar factor to their rice crispy mellow recipe.

  8. Yay, marshmallows….I did get some of their products for Halloween. I like them all, so will be looking for these for sure!!

  9. Always a pleasure to see you with your daughter. I only really like stale marshmallows….and it’s hard to leave a bag open long enough… so that sold me on them. Thanks.

  10. Free pumpkins? Yes!!!!! Those peanut-butter filled chocolate pumpkins are the best! They are my favorite, maybe even more so than Reese’s.

  11. Hmmm… Those “rice” crispie treats look like something I’d like. Will have to get the ingredients and try them.

  12. You’re very enjoyable and informative . Always fair and truthful . I trust your reviews .
    Keep up the good work !😊

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