Choc Zero – New Summer 2023 Products Reviewed and Glucose Tested

In this video, Terry and I try out the four new products that ChocZero launched this summer season. See the pinned remark for info on my glucose testing and a note on active ingredients.

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0:00 Intro and cat issues
1:42 S'Mallows part 1
2:40 Vanilla syrup and ingredient disclaimer
5:39 S'Mallows part 2
7:21 Salted caramels
10:01 Danish cookies
11:32 Final ideas

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Choc Zero – New Summer 2023 Products Reviewed and Glucose Tested

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  1. In total, I had roughly 2 total servings of these products across the four of them. My blood glucose moved only 14 points over the course of 2 hours, so pretty stable.

    Also, it’s important to recognize the difference between fructooligosaccharides (which these products contain) and isomaltooligosaccharides. The former should not cause a blood glucose reaction, whereas the latter can cause a glucose reaction for A LOT of people.

    1. Steve I did not know that information in regards to fructooligosaccharides and isomalt, I always considered them the same. Thanks for that tidbit

  2. Excellent review. All four of the products you reviewed were things I would buy.

    If You aren’t familiar with it, have a look at the smitten kitchen recipe for salted browned butter crispy treats. Before I went Keto, they were one of my favorites.


  3. Thank you for the review Steve. I really enjoy Terry’s opinion as a non keto reviewer. You know keto food that really taste good and not just settling because it’s keto.

  4. I love the marshmallows. I have bought other Keto friendly marshmallows, and these are by far the best. ❤️🥰❤️

  5. I purchased all but the syrup a few weeks ago and loved/ liked them all. I also wanted more butter flavor in the cookies. After 3 years on keto, the number of GOOD products coming out is exciting.

    1. Thank you for the love! We’ve been reading reviews on the cookies, so we appreciate your honesty!

  6. I like ChocZero marshmallows a lot, but I need to be careful not to eat too many. The unicorn ones they sold a while back are delicious for general eating. They do make larger white ones too. I wish I would have ordered those cookies with my last order. I liked the caramels a lot.

    1. Thank you for the love! The marshmallows do contain a serving of fiber, which is good for keeping you full- but might be a change from some folks regular diet (especially on keto). I stick to about one serving a day, personally. The minis are my current favorite marshie 😋

  7. Choc Zero makes the BEST keto sweets I’ve ever had. Everything I’ve had from them is just top notch. Their marshmallows even toast like real marshmallows, which I’ve never seen in a sugar-free marshmallow! I just wish they’d make some truly good salty snacks. I’m more of a salty girl than sweet, at least food wise. 😂 Most keto salty snacks either taste awful or have a disgusting, chalky texture. If anyone could get this right, Choc Zero can!

    1. I love the Catalina Crunch snack mix. Don’t know what Steve thinks of them but their pretzels are the bomb!

  8. I’ve taken the cookie and put a large marshmallow on top and microwaved for a few seconds and topped with chocolate spread. 😋

  9. Thanks for the review! I appreciate the way you explain all aspects of the products. The marshmallows roast real nice. Especially their big ones they have. I use those cookies as my graham cracker 😂 also Choc Zero Chips for my chocolate.

  10. All promising products. Although I’m not a total carbs guy, I do start getting nervous when there’s 20+ grams of fiber, though.

  11. Thank you for this review! I’m a HUGE fan of Choc Zero! They take such great care with how they ship their products. I’m currently waiting on two shipments from them, to include the marshmallows—which are supposed to arrive today. I absolutely love chocolate covered cherries and strawberries, so melting a serving of Choc Zero milk chocolate chips, in the microwave, then dipping fresh fruit into that melted chocolate is so decadent. I love their honey, their syrups, and their strawberry jam. I did not know that they had a tin of butter cookies. Guess what I’ll be ordering for my family! Thank you!!

    1. Thank you for the love, Mindy!! Our butter cookies are our first try at making cookies….just wait until you see what we have in store later this year!

    2. @ChocZero …….oh my gosh! Of course! I BELIEVE in your products, 100%! I’m sooooo sad! You’re sold out of the butter cookies. I left my email address, so I could receive notification when they are available. I cannot wait to see what in store for the future! Oh…. My name is Mary. Mindy is my Chiweenie. 🥰

    3. @Mindy’s Mom Of course!! So sorry I got that mixed up Mary…We’re going to blame post 4th of July celebrations.

  12. Thanks Steve and Terri! Alycia from Keto Upgrade has a great keto graham cracker recipe. Plus she also does a marshmallow dipping recipe to boot! She’s awesome 🤩

  13. Steve, Alicia at keto upgrade has a great graham cracker (I made it without difficulty) Also, those marshmallows do come in a regular size. Hope that helps 😊

    1. Yes, Keto Upgrade has a good graham cracker recipe as well as All Day I Dream About Food. I ended up going with All Day and used pecan flour instead of almond flour and they were great!

  14. As always, great review!
    I’ve tried Carolyn’s graham cracker from All day I dream about food and it’s pretty amazing! I have keto upgrade’s saved but haven’t got around to making them yet.
    Thanks for the coupon code too!🙂

  15. Thanks for the keto and non-keto views on these products! I wonder how using a solid-shaped Danish cookie as the graham cracker would taste for a S’more. We use Girl Scout Trefoils interchangeably for grahams when they run out.

  16. Choc zero is an awesome company. For all those who still love sweetness they make keto sustainable. Like me! Thanks for the great review with Teri.

  17. The Choc Zero Danish cookies were yummy! My hubby and I finished the first tin and are waiting for our second tin we ordered. These cookies taste excellent in keto banana pudding.

  18. I think we can make keto caramel just like regular but with sweetener – we don’t need all those other ingredients. But I have tried several of the products and have found them superior over other chocolates, marshmallows and jams that are considered Keto or Keto friendly. Thank you for reviewing these as I was thinking about getting some of the caramels and the syrup.

  19. Thank you for the extensive review! We typically use a little less of the coffee syrup around here at HQ, but we wanted to label the nutrition closer to if you like 2-3 pumps of coffee syrup in your morning coffee. I personally love to use it in a big jug of iced tea and this weekend I’m going to try making a cocktail with it! As for the caramels…we may have something coming out this year that’ll have a balance of caramels, nuts, and chocolate that we haven’t made before 👀

    1. OMG! Is it going to be pattern after the candy named after the animal on Steve’s shirt (turtle)? I hope so, YAY

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