ChipMonk Small Batch Alert: Brookies (Brownies plus Cookies) 2022

I'm a big fan of nearly everything ChipMonk Baking makes (obviously, I inform you when I do not like of their products). I also like supporting them because they are a small business, run by a diabetic who enjoys baked sugary foods and who wishes to share that with other individuals living a low carbohydrate lifestyle.

Once in awhile, ChipMonk will release a little batch dish. These tend to offer out in less than one day, so I do these announcements as a public service statement. This month, they have actually Frankensteined together a brownie with their peanut butter cookie and have actually developed something that is difficult to believe is keto friendly, it just tastes so decadent.

These small batch runs sell out really rapidly, so I hope you have an opportunity to attempt them out.

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ChipMonk Small Batch Alert: Brookies (Brownies plus Cookies)

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  1. Thank you Steve. Colton is adorable. Love the thought of those cookies. I have a bag of cookies in the fridge from my last order. No storage room left. 😁

  2. I’ll send these and other of your favorites to my keto/carnivore brother and sister for Christmas. I can’t eat them myself because any sweetness in my diet sets up horrendous sugar cravings and I just don’t want to deal with it. Others can, I know. But not me. 🙁

  3. I’m taking your word on it being good. I ordered 11 to get free shipping and use the 15 percent off code they sent me. I want more carrot cake cookies. So please post something if you hear anything about them making more.

  4. Steve, Your appearance today is 100% better than a year ago! You are a handsome guy. You even look younger! Just had to let you know…

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