Can You Freeze the Carbs Out of Bread? Resistant Starch Claim Tested 2023

Just recently, there was a video by Dr. Alan Mandell on his channel, motivationaldoc, where he explains a process that apparently turns the flour in white bread into a "", consequently rendering some quantity of the carbs to be unabsorbed by your body and decreasing the glucose action when white bread is taken in. His statements in the video are based upon a study referenced on PubMed (connected listed below).

All of my previous testing on "resistant" starch led me to believe that this was just wishful thinking, and possibly even hazardous for individuals who require to keep control over their blood glucose. So armed with a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose display and a smug mindset, I decided to check it out on myself.

I evaluated both the highest and least expensive glucose response pointed out in the article below. Any other testing, consisting of sourdough bread, taking in apple cider vinegar, several re-freezing, and so on is beyond the scope of this video, as it was not consisted of in the original study.

0:00 Introduction
1:13 A vital take a look at the research study
4:54 My screening method
6:03 Standard: plain white bread
7:42 "Resistant" bread test
11:32 Summary

Video by Dr. Mandell:

PubMed article:

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Can You Freeze the Carbs Out of Bread? Claim Tested

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  1. Something I want to make VERY CLEAR, based on the results of this test (n=1): I am not saying that this process turns bread into a “low carb” food. I am not saying that this process makes bread “keto friendly”. The spike on the second test is still what I would consider “bad”, it’s just less “bad” than the first test.

    Additionally, after performing this test over a two day period, I definitely noticed inflammation symptoms (pain in my knees and stiffness in my hands and knuckles). This contradicts the claims about the anti-inflammatory benefits made about this bread preparation method.

    1. I was wondering about yours inflammatory response. Taking one for the team again! I can’t imagine how this could work, scientifically but then the cold rice and potato deal doesn’t make sense to me either

    2. @BeckyA59 Yes, that’s a big deal for me, too. As a “side effect” of “beating diabetes” I also reduced inflammation due to degenerative disc disease, and I learned that the sum of all inflammation matters because inflammation cascades. I’m incentivized to eat clean in addition to being incentivized to spend time in deep ketosis.

    3. On Sunday my daughter had a birthday party for our granddaughter. Of course they had pizza they had beautiful veggie and fruit trays. I did not eat the ice cream cake I ate the topping off of two pizzas and I had about a cup of fruits and vegetables. Like two bites of cauliflower and maybe six blueberries and a couple bites of melon. That night my hip hurt so bad I couldn’t hardly walk. That to me is inflammation and I have not had that for several months since turning carnivore. I probably would not have related it if I had not watched videos where you talked about how your knees hurt or something after having something. That’s why I appreciate your videos

  2. Thanks for being a guinea pig again Steve. As you always say, ‘Own YOUR numbers.’ Everyone’s metabolism is different, so they need to find out themselves before diving in. My first thought on this is the same as yours. We need to consider inflammation and knocking ourself out of ketosis. I also thought about Dr. Cywes, the carb addiction doctor. I see going down this path as risky for those with a carb addiction. There are so many options now for carb free cooking…it’s not worth the chance of back-sliding into a poor diet again.

    1. I completely agree. It’s not that hard to make a chaffle. And there are a few keto breads out there that are pretty “clean”.

    2. Yes. There is no way to eat real bread on a daily basis and stay in ketosis. It would have to be a very rarely eaten food.

  3. Thanks for running the test. Really interesting. I’m always glad to be able to add another tidbit of info that will assist me on my keto journey. I think I will do my own test on whole grain bread just to see what kind of results I get. That way I will know if I want to have a “cheat” meal I will be able to flatten the spike a little.

  4. Thanks Steve this makes me wonder if this would work on other things like tortillas or if it would work on keto bread to lower the glucose responce thanks for all you do

  5. Thank you for researching this Steve. Always love to see what you discover. I have completely healed my leaky gut and will never ever do anything to jeopardize it ever again. Honestly I’m strict carnivore, I never deviate and never will.
    Great video Steve, ThxU. 👍🏼💡

  6. Thanks so much for being open to testing this approach. Interesting for those who can’t afford or don’t like keto bread, however, I’m with you on this and won’t be adding white bread back into my diet.

  7. Thank you. My daughter had told me of this. I was skeptical. I wonder if this would knock the carbs out of keto safe bread doing the freezing,thawing, toasting test. Love your channel.

    1. Totally wondering the same question. If I take one of the good tasting low-carb tortillas (great review on those btw, Steve) and freeze it and prep it the same way, does it help at all?

  8. Thank you for being our Guinea pig, Steve! I have had too many benefits from a Keto lifestyle to jeopardize it just to eat bread when, as you said, there are so many good “Keto approved” alternatives. I make my own. But MAYBE just on a rare occasion (my birthday?) one piece of bread prepared this way wouldn’t hurt? I’ll confess I did drool a little watching you eat it! 😅 I was wondering if a different bread ~like whole wheat, rye or sourdough~would cause a different response. Can you share which is YOUR go-to keto bread? Thanks again, and LOVE your channel! 💖

    1. I’ll be doing a summary of keto breads I’ve reviewed next month. I need to go back and re-watch the reviews I’ve done so far.

  9. Steve, I absolutely love how your background in process improvement pushes you toward skepticism and testing hypotheses with the scientific method when others would rather fall into magical thinking. I think this is one of the things you and your channel exemplify that helps further legitimize the keto movement. Personally, these sorts of experiments help your channel stand out in my mind as being _more_ than just a great channel to get keto recipes. Keep up the fantastic work!

    1. Yeah, I love the videos by engineers, in this area of research and in others (I’m currently picking up kettlebelling and heavy clubbing, and I watch videos about the coof, too.) I appreciate the structure other engineers (often with more discipline than I have) bring to their videos. It goes to credibility for me—not that they are engineers, but that they bring the engineering mindset to the presentation.

  10. Wonderful video as always, Steve, keep up the great work. I personally think that the trigger factor really needs to be factored in, at least for those, like myself that are fine on Keto & staying on Keto, eating things like white bread will definitely trigger the desire for other none keto options. “Once you start down the dark path forever will it dominate your destiny”… Perhaps a little overly dramatic 🙂

  11. Thanks again as always for turning your personal laboratory of 1 into a public service.
    I completely respect you not wanting to continue eating white bread especially with the inflammatory symptoms creeping in but I really would’ve liked to have seen if you did eat it with butter and if that was enough of a blunting effect to knock the glucose rise down to a point where it would no longer be considered a full fledged spike.

  12. This is good for those who cannot give up bread. My husband is diabetic and he refuses to adopt anything Keto. He pointed that video out to me and I was thrilled that you dissected the study. It’s better for him to freeze and toast his bread with butter than not. As for me, I will continue to avoid it.

  13. Yeah, I watched Dr. Mandell’s video on pasta that has been cooled in the fridge overnight. Had the worst reaction I’ve had In a loooooong time. Just goes to show that you have to be extremely careful with internet doctors. Thanks for doing this with bread.

  14. I just love your anecdotal experiments. Yes, it might not be scientific, but they are always a good hint about what to research further for myself.

  15. Thank you Steve! It certainly speaks volumes about your character that we look to you for the truth😀 I was one of the people who asked your opinion of this so again thank you for always taking one for your team😀

  16. Thanks once again for testing this. I am not going to let toast back into my life as for me I feel it would be a slippery slope. I love toast and feel that I am better off without it. Just love your test videos!

  17. I have never heard of this before. Thanks for bringing it up, going through the study and “debunking” it. To be fair even if it worked with white bread I wouldn’t eat it, cant stand the taste of white bread.

  18. Thank you for testing this Steve. I’m going to try this with my Aldi “keto” bread that still kicks me out of ketosis and lets loose some terrible inflammation. I have a whole loaf in the freezer that I thought would end up in the trash.

  19. Great take Steve, I always appreciate you doing the work most of us are too lazy to do. I had not seen that study, I did try Resistant Starch Rice when all that BS came out and my glucose may not have gone up as much as just having rice, but the inflammation and spikes were enough for me to stop testing. Adding fats like butter does stunt a lot of the glucose spikes which is great for me, but my wife does not eat butter (yeah I know weird) so is of no use to her.

  20. Great video Steve! As a diabetic, I tried the ‘resistant starch’ idea with reheated potatoes, and there was still a ‘significant’ (lol) effect on my blood sugar. I agree with Sandra Phillips, as well, that this idea could get a carb addict (like myself) into a downward spiral.

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