Can You Decrease Glucose Response in Pasta? My Final Resistant Starch Video

I have actually done all manner of screening of foods that supposedly be become resistant starch: potatoes, rice, tapioca starch, bread, and so on. The something I have not checked until now is pasta.

In 2014, there was an episode of "Trust Me, I'm a Medical professional" on BBC where a claim was made that by cooking, then cooling, then reheating pasta, it would end up being "helpful for you" and "healthier". It would feed your gut biome and minimize the calories and glucose action by as much as 50%.

In this video, I perform my own tests, doing my finest to replicate what I saw because BBC video. This test must not be thought about scientific, however rather as entertainment. I am not a doctor and absolutely nothing in this video must be interpreted as medical suggestions.

Link to BBC post & video:

Link to "End Your Carbohydrate Confusion":

Learn more about the Levels CGM program:

0:00 Intro & disclaimer
3:04 Pasta standard
4:37 Standard pasta outcomes
6:15 Chilled pasta test
6:57 Cooled pasta results
8:18 "Resistant" pasta test
9:40 "Resistant" pasta results
11:22 Cooled pasta with olive oil
13:11 Cooled pasta with oil outcomes
13:57 Summary

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Can You Decrease Glucose Response in Pasta? My Final Resistant Starch Video

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  1. Holy crap, Steve!! No wonder you have Youtube burnout!!! (I am assuming that you taped this before your “sabbatical.”) There are no words for how grateful Your Tribe is for the selfless data-geek testing that you continue to do as the “crash test dummy.”

  2. TMI….hilarious!! On our road trip I broke keto with my family…omgosh rain fog…colitis. nausea…dang!

  3. You are the most entertaining guinea pig ever. 😂 Thank you for doing this experiment and sharing the results with us. Very interesting stuff.

  4. Thanks Steve, this was a very informative video. Did you find that you had cravings from the pasta? Since pasta was always a binge food for me, I will not be repeating your tests. Thanks again Steve:)

    1. That’s a great question, Bonny.

      I can’t remember if I mentioned it in this video or if I’m saving that for a “why I’m not doing these tests anymore” video, but between this testing and the sourdough bread testing video, I started feeling something I haven’t really felt in the last couple of years – hunger. During my time on keto, I’ve come to recognize when I need to eat, but I don’t get “hangry”. After these tests, I spent a solid week feeling hungry/hangry.

    2. @Serious Keto So so so happy Bonny asked this! And your response is exactly what I expected. Pasta and bread could be my “drugs”. I love them, but there is no stopping me when I eat them, and that craving will go on for days. Since I have been eating LCHF I don’t even think about them! I was craving some spaghetti with meat sauce this weekend, which I satisfied with your keto / ramen noodles. 😋

  5. Thanks for that. Actually thanks for all the resistant starch sacrifices. Do I miss pasta? I think I miss the idea of pasta and what a nice, quick goto food it was. My favorite was pasta fried in a pan with ham and garlic and an egg. And I can make this almost as satisfying and good with those tofu noodles… so if I get a craving for that I just use those.

  6. Thanks! Hey Steve what a fantastic video. Cant wait to show my daughter as we have been discussing several ways to get some pasta in our diet LOL

  7. Although we love and appreciate the sacrifices you make for us, you don’t need to keep abusing your body to entertain us. I am not going to grasp at straws to tell me that “carbs are ok”. I can live without pasta

  8. Thanks, Steve, for subjecting yourself to these experiments. We appreciate your efforts! 😊
    God bless ❤️💙💜 ~Lana

  9. Thanks for testing this. I wonder about the digestive issues you had, gas would indicate something going on in your large intestine. That makes me think your gut flora may have been adjusting to the new “starchy pasta diet” you were on. It’s interesting, and maybe says something about the presence of resistant starch, that you did not have any gas with the reheated pasta. I’ll try this experiment as well. Since my wife loves Cacio E Pepe, I’ll make the pasta a day or two in advance and reheat it.

  10. I’ve had friends tell me from experience that eating wheat products in Europe does not bother them like the US wheat products. Not that I am interested in trying that out or suggesting that you should, just interesting on difference in product and/or processing. As always, thanks for being the data geek for us!❤️ If everyone stopped eating wheat maybe it would turn around the “climate change” and stop the vilifying of our innocent bovines!

    1. I’m a Type 2 diabetic, so I really have to watch out. The breads in Italy and Germany didn’t spike my blood sugar like they do here. Saying that, I did gain weight, and I didn’t eat much of it. The rolls in Germany and the pasta in Italy was worth it. I saw an uptick in my A1C on my next test (that is what they use for the marker for diabetes). Still, they were good trips, it wasn’t severe, so well worth just having a good time. Something in the processing there is different than here in the US.

  11. That was fascinating! One of my daughters eats pasta almost every morning, she’ll make a box and keep it in the fridge and dip from it. So knowing this, good info 👍
    I wouldn’t want to go back to pasta either, I really don’t miss it which is surprising because I used to eat it 5-6 times a week. Occasionally I’ll miss bread, the really crusty kind like sourdough. But I only miss it when I smell it. When I’m hungry my first thought is never “I could really go for some bread”, it’s always, “Oooo, what meat should I have?” 🤣

    1. Please check out on youtube from Indigo Nili for psmf bread alternative. Also check out Victoria’s Keto Kitchen for her keto blend flour….

  12. A lot to think about. I would also think it would be a reaction to the tomato sauce and other ingredients in the sauce. Just a little sauce for me causes a reaction. I finally gave up tomatoes and peppers this summer. I could tell it was effecting my body. I was less of a upbeat person. I got a craving just watching you eat the first bowl. Now I’m wondering if it is only a starch reaction or also reaction to the wheat effecting the results. Thanks for all the testing you are doing. No I will not be running out to get pasta. Eating cold, reheated or plain pasta is not my jam.

  13. This was fascinating. Hot or cold pasta was one of my go to binge foods before going keto. My joint pain is gone now too. I’m staying away from it. Thank you for doing this test!😊

  14. Steve your the best. Appreciate you testing pasta. Haven’t had any kind pasta/noodle in 3 years. Soooo happy to see you back…truly.

  15. Pasta was the first thing I tested after the “resistant starch” thing first happened, because in the Before Times it was absolutely my favorite thing. I did find that my glucose response was much improved vs regular. If I have it for one “cheat” meal and then go back to low-carb for the next few weeks I’m ok, but if I let it back into the regular rotation, the cravings and hunger really return so I just don’t have it in the house. Thanks for doing this test!

  16. Spot on as usual, Steve. Thanks for the tests! I’m all in with you about how carbs negatively impact the gut and general inflammation, and I’m not just talking about sweets. Pasta, bread and even fruit….ugh, rough on feeling good!

  17. As a recently diagnosed type 2 diabetic, I find your videos very interesting. In the 3 months since my diagnosis, I’ve been reducing my carb intake tremendously. I estimate that before my diagnosis, my average carb intake per meal was most likely in the 100-150 gram range. My weight was stable at 220. At the time of my diagnosis, my A1C was 9.4. Now 3 months later, it’s 6.1. My average carb intake per meal is no more than 30 grams (there are cheat days, but those are rare) and most telling, my weight is now 190. I love carbs….carbs of all kinds! Rice, bread, pasta, potatoes…I love them all! Pastries, cakes, cookies….these were staples of my bacchanalia lifestyle. I have also experimented with freezing rice pasta and bread then reheating it for meals and my blood sugar is remarkably lower than expected! Ordering Chinese…I freeze the rice and reheat everything the next day and I do not get the spike in blood sugar that I would normally! I’ve seen many videos about this and everything I’ve seen confirms this. I like that I can eat carbs and not suffer the blood glucose rollercoaster! And to make things better, I use keto breads and pasta…It’s almost like I’m not eating carbs at all!

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