Avi Foods Lupini Granola (Avinola) Review – including glucose test and my grandson’s opinion

In this video, Courtney and I taste test Avinola, the lupini granola from Avi Foods. At the end of the video, my 4 years of age grandson joins us to give his uncensored viewpoint.

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Avi Foods Lupini Granola (Avinola) Review – including glucose test and my grandson's opinion

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  1. Wow! Colton is getting really good at this video review stuff! He’s much more talkative and easier to understand. Always love when Courtney’s in the video. Great video! ❤️🥰❤️

  2. Colton is a hoot! I love seeing his little self. ❤

    I got that Chocolate granola (in the little packet) at Keto Con. Pretty good stuff. I ate it plain, there…. still need to break out my remaining sample & try it with yogurt.

  3. I’m soooooooo in love! Colton. Honest and to the point. And adorable.
    Nice to see you, too, Courtney. 🥰
    Hi Steve! Looking good.

  4. Colton is quite a character when he is the center of attention. Hope he is like this in 5 years! Cute kid.

  5. Colton looks so much like his daddy!!! Y’all do such a great job. Thanks so much for the reviews!

  6. Looks amazing and cannot wait to try it! We LOVE everything lupini and truly believe it is a transformational ingredient!

  7. Thanks Steve, Courtney, and Colton! The chocolate looks great! I actually made your granola recipe yesterday! It’s great, my go to for granola! ❤

  8. Love when you include your glucose monitor results—I’m always curious about that info with different foods. It was an added bonus to see Courtney, Colton, & Thumper. 😃

  9. Oh my gosh Colton is so cute. I love his unbiased reviews he seems so happy all the time. He makes me smile.

  10. SWEET!😀👍 Courtney’s new haircut looks pretty and Colton is a cutie pie! Have a blessed week y’all 💜 🙏 ✌️ 🌞 💐 🎶

  11. A huge thank you to Steve, Courtney and Colton for reviewing our keto granola 🥰

    After receiving many emails; we’ve decided to extend the discount to our subscription options as well! For those who placed their orders already- you will all receive extra snack packs ☺️

    Thank you all for the support, we appreciate you!

    Maggie & The AVI Team 🫶🏼

  12. Colton is adorable. He’s so willing to try new things. Wish my grandsons were more like that. 😏

  13. Colton wins the Oscar for Best Actor. Courtney wins the Oscar for Best Actress. Steve wins 🏆 the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Always good to see your family Steve! Thanks for the review!

  14. Colton will always steal the show!

    Ideas for the granola pulse in a food processor with butter to make a crust for mini pies. Yummy butter tartlets, mini lemon curd pies, or ice cream “cups”. Many possibilities for more sweet uses. Thank for the review!

  15. Love it when Courtney is on! Colton is Hilarious…What a cutie! Great review video. 🌟

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