Ashneer Grover Is Angry About Keto Diet #Shorts 2022

Is Angry About Keto Diet #Shorts

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  1. Crust is made of almond flour. Its a very good keto food actually. The only problem is this pizza doesn’t taste like pizza.

  2. Aman :

    Mujhe Pizza me bada interest hai,
    mai bachpan se pizza khata aaa raha hun,

    HAAAA Pizza se weight loss hota hai,
    maine mehsoos kia hai,

    Few inches later…….

    Haaaaaa to calorie deficit maintain kar lenge,
    weight loss kar lenge,

  3. Hi here ,i saw your last video about the snow issues , i have a solution use a powerful leaf blower it will help a lot pls try it

  4. Always watching ur videos from odisha.. And kya aap shark tank dekh te hai😀👌🏽👍🏽..

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