Aromatization Warning for Young Males | lecture 312

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( Retired) Assistant Prof. Sheikh Zayed Institute Lahore

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was an Assistant Teacher Urology at Sheikh Zayed Center and Kidney Transplant Center, Lahore. In 2003, he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension and was recommended oral medications, exercise & diet plan control. In 2016, he was put on insulin due to increase in urea creatinine and retinopathy. The degrading led Dr. Khalid on a mission to find answers. He started intensively studying Type 2 Diabetes, its' avoidance and treatment. He spoke with physicians however none were able to offer responses to his questions. Then lastly, he stumbled upon a YouTube video of Dr. Jason Fung, that video showed to be a life changing minute in Dr. Khalid's life. Dr. Jason Fung is a Canadian nephrologist who claimed 100% remedy and turnaround of Diabetes by means of intermittent fasting and some lifestyle changes.

A physician himself, Dr. Khalid extensively studied Jason Fung's theories. Now, given that 2018, he is on a ketogenic diet plan and doing intermittent fasting with walk and exercise. He is off the medications now and his creatinine levels are likewise back to normal.

Dr. Khalid is no longer practicing Urology and has actually rather made it his mission to educate people on social media about what he has actually discovered & practiced so that they are also able to treat 80-90% of all illness triggered by Insulin Resistance.

Dr. Khalid is beginning weekly lectures on Facebook & Youtube on treating Kidney Problems, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure through Ketogenic Diet plan and intermittent fasting.

Aromatization Warning for Young Males | lecture 312

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  1. *Don’t forget 10 deeds after Ramadan.*
    1. Pray your 5 daily salah.
    2. Read Qur’an, understand and follow it.
    3. Do dhikr of Allah.
    4. Send salutations upon Prophet (ﷺ).
    5. Feed poor people.
    6. Respect your parents and treat them kindly.
    7. Take care of your neighbors and orphans.
    8. After fasting month of Ramadan, fasting 6 days of Shawwal will give reward of fasting whole year.
    9. Females need to make up the fasts missed due to Menstruation period.
    10. Avoid major & minor sins. Don’t commit sins that you left in Ramadan.

    *Take Screenshot & Share this important message*.

  2. Very informative content….. Highly appreciated your efforts contents and researches Sir 💕💕💕

  3. Bhot he Maloomati lecture hota hy,,
    Allah pak Dr Khalid sb ko ache sehat aor lambi umer ata Farmaey Aameen

  4. ماشاءاللہ بہت زبردست ویڈیوز ہوتی ہیں آپ کی
    اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کی عمر صحت میں برکت دے

  5. ماشاءاللہ زبردست ویڈیو اللہ پاک ڈاکٹر صاحب کو ہمیشہ صحت مند رکھیں آمین

  6. Been following ur thyroid dietDr sb . Can a Hypothyroidal on keto diet use
    1-khajoor? its iodine rich
    2- one apple . iodine rich too
    3- Chai with 1 tsp sugar . 2 cups a day
    Wil be grateful for response . JazakAllah

  7. he is 100% correct i personaly know about more than dozan people in my circle who have no kids at all. i know a family who are 5 brothers and only the elder brother got kids, the younger 4 brother (all married) have no kids at all, male infertality is becoming a very dead serious issue these days. 3 of my colleagues had no kids. and this is issue is growing day by day.

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