Are Any of These TikTok Fried Egg “Hacks” Worth Making?

I do not watch TikTok and I do not believe that including one active ingredient to an offered food creates a "hack", however I do like fried eggs and these 3 "dishes" having actually been appearing on my Google newsfeed for the last couple of weeks, so I finally broke down and tried all three.

In this video, I make crispy , chili crisp fried eggs and dill pickle fried eggs and my wife and I render our decision: are they worth making?

0:00 Introduction
0:55 Crispy
3:24 Chili crisp fried eggs
5:10 Dill pickle brine fried eggs

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Are Any of These TikTok Fried Egg "Hacks" Worth Making?

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  1. I love it when you introduce me to something I’ve never seen before….chili crisp is one. The feta one looked superb!

  2. Before I started the Keto protocol I used to get the feta egg wraps at Starbucks and loved them; this feta/avocado wrap looks like a winner to me. Eager to try it myself.

  3. The fetaco looks interesting. I’d never even heard about the chilicrisp—too bad about the seed oils. The thing about the pickle brine is I like to drink it when I’m fasting, so I have a pickle brine deficit.

  4. The feta egg actually looked like a real recipe and one I want to try. I fix eggs for dinner every Monday night. Thanks to one of your previous videos, once a month I make Italian “eggs in purgatory”.

    I had never heard of chili crisp. The ingredients (soy) and the pica heat are not my jam. The pickle juice one…yeah that didn’t look like much of anything.

  5. Thank you for the Tik Tok taste test. I refuse to go down the Tik Tok rabbit hole – it would become another addiction for me😂 I will try the Feta Cheese egg👍

  6. Thanks, Steve! I’m trying the first two but definitely not the third. I checked chili crisp on Amazon. I hope I can find it less expensive, locally. Always nice to see Terry.

  7. I like how your family supports you by giving their opinions and that they’re willing to be on camera to help u out. 👍

  8. I too absolutely love eggs! The tortilla with the feta and egg sounds really good. I might even add a teaspoon of chili paste smeared on the tortilla if I wanted the chili flavor too.
    This has started some new ideas brewing in my brain. Unfortunately, that can have some peculiar results. 🥴

  9. I liked the Chili crisp fried egg and its also good to scramble an egg in. I diluted mine with a bit of good oil so it wasn’t as overwhelming. That is exactly how I cut my avocado…still have my hand intact. I would try the feta I think. Thanks Steve for another video

  10. Yay, eggs! As a nerd and a biologist, I’ve always removed the chalazae (white spiral connective tissue) just because of the rubbery texture when cooked. My mom was a gourmet chef and used to kindly and gently mock me for frying eggs to a brown crisp. I eventually learned her lesson that you can have eggs that are “done” without being brown but that, when you do want crisp eggs, you get a real flavor change. Thanks for the reminder. Also, I’ve never heard of chili crisp. Got videos for that?

  11. Btw, for anybody wanting Greek keto, especially vegetarian keto, take feta chunks, coat them in sesame seeds and fry them in butter, with or without an egg. Serve with high-fat tzaziki, hemp heart tabouli, and Choc Zero maple syrup. Halloumi works, but fried feta’s awesome. Your egg videos are planning my weekend menu. 😊

  12. Another idea: We make Gyro burgers at home (essentially the gyro meat recipe made into pattie instead of a meatloaf stye). Putting a feta fried egg on top of it would be fantastic. Pair that with air fried hemp heart falafels… oh man. Also chili crisp is great as a fried egg topping. No additional chili burning required.

  13. I love feta, tomato and sometimes spinach in my eggs, usually scrambled, fritta or omelet, the other two don’t appeal too me but they are an interesting idea❤

  14. Trader Joe’s has their own version of chili crisp that uses olive oil called Crunchy Chili Onion. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s on my list of things to try. I did make my own chili crisp with chilis I dried from my own garden and it was super easy to make. It keeps in the fridge for a long time, not that I’ve been able to keep it in the fridge. I’ve been obsessed with this stuff since I found it and have put it on everything. Or at least, I thought I had. I hadn’t done the fried eggs yet. So I did that this morning. So good! Based on your video and how you said it practically burned before the egg was done, I did it the opposite way. I fried the eggs and then added the chili crisp on top of the egg and cooked it in the oil for the small amount of time the egg cooked after flipping. So good!

    I agree with Terry though. It needed salt!

  15. The feta one sounds so good. I think it would make a good breakfast prep meal. I severely under cook my egg, that way it’s not over cooked when I reheat it. I’d add the avocado the day I eat it.

  16. Feta sounds great. It probably wasn’t as salty since it’s the packaged crumbles instead of brine packed. You have a terrific voice for narration, reminds me of those old school documentaries.

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