A Mom Tried Keto Diet For 30 Days. This Is What Happened When Things Went Wrong. 2023

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Patient JC represented by Raquel Jennings.
Evaluation: Dr M Gordon.

Medication (playlist) ►.

A Chef Consumed Filling Station Nachos For Dinner. This Is What Took place To His Limbs. ►.

A Scientist Spilled 2 Drops Organic Mercury On Her Hand. This Is What Happened To Her Brain. ►.

A Young Child Chewed Lead Paint Off His Toys. This Is What Occurred To His Brain. ►.

A Toddler Played With His Feline. This Is What Took place To His Brain. ►.

Toxicology (Playlist) ►.

A Kid Consumed Just Chips And French Fries For 10 Years. This Is What Occurred To His Eyes. ►.

A Granny Consumed Cookie Dough For Lunch Weekly. This Is What Occurred To Her Bones. ►.

Stomach MRI courtesy doi: 10.1056 NEJMcpc1114037.

Some graphics and video footage accredited through Adobe Stock.

These cases are patients who I, or my associates have actually seen. They are de-identified and numerous circumstances have actually existed in more depth in an academic setting. These videos are not specific medical suggestions and are for general instructional functions only. I do not give medical guidance online, see your own physician in person for that.

I am a licensed service provider trained and based in the United States with no conflicts of interest in providing this case.

This video was shot on Canon C200 and Sony A7R3.

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A Mom Tried Keto For 30 Days. This Is What Happened When Things Went Wrong.

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    1. She restricted all her carbohydrates to zero?!? 😲 That’s NOT a Keto diet! That was HER own custom diet!

    2. @RomanoProductions thank you for that because he made it sound like it was the keto diet that was the culprit when in fact keto is very good diet for everyone especially cancer patients to the cancer loves sugar. But they are good carbs and there are toxic carbs stay away from the food pyramid because it should be demolished.

    1. keto isnt about having 0 carbs, its about remaining in ketosis which allows for varying lvl of carb intake which is key for insulin feedback loop. 0 carbs is atkins, shame on you chub

    2. sorry this is informative and unbiased if he wants to make it on network television he has to fear monger a little harder and perhaps make a few orange man is bad jokes

    1. Ha ha ha! Denial is so powerful. If it’s 99% likely the scary thing and 1% likely not the scary thing, a lot of people are going to choose to believe the not scary thing. For years! And this was only days

  1. Based on the comments, an incredible amount of people missed what actually happened here. She had a tumor in her pancreas that caused a chronically elevated level of insulin, which was constantly pushing her blood sugar below the normal range. Going keto forced her body to rely entirely on the glucose it produces itself, which your body is normally able to do without problems, especially after it has adapted to using ketones for fuel for most things. Due to the chronic hyperinsulinemia, her body was not able to function normally. Going keto actually revealed an underlying medical condition that otherwise might have gone unnoticed for months or years. I guess there is also a warning here: Sometimes it’s not just keto flu, but actual hypoglycemia.

    1. @Wayne O’Meara of course… And never by keto if insulin levels remain low (as they should).

    2. @Alan Diego Villalobos People can have insulinomas and never know they have them though. They are mostly benign

  2. “Her husband shrugged her attempt to put the baby in the refrigerator as a joke. She was doing weird stuff every morning” I think the husband was really the insane one. WTF???

    1. I’m not entirely done with the video as of writing this comment, so I don’t know if this topic was mentioned, but I’ve done research on episodes of mania in women that have recently given birth and things like this happen so so often. It’s due to the surge of estrogen that happens during birth that acts almost like a gateway for mental illness and mania episodes. Estrogen is also very likely to send women into depression and confusion pre-menopause and during menopause. Estrogen levels are supposedly also linked to schizophrenia which is often linked to mania. I suggest you look into it when you can!!

    2. @ohio player1177 can we please stop normalizing men’s incompetence? If he was that incompetent everywhere, he’d never be able to hold down a job. He’s that incompetent at home because he doesn’t care, and he gets away with it. There’s nothing amazing about that.

  3. Fun fact, being suspected of Insulinoma for 4 years, Insulinomas are EXTREMELY hard to find. Many who are diagnosed usually have multiple CTs, MRIs, Endoscopic Ultrasounds, and more. Also, Insulinomas can disguise themselves as reactive hypoglycemia, meaning they arent secreting insulin until carbs are eaten, and then the tumor causes an overreaction of insulin causing sugar to drop. These tumors are debilitating and often cause a complete derailment of ones life until they are found. Doctors are very hesitant to even pursue a diagnosis unless the strict criteria are met, which in many cases one may only have a few of the many symptoms these cause. In fact, I know of one person who lived 20 years with an insulinoma and was only found when her life literally became bed ridden, and found the best NET specialist in Europe.

    1. It certainly adds weight to the stereotype of the husband who never listens, and never sees how his wife looks.

  4. Watching these videos reminds me why Medical terminology is my favorite, and honestly probably the most useful, course I’ve taken in college thus far.

  5. Moral of the Story: Detect pancreatic abnormalities early by starting your 30 day keto diet today!

    1. @YouTube Account I get the feeling that many didn’t bother to go past the title and actually watch the video. If they had, they would realize that Keto did not cause the problem. It revealed the problem faster than if she had stayed on the standard high carb diet.

    2. Keto diet cuts out PROCESSED CARBS, thats the biggest thing. You get to eat real food. You can eat fruit, but Keto focuses on Protein, Fat, And Vegetables.

  6. The way this mans explains everything perfectly so i can understand without making me feel babied is a true skill no one else has🤣

  7. My husband had this same issue for 7 years doctors in wyoming shrugged it off . finally a move to Idaho and repeated seizures doctors finally figured out it was a non cancerous tumor on his pancreas. When they did the surgery the surgeon said everytime they would press on the tumor it would realse high levels of insulin.

    1. @P M mom had a similar thing. Sometimes Docs have blind suggestions but not enough clarity to the person to explain what is wrong and how to fix it. For symptoms, Docs offered removing ovaries but not a reason why it was necessary to undergo a major surgery. Then, many years later, new doc gave her a scan and could point it out. Doc said they would not remove her ovaries if they can be saved. The growth was “softball size” and as the doctor moved her ovaries out of the way to get to it they “just fell apart”.

    2. @m f Still not buying it. Doctors are responsible people, and communicate any important information. Unfortunately patients don’t always listen – especially if they don’t like what they’re hearing. Other patients just avoid medical treatment altogether, then blame some doctor in the deep past for not magically guessing everything that might happen in the future.

  8. It’s crazy how doctors prescribe anti-depressants straight away without trying to do a full diagnosis on why are symptoms showing up in the first place.

    1. Drs are taught “think horses not zebras”. The vast majority of cases will be “horses” (PPD) rather than a “zebra”. It’s fair to assume her symptoms were PPD.

    2. I had a nervous breakdown, with some very weird physical symptoms. My GP was wise enough to take me off work for 3 months and said go home and sleep and eat as much as you want. I slept literally 3 days and 3 nights.

    1. I was thinking the same thing!

      A person named JC is admitted to the emergency room… this is how they ended up on chubbyemu

  9. “The same episodes would repeat every mornings”
    Props to the husband who KNEW this was happening but didn’t immediately rush his wife to the hospital after she tried to PUT HER BABY in the FRIDGE.
    …Also props to JC, who literally had already been diagnosed by a doctor, had the EXACT SAME symptoms as before after stopping doctor recommendations, but didn’t think to start them again.

    1. @Owen Toad the video also said, “it was time to ween baby off anyways.” She likely began weening baby off of breast milk when she started her diet. I

    2. I definitely have a little more sympathy on JCs side. Outside of health conditions, postnatal changes in mothers are hard. I would be unsurprised if many women make similar self destructive mistakes for the sake of loosing weight, due to the extreme emotional changes and reactions that come with hormones.

  10. I was in a keto diet for 6 months , i lost 80 LBS, and suddenly my body muscles start twitching without stop. It was a scary experience. I was referred to a neurologist because my PCP suspected I have ALS. I stopped the keto diet and get back to my regular diet, and things start to get better after almost a year. My advice: you want to loose weight, simply EXERCISE and eat healthy.

  11. I used to ride my bike up to 50 miles a day before i broke my knee. During the time i was non weight bearing I did not change my eating habits as a result my weight doubled.. I reached a point where i was always hungry even if i just ate. So I got a surgery called a gastric sleeve where most of the stomach is removed.
    Immediately following that surgery I went from eating all the time to barely eating at all. It was a HUGE adjustment period for my body. The thing is I am also ADHD and the first really bad hypoglycemic episode I had I was only alerted to because of my cat. She bit me until she yanked me out of my hyperfocus, yelled at me and then led me to the kitchen and yelled at me again.
    She alerted me several more times after that as my body adjusted to getting healthier portions of food less often. After a few months I quit having these attacks and I am still doing well.
    My cat still takes very good care of me.

    1. Animals can smell high blood glucose. In Sweden we have therapy dogs that can smell high blood glucose, and alert the owner with diabetes. 🇸🇪

    2. My nephew has type 1diabetes,as does his sister. A few months ago,they got his diabetic alert dog, trained exclusively for his scent…his older sister also has the same diabetes..this smart dog ALSO alerts to high and low blood sugars on his sister,too!!…animals are smart,have scents that are beyond our imaginations..it’s so cool that the cat,untrained, knows and alerts,without training..sometimes we just need to give our fur babies more credit! They are awesomely designed!!!

  12. Man, thanks so much for your videos. I’m taking a lot of bio and chem classes right now, and it’s so awesome to see all the terminology and processes I’ve heard and read come together in these medical examples/scenarios. It’s for real helped me. Thanks again.

  13. I’m a nurse and only recently discovered this channel. I love it! OK, so I’m making guesses already in this case but still watching. My first thought was, of course, ketoacidosis, but there’s no way it’s that simple. Let’s wait for it…

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