A Legit Keto Pasta? Aviate Lupini Rotini Review

I've been a "beta tester" for a variety of lupini items from Aviate Foods for over a year, and for practically that long, they have been dealing with their formulation for a keto-friendly pasta. It is finally being launched on March 1, 2023, and here is my review …

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0:00 Introduction.
2:22 Making the pasta.
4:38 Plating and tasting.
8:19 Final ideas and giveaway.

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A Legit Keto Pasta? Aviate Lupini Rotini Review

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  1. Thank you for your thorough testing , as usual. Pasta is what I miss on low carb at most 😋. #USA

  2. Interested in trying this pasta. I love how your family takes part and give their honest opinions of what is tried. Thank you all for your time and input. #USA

  3. Been a pasta guy for most of my 71 years but I have to tell you I’m so use to Shirataki noodles now I have no desire to go back to regular spaghetti. I empty a bag into a strainer, wash thoroughly, cut up with scissors, place in boiling water for 2 minutes, strain, then add to a frypan with some ghee and pepper and salt. Toss and turn for 2 minutes then add the sauce + cheese. Suits me!

    1. Your lupini pasta looks really tasty. I will definitely buy it and make it myself I want to know how it tastes. Thank you

    2. @Michelle Yeah exactly. Fry them in a dry pan then put them on the side and fry your garlic in butter and olive oil then add the pasta.

    3. @Håkan Hägglund I like to dry fry them and then throw them into whatever sauce it going to be served with, usually Rao’s Alfredo. I prefer Miracle Noodles brand myself.

  4. The best low carb pasta is Steve’s recipe made from Chicken. It is a little bit of work and has the 2 modernist pantry specialty ingredients you’ll have to order, but it is the absolute best! No, it doesn’t taste like chicken at all and to get the noodle firmer, I use a cooked fresh chicken breast vs canned chicken. I’ve had non keto friends try it and they are in shock when I tell them what it’s made of. I think of all the recipes, that was the top game changer for me! I appreciate that recipe more than you know steve!

    1. Thanks for the review on that, I’m very curious about it. So it really doesn’t taste like chicken?! I saw video that uses boiled eggs instead, have you tried with eggs? Since pasta is made from eggs and flour I figured that version probably tastes the closest to actually pasta. Also, do you eat all your pasta that day or can it be stored and if you store it how are you storing it? Thanks for any feedback!

    2. @jtsra7 It makes a large batch and I can get 2-3 meals for 2 people out of it. I just store the noodles in a container in the fridge. No special way to store them. I can say 100% that I do not taste chicken. Another thing I do different than steve is try to do one long strand of noodle and then cut it after it’s firm into manageable pieces. I find when you start and stop the noodles, they have a bulbous end on there that I dont like. If you want to really go above and beyond and make them look like the real deal, I’ve added a tiny bit of buttercup yellow food dye (not for the food purists) to the batter to give an egg like color. I’d say give it a try. It is work but worth it.

    3. @jtsra7 also, I have not tried the egg recipe. I did try Indigo nili’s egg crepe noodles but I didn’t care for them too much.

    4. @Kimberly D Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! I’m planning on giving it try. I just tried Shiraitaki product and that texture didn’t cut it for me and having some off experiences with home made keto flour for making it the traditional way. Those noodles really looked good too when they were made, just have to get past mentally that its blended chicken lol.

  5. Linda here~ I love all of your honest observations. Courtney cracks me up! She doesn’t pull any punches and calls it like she see it! Or I guess I should say, as she ‘tastes’ it. That’s why I love your channel, Steve…I can expect GENUINE honesty from the whole family! My kind of people! 😂😊❤️👍🏻

  6. Special thank you to your gracious family, who are both willing to try these foods- and to eat on camera! Nicely done, all. And thank you Steve! Your reviews mean so much to us. #USA

  7. Not overly mushy, not overly firm, no odd flavors or smells, sounds good to me. I can’t wait until noodles like these cost less. Thank you for all you and your family do! ❤

  8. I really appreciate the honest reviews from your non keto family members. It helps me gauge whether or not I can use it on my non keto family members. #usa

  9. I’ve just gotten used to not eating pasta. I don’t miss them much. Thanks for trying things for us😊

  10. 1 year on Keto now. Can’t wait to try a baked dish without almond flour. Gonna definitely give this a shot! You have been an inspiration on this journey. Signed 2/3rds of Race

  11. I love how your family gets involved in your videos and that they are open and honest about how they feel about the recipes. #USA

  12. *Thank you for another honest review* 🙂

  13. Thanks, Steve. I’ll probably try this because it’s rotini shaped. I was so bummed that Jazilupini never took off. I even followed up with them a few times asking when they were going to launch for real. I really enjoyed it (although it too was on the firm side) and the whole family was willing to eat it even before husband and son were keto. Right now, my best homemade pasta is a hybrid version of Anita’s (Ketogenic Woman) that I make with only carton egg whites–no yolks. She has a version with psyllium husk and a carnivore version with pork rinds. I like to do a version halfway between so the psyllium has no chance to get overly gummy and make the batter too thick. I cut it into fettucine and the texture has a really good bite. If I freeze it in marinara, it doesn’t dehydrate. #USA

  14. Thank you, Steve! My family appreciates all the helpful advice you offer here. Keep up the great work!

  15. My daughter has a gluten intolerance and she also does low carb. She does eat the gluten free pasta and I’ve tried it and it has a different texture the regular pasta. She doesn’t mind it tho. I’ve been low carb for 4 years and I will be trying this. We love homemade Alfredo and I do mis pasta. Thank you for all your reviews on low carb/keto products. It’s much appreciated. #USA

  16. Aviate Foods is excited for the Serious Keto community to try and enjoy our lupini pasta! We are EXTREMELY grateful for all the feedback and support from Steve, his family, and the Serious Keto community as we continue to grow. Our goal at Aviate is to bring low carb eco-friendly foods you can actually enjoy with ALL of your family & friends. Lupini truly is a transformational ingredient and we think you will agree it works well in achieving our goals. It would help us a lot if you would be so kind to write us a short review on amazon, share & tag us on social media and as always, share with your friends & family.
    David Kolton

    1. I hope it sells well! I ordered 6 bags, received them Friday and couldn’t wait to try it and I love it! Thank you! Texture is good and tastes great even with just butter and onion salt, the ultimate test for me!

    2. @Julie Davitt Thanks so much for the kind words. Would it be too much to ask for you to write this as an Amazon review? Really appreciate the help!

    3. LOVED it! Just went to order more and it is sold out on Amazon. Do you know when it will be back, desperate to get my hands on more!!!<3

  17. Not sure if I’m too late for the giveaway, but either way I wanted to say I’m excited to try this pasta. As an Italian-American, pasta was the hardest thing for me to give up when I went keto 5 years ago. And while I’ve found some decent subs, it’s nice to see what else is out there. Plus, I loooove lupini beans (an old school Italian snack I’ve been eating for many years, even pre-keto), so I’m sure I’ll dig the taste. 😀

    Anyway, thanks for this! Either way, I definitely use the Amazon code to stock up. #USA

  18. Thank you as always for your reviews. The perfect pasta and perfect bread for keto has always been elusive.

  19. As a girl living in the South I had to try baked mac and cheese. It is a game changer! Thanks for the review. I thought I would never enjoy non cauliflower mac and cheese again.

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