A keto diet for beginners 2022

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A for beginners

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  1. I’m so happy to have found you. I love the way you explain things. I’ve been on Keto for a month now. I have lost 9lbs and I feel great.

    1. Hanin Almamri I just basically cut out sugar and stopped eating bread, rice and anything with white flour. Check out YouTube for keto recipes for cookies, cakes, I substituted cauliflower for rice. I did go back to eating bread, whole wheat. You can do it. I also walk a mile everyday. Not in a Gym just around my neighborhood. Start slow, like cutting out sweets and soda. You’ll see results fast. Take care.

    2. @SandyD thank you for sharing your story…..I need to loose weight and I just started walking. My problem is the sugar but I will put a stop to it

  2. The Keto diet and Intermittent Fasting has changed my life, I have lost 27lbs. in 30 days. The best part for me is that my back pain is gone, I was just told 3 months ago that I needed surgery on my lower back. Not happening my friends.

  3. Thank you Diet Doctor! This was video that got me started on my journey, 80 pounds gone forever, 2 years later still going strong

  4. Your videos provide common sense advice in an easy to understand way. An inspiration to my personal ketogenic diet journey as a Type 1 Diabetic. I think it’s important to understand the “why” behind the “what” that so many other channels don’t provide…they only talk about “do this” and “do that” with no reasoning or thought behind the why. This is one of the few channels I watch every day to grow my understanding of the keto diet, why it works for diabetics, and how to improve my health on my own keto journey. Thank you!

  5. The best explanation so far. Going straight to the website.
    I’ve already lost 14 pounds in 5 weeks, and I’m not even sure if I’m doing it properly yet

    1. @Live For Christ , thank you very much, you are soo helpful and kind, I would follow your advise, I am type 2 diabetic with medications.

  6. It’s amazing that on my first day of keto diet, i didnt had any breakfast i only eat sautee veggies and seared fish ( less oil and seasonings ofc ) but after that i didn’t feel hungry at all even i only eat boiled egg for dinner because im not that hungry, usually when i tried other diets i tend to get hungry all the times even after drinking lots of water i still feel hungry, i think my diet this time might work, wish me luck

    1. @J- Ribosome Nonsense. It depends on your metabolism. People without obesity and a history of yo-yo dieting can go into ketosis with as many as 50 g of carbs per day. I do have that history and I can have between 20 and 30 a day and still turn my ketosix pink. That allows for several servings of low carb veggies. Especially high fat high fiber veggies like avocados.

  7. Thanks Doctor, As i was declared Type-2 Diabetic almost 3 years Ago,and was using Janumet-50/500,and sugar was going high and high every day,i started low carb diet (especially avoid wheat and rice,sugar) now in 7 days i lose 2 Kg as well as my fasting without medicine is almost between (125-140) and after meal is also same numbers.(excellent doctor)

  8. Perdí más de 70 libras con keto mi primer año. Sin rebotes, es sostenible ¡Me siento genial! Siempre satisfecha, hoy es mi día 450!

  9. the keto diet helped me so much, my acne started clearing, I lost a few kgs and I finally am able to get out without being ashamed of my body and face. I still get breakouts but I have learned to accept my own face. My face was so horrible few months back,I couldn’t even smile. Really glad I found keto

  10. Ive lost 90 pounds on this diet. Was a 6″2 350lb 17 year old and now I’m 260lbs at 18. Yes In between the year I took a break and I do plan on getting to my next goal at 220lbs. I reccomend this diet to everyone capable of doing it as I feel much better and confident with socialization and many more things.

    1. @julzRenaissance Yep! 350lbs was my beggining and my lowest I was I reached 234lbs. Ive been off the diet for a few months and started a new harder working job so I started eating more carbs and trying to put on some muscle and water weight now im sitting around 245. Goes up and down every day though

    2. @Bubbles Keep at it that’s all you can do take it day by day and try to do your best. That’s what I do some days are better than others although I don’t have that much weight to lose it’s still a struggle sometimes

  11. I just started a week ago and im down 8 pounds….yes im obese…but im not hungry anymore, im intermittent fasting and im drinking a gallon of water a day. I feel so good…

    1. @I FOUND HIS JAMS So when you’re on a ketogenic diet you want to keep your daily carb intake between 30g and 50g of carbs — you can Google each food item “how many carbs in 100g of melon” and if it is over you will need to moderate 🙂

  12. Thank you for the easy educated topic! Was easy to digest. I will start today, my last meal of pasta, even tho i ate salad and cucumber etc aswell orange juice. The vegetable tasted good. I know carbs not good. So i started before Military diet wich made me 5-10 kg skinnier. I now start Keto wich seems better and long term. Im 77kg now, i edit hows the progress going. Have an amazing journey people! <3

  13. I lost over 70 pounds on keto my first year. No bounce, it’s sustainable I feel great! Always satisfied. Today is my 480th day!😍😀😍

    1. @A JC I battle alcoholism so I know about the curve balls and the wagon and yes we can wallow in the mud or get up good to hear your still at it. What kinda diet plan do you do

  14. I lost 15 pounds in about 1 one week. I started at 350. I’m now 335lbs. I’m aiming to reach 250 by the summer of 2022. The diet has been so helpful so far.

  15. Honestly, that was one of the most informative videos I’ve watched all week, the older you get the more you realise you can’t just eat whatever you want whenever you want. The fact that you can eat meat & dairy is a big one for me, avoiding pasta, normal bread & processed foods, I can do & as I am planning to be around & active for my grand kids for many more years, I’m going to make the effort to try this & see if it works for me. On a lighter note, who was waiting for a crash of lightning & that guy to let out a maniacal laugh & say something like, ” quickly Igor, get some keto on the slab now ! ” ?, just me ?, that’s ok I get that a lot.

  16. This video changed my life. Thank you so much for helping me getting a healthier life! I cannot explain in words how much I want to thank you.

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