5 Keto Recipes That Will Fill You Up • Tasty 2022

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5 That Will Fill You Up • Tasty

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  1. The cheese noodles just blow my kind 🤯. I literally called my husband in the room to watch this video and his mouth dropped and said “we have to try this, don’t forget the recipe” 😂😂😂 an egg and cheese, “ok”

  2. Omg 😮 that 2 ingredient pasta was the most genius thing I’ve seen since buffalo cauliflower!!!

    1. @SvobodovaEva it does? is it horrible taste and texture? rats….the maccauliflowrbacon was amaze

    1. That’s why they have lactose free products lol. I’m lactose intolerant, but I eat cheese, creams and drink milk on a daily basis and am neither bloated or anything 🙂

  3. I’m going to try to make the Cauliflower Mac n Cheese today!!!
    Edit: it was SO SO DELICIOUS!!!!😩😩😩🤤🤤

  4. Made the cauliflower Mac and cheese thingy and it was delicious!! My mom and boyfriend loved it , although it gave me a bit of a tummy ache because I ate too much lol. I also used sour cream instead of heavy cream and it worked pretty well!!

    1. @Tee M bacon bits….cook bacon & crumble it in — SOOO good…i baked the bacon and the cauliflower same time in oven….so delicious

  5. I made the mac and cheese. It was excellent! I had my husband taste it who is SUPER anti-veggie/healthy foods. I let him enjoy two plates of it until i told him it was cauliflower 😳 his face was priceless. 😂 Great dish!

    1. @636lover1 Yea, my mother doesn’t really like many veges, again, the only veges we really ate was mushrooms and asparagus cooked in butter and crushed garlic. Then we’d add some sort of dairy, usually brie or camembert cheese and avocado or olives. Pickles were also very popular. I would have liked if we could have had other veges like carrots and lettuce and tomatoes but we never got them. But now I’ve moved out and I can eat this stuff again. I even have taken a liking to Brussels sprouts if they’re cooked in butter and garlic.

    2. @Daniel Survivor I’m aware. But those are the only things my mother fed me and I starved because I wasn’t eating enough. I wasn’t even allowed keto food if it wasn’t cooked for dinner so I LITERALLY lived off bread the entire time I lived with her.

    3. @R G it was very delicious food… but the meals were so small that now, if I don’t have something to eat every 2 hours (even if it’s just a few grapes) I become nauseous and faint.

  6. I just made the Keto bread with the egg and Parmesan. I had my doubts that it would come out of the Ramirez but to my surprise it lifted out easily. Looks great but I’m saving it for lunchtime.

  7. For anyone at home wondering! I just tried the califlower mac and cheese last night and it is SO DELICIOUS!! It turned out amazing! Even more delicious than you would think, although I would suggest putting more shredded cheese in!

  8. Tried the cheese noodles, it’s bull.. a couple of modifications I made:
    Other than the yolk, adding egg whites (proteins) it coagulates better and forms firmer noodles.

    Boiling in water. Boiling in water dilutes the flavor, try boiling in broth, makes it much better.

  9. For those who want to try the cheese and egg yolk noodles, here’s what I’ve found out:
    -Once you melt the cheese and mix in the egg, let it sit in the fridge for a couple of minutes. When the mixture is fresh out of the microwave, it just melts as you cut the noodles. So you need to solidify it a bit.
    -It sticks to the parchment paper, so I recommend putting a bit of almond flour on the bottom of the sheet before placing the mixture and even some on top of it too to give it more shape.
    -boiling it in water does make it melt.
    -It’s FANTASTIC for solid cheese lovers. If you’re not too huge a fan of cheese, DO NOT try these.
    -I personally don’t add more cheese once the dish is finished. Trust me, there’s PLENTY of cheese.

  10. I just made the cauliflower mac & cheese and it was delicious!! Definitely going to make it again!! 😁

  11. I made the cauliflower mac and cheese, and while it didn’t look exactly like the picture and we probably took our own liberty in regards to the type of cheddar cheesed used, it was super good. I am a person that generally dislikes the taste of cheese and the texture of cheese (the smooth feel), but this was actually bearable and super good in comparison. Would I make this again? Yes, it was good enough and easy enough I would totally do it again. Will I make it again soon? Ehhhhhh, while it is good it’s not my favorite, but it will be something on my list to redo again.

    Note: Instead of fresh cauliflower I utilized frozen cauliflower (steamable type), remember to remove all that water from the melted frost. If you want a thinner sauce or more/extra sauce, I suggest adding more heavy cream and cream cheese (and equal parts spice).

  12. I have struggled with my weight for such a long time and I love keto… it has helped me so much so these videos are so awesome thank you for sharing!

  13. Thank you for sharing your recipes. Life feels miserable without carbs. ugh. I love the music selection btw. very calming

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