30 Day “Get Moving” Challenge – Week 3 – Good & Bad 2022

Eighteen days into May's one month difficulty and it's been a variety. In this week # 3 update, I share the ups and downs, a possible medical concern, and some fun things I have actually seen out in nature.

Throughout the month, I'll track my biometric data (resting heart rate, high blood pressure, weight, body fat%, and so on) as well as anecdotal observations of my efficiency and mood. At the end of 30 days, I'll choose if the advantages exceeded the effort.

0:00 Best day/ worst day
2:50 TMI Warning – runner's hematuria
4:46 Nature at 5:30 am.

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I'm dedicated 2022 to putting myself in the best shape I've ever been in. To that end, I'll be doing a number of thirty days obstacles. After thirty days, I will evaluate if the advantages require making these into life-long changes.

Over the next 12 months, I will be tackling my physical health, emotional/spiritual health and wellbeing, and my creativity/mental capability, one month at a time. You are welcome to take part or just casually observe. For those joining, the remarks area will be where we offer one another assistance and share our outcomes. There will be NO JUDGEMENT.

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30 Day "Get Moving" Challenge – Week 3 – Good & Bad

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  1. I saw a opposum the other day. Also found a reishi mushroom..big score for those of us that are into medicinal plants and mushrooms. I happy to see an increase in monarch butterflies around my garden. Saw 3 snorkelers swim by this morning..lol. have a good day Steve

    1. WOW! I wouldn’t know a reishi if it jumped up & bit me 😉 I only know morel & chanterelle here in PNW.
      Where in the world are You kids?
      How is Your hubby? Are You both back to routine?
      Do You hunt all fungus & eat them?

  2. Monday I did 15 minutes of sprint runs and Monday night I had severe charlie horses all night!

  3. Haven’t done any activity in 18 mos (used to be a runner) other than standing at my work desk all day and chasing after my 6 and 10 year old boys to get ready for school/ bed until Monday this week. Downloaded an app called Fit her. Has short 20 min or so workouts I can do at my lunch break ( I work from home) or after the boys get in bed at night. Did it before bed the other night but then I had a little more trouble falling asleep, so today I did it at lunch, I just finished doing it. Looking at the program it seems to alternate between full body, core, lower body, upper body. The ones I’ve viewed so far only use body weight exercises (I set it at the beginner level since I’ve not done anything in 18 mos). So far I like it. It was $40 for a 6 mo subscription and I set it to build muscle. 3x a week I think I can do. At least I’m going to give it a 6 month trial…I’ve spent $40 on stupider stuff in the past and at least this is working toward my health.

  4. Yeah rest and alternative workout days are definitely needed.
    That’s why the “superman workout” etc breaks days into separate cardio & muscle days and definitely, an out and out rest day is always needed.

  5. I live in the middle of the woods…so wildlife is plentiful. would be more rare to take pics of ppl that I see 😂. Congrats on the new personal best. Thanks for posting.

  6. Steve, good for you for taking on this challenge. You are motivating me to “Get Moving”. God Bless!

  7. Good morning! I’ll join you on the morning walks starting tomorrow. I’m in FL, so I like to get out before the sun is much above the horizon to reduce sun exposure. FYI, your TMA was very educational. Good data just to have. I still struggle with getting to bed early enough, my theory (hope) is that I will be so exhausted earlier that I have to fall asleep. I stop eating around 6 pm, so the collagen at night won’t work for me. Turkeys were cool, was that a bed of lilies of the valley they were walking around? Too hot for them down here~

  8. I’ve been doing stationary bike sprints before my morning workout. I follow the same tabata style that you do, but only do 6 intervals right now. My ‘sprints’ have been just turning the resistance “all the way to 11” and peddling like hell! Each day is different for SURE! I’m doing it to increase hill endurance for real rides. I think it’s helping!

  9. That body fat metric is exciting. Congratulations are definitely in order.

    I wanted to know though how are your knees feeling and are you walking backwards farther and longer now?

    1. Knees are feeling good. No pain at all. As for the backward walking, I found a nice stretch of decent incline that I’ve been using. Initially, it was pretty rough going and left me exhausted by about halfway up the hill. I also found myself weaving a lot.

      This morning, I felt like I was walking it backward with almost the same grace and speed as I walk forward. I definitely feel that it’s helping and now that I’ve conquered this hill, I may need to modify my route so I can put another decent hill or two into the mix.

    2. @Serious Keto That is outstanding! If you haven’t already I would recommend your next 30 day challenge come from Ben Patrick’s channel if possible.

      I am truly convinced that his exercises will do more for guys like you and me in our demographic.

  10. Good Morning. Yes I agree early morning, Sunrise,walking is wonderful. especially to see unexpected wildlife. I have seen bobcats, racoon families, deer, bunny rabbits, and a peacock! Lol
    I Don’t do sprints but I do walk twice A-day.. This month however I started some strength training. I think it’s going well I have had to increase the amount of weight I useTo keep the difficulty On par… I’m actually really enjoying it I’m looking forward to doing more.

  11. I really like getting up early. I can get a lot done without being interpreted and so quite walking around. Not a lot of wildlife here.

    1. The value of waking up early is great. Regardless of whether I continue with sprints, I think 5am will stay my new “get going” time.

  12. This is incredibly motivating Steve!! We just moved, but my old neighborhood had wild turkeys, sand hill crane(s) ?? 😝, stray cats and sea gulls. This neighborhood so far has crows, cardinals and some beautiful gardens that I am envious of 🙂

  13. I live in Oklahoma and we have a lake near us. I take our dogs and plan on getting back on track with it. We see horses, water fowl and in the winter we have a bald eagle!!

  14. Yeeesss! Rest days are imperative between sprints!!! I’ve been watching your updates and wondering how you are doing that daily. Glad that you are listening to what your body is telling you.

  15. I get up at 5am to get my kids up and going. At 7:30 am, my youngest gets on the bus. Every day as I walk back from the bus stop, I say to myself “today’s going to be the day, you are going to keep on walking around the neighborhood.” And as I pass my front door, I go in and sit down or start doing other things and never go back outside! Lol Steve please be careful about the TMI situation especially because you had all that surgery in that area. If it happens again, I would call the doctor who did the surgery. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on your progress. Tomorrow will be the day!!

  16. Interesting about the blood in the urine. I wonder if it’s because of the intense bouncing the body experiences from running hard? Your exercise challenges are inspiring me to stick to my workouts. Thanks! Go Steve! And congrats on the body mass improvements! 🏆

    1. I’ve read that one solution is to go running with a full bladder (so that there’s a “cushion”). However, running with a full bladder doesn’t sound like a lot of fun – unless I’m running to the bathroom. 😄

  17. Oh Steve, as a former marathon and half marathon runner, I’m sending calming vibes. TMI: when I was distance running, I suffered from runner’s trots. First part of the run was always to a washroom. It certainly didn’t stop me from my passion though. (Yes, there were a few accidents-(horrors) Now that I am ‘older’, I walk. I love seeing the California Quail families. Dad Quail always call out a warning as I get closer to his family. I pose a great threat of being a big, wild, dangerous monster ready to gobble them all up. Cheers ~ Paula

  18. I’d like to see you test sauna and cold😎 I have included both into my get moving that’s part of my non-negotiables but I don’t have the metric testing gear you do. It would be interesting to see what you come up with regarding those two therapies.

  19. Hey Steve, on that TMI note, it might be a good idea to make certain it’s not rhabdomyolysis, which is a potentially serious issue that can cause kidney and liver problems. Stay hydrated!

  20. We’ve had some black bear sightings in my suburban neighborhood (very unusual!). Still aiming for daily exercise and have added strength training and short cardio sessions this week. Have noted improved sleep and increased energy, along with a welcome break in weight loss plateau.

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